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Fortune-telling on Tarot cards is a centuries-old practice of predictions that allows answering questions, giving advice, determining the complexity of the situation, helping to know yourself, revealing the secrets of the world and predicting the future.

There are quite a lot of full deck Tarot spreads, allowing to answer various questions:

  • What can positively influence the outcome of the current situation?
  • How to act in a specific situation?
  • Where to find a soul mate and love?
  • What is a real character of a particular person?
  • What is going wrong in the current situation, and how to behave properly?
  • What are the prospects for future opportunities?
  • What are the relationships between people?
  • How to improve the spiritual and physical state of the body?
  • Do you have a high mission in your life?

Tarot cards allow the experienced tarologist to reveal any life situation, and receive answers and tips that can correct it, and positively influence the future.


Fortune-telling technique features

The spread is made using full deck of cards. A specialist gives an interpretation of straight or inverted position of each card. A tarologist may use traditional or personal spreads.

A maximum concentration is important not only from the tarologist, but also for a questioner, who has to ask the question as clearly as possible in order to receive an appropriate answer, direction, or tips. Before making a spread, you have to release all thoughts and not anticipate the result.

It is important to remember that the Tarot is not only the past, the present and the future. Philosophy of divination is aimed at understanding the human soul:

  • It helps in self-knowledge: Who am I? What am I here for? And why is this happening?
  • It answers the questions: What happens in the soul? What does the inquirer really want? What is the meaning of the situation?
  • To make a deep look at oneself from the outside.

In full deck spread each card has a specific position and is responsible for:

  • the distant past;
  • what bothers the most;
  • negative thoughts;
  • options of problem solving;
  • behavior towards others;
  • issues of internal and external harmony;
  • attitude towards close people;
  • what is the symbol of the true character of oneself;
  • the sphere of "hidden" feelings;
  • a personal shadow side;
  • anxiety, unrealizable dreams and desires;
  • realization of hidden positive desires;
  • attitude to the future;
  • attitude towards the older generation;
  • attitudes towards age-mates;
  • the main personal feature in the current situation.


Secrets of the soul

The Tarot philosophy reveals the past, allows us to understand the present and see the future, revealing the secrets of the human soul and pointing out the emotional state of the questioner, his experiences and problems.

To get a specific and strict answer, you should address an experienced specialist who will help you figure out, and find a way out even from the most difficult situation.

A full deck Tarot spread allows to understand the problem in detail and get the most accurate answer to the questions posed. Such magical practice considers a human as a separate universe, which includes a series of events, actions, emotions, and relations with the surrounding world.

A Tarot divination gives you the opportunity to look at yourself from the outside, and to see what was hidden previously.

Hereditary clairvoyant and supreme magician Helena will help you to find the right decision, and to solve your problem.


Why do people come to me?

  • More than 15 years of work experience.
  • An inherited gift, an enormous practice, and constant improvement of myself.
  • A qualified assistance with a conclusion of a contract.
  • Many satisfied customers from the EU and other countries.
  • In-person and remote assistance.

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