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The spread for one situation or for one question is a simple Tarot spread, which allows to understand what actions should be taken at a certain stage of life. Cards show what will happen, and how you can influence the situation to change the future in a favorable way for you.

A simple Tarot spread allows you to reveal all hidden exits from the current situation. Major and Minor Arkanas indicate not only the state of affairs, but also strengths and weaknesses of an individual.

The Tarot spread for the situation allows to pay attention to the things, which obviously can’t be noticed. Such a spread is vital for a disturbed individual, which can’t make an objective assessment of the problem.

Before the session of divination, it is important to concentrate on the issue of interest.


What tasks does the spread for one situation solve?

• Tarot cards allow to highlight the true cause of the problem. Tarot cards reveal events that occurred in the past, and indicate the most significant of them. The past provides an opportunity to understand what actions affected the current problem.

• The spread determines which shades of the problem are significant and which are secondary.

• Tarot divination indicates how the current situation can affect the future.

• The spread helps to choose the model of behavior, to assess risks, and rationality of certain actions.

Experienced tarologists use different types of spreads depending on the situation. The simplest divination is made using one card, or a spread of three cards:

• such spread indicates the influence of the past on the present;

• it displays the true state of affairs;

• it illuminates the future.

Average and complex spreads reveal hidden factors that influence the situation, the attitude of others towards this situation, prompt how to act the right way, and give an opportunity to look into the nearest future.

The correct spread provides an opportunity to learn about the driving force of the ongoing process, and how to behave in a particular situation.

Tarot is also used to determine the emotional state of a person at a particular moment. Cards can tell about obstacles, and help to solve difficult and vital issues.

The spread for one situation is not only an advice or a mean of problem solving, but also a key that allows you to understand yourself, and a tool that helps you find yourself, and tells which things should be worked on or considered.


Professional help of the strongest magician

Tarot is not a panacea for adversity and failure, but it can have a significant impact on the current situation and the future. Addressing the hereditary clairvoyant, healer and the strongest magician Helena, you will learn:

  • the depth of the problem;
  • what you need to know, what you need to understand in this situation;
  • what to focus on, what to discard in the background, what not to attach importance to;
  • what action to take to achieve the goal;
  • whether random factors will affect the situation;
  • what role do you take in this situation, and what is the role of your close people?
  • what will rest in the past, and what to expect from the nearest future;
  • how the situation will be resolved, and what will be the final result.

It should be remembered that Tarot is not just cards, but philosophy and symbolism, which allows you to read the book of your soul.


Why do people address me?

• Enormous experience: more than 15 years in the EU countries.

• I provide warranty for my services. I work under the contract.

• I am a hereditary clairvoyant. I rely on my experience, knowledge and natural gift.

• I correct the work of unfair mages and charlatans.

• I render assistance remotely and in-person (by appointment).

Call the phones indicated on the site or fill out the feedback form. Together we will find a way out of any situation!

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