Tarot cards is the most famous, but also the most mysterious system of divination. Tarot cards first appeared in the 14th century. The methodology of the Tarot requires a very extensive knowledge of a psychic in this area, only then he or she will be able to make a spread correctly, to properly decode it, and to understand the meaning of each card and of the spread as well.

The classical Tarot deck consists of 78 cards, which are divided into 2 parts:

• The Major Arcana - 22 cards, numbered from 0 to 21.

• The Minor Arcana - 56 cards, are divided into 4 suits (swords, cups, coins, wands). Each suit consists of 14 cards figures and numbers.

A direct or inverted value of each card should be taken into account in the spread.


Who and for what purpose has created the Tarot?

There are several legends of the appearance of this system of divination:

1. The birthplace of the Tarot was the Ancient Egypt. It is assumed that in this ancient land was a temple where mysteries occurred. The temple had a hall in which there was a gallery consisting of 24 sphinxes having pairs of murals in the intervals between them with mystical pictures - Arcanas.

2. The Tarot has Kabbalistic roots. Its appearance is associated with the creation of Kabbalah, where the astrological symbolism of the Hebrew alphabet is described in detail. An approximate date of its occurrence is 300 AD.

3. Tarot owed its appearance to the monastic order of the Templars. Many adherents of the Tarot support this theory. The Templars didn’t recognize the divinity of Christ; therefore, these cards don’t have his image. But in the Tarot there is an another image - the Hanged Man (the Major Arcana), which is mentioned in the manuscripts of the Templars. The Tarot also has the image of Baphomet (or Satan), and there were the Templars who had been accused of worshiping him.

The presumed period of appearance of the common deck of cards is the 14th century.

Each of these theories has a common - a secret knowledge, which may be perceived only by chosen ones. This knowledge is a key or a tool to the past, the present and the future, and allows to comprehend self-knowledge. Alchemy, occultism, and astrology are also connected with the Tarot. A philosopher Carl Jung believed that the Tarot was not just a collection of archetypes, but a reflection of the deep layers of the human soul.

A process of divination should be made without fear of obtained information and without bias. It provides an opportunity to think ahead of any situation and reduce possible failure.

It is important to remember that the system of esoteric knowledge can be subject only to an experienced and talented tarotologist, clairvoyant or psychic who possesses a natural gift.


Professional Tarot divination

Tarot cards allow to get answers on many questions related to various spheres of life and human soul:

• love and relationships;

• future marriage;

• family and children;

• health;

• job and career;

• finances;

• travels;

• prediction of events;

• answers on questions of the past life or the past experience;

• analysis of the difficult situation;

• achievement of goals in the current situation, and other questions.

The task of an experienced tarotologist is not only to reveal the state of current affairs, but also to help the client find the right decision, or a way out of the situation. Divination gives an opportunity to think over the actions, to refuse to make rash or hasty decisions, to become confident in the future or armed in the face of oncoming danger.

Tarot reflects many psychological conditions, it is not only a tool for predicting, but also an integral philosophical and mystical system, a book of life, encrypted in card images.

Hereditary clairvoyant and strongest magician Helena will help you understand the book of your life and the current situation.


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