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An ancient cult of Voodoo has African roots, includes special rituals, artifacts, herbs and stones usage. The practice of Voodoo is not directed at destructive activity. The task of a professional magician or shaman is to seek help from the ancestral spirits and soften them up.

The spirits of ancestors, or Loa, effectively help in love affairs. They may help not only to strengthen marriage ties, to attract the loved one, but also to make a repel ritual.

The repelling Voodoo magic is very strong. It allows to completely eliminate love, affection or sexual desire in the person or in his or her partner.


Voodoo magic repel action and features

A magical power of Voodoo is used in the following cases:

  • a husband or a wife has gone to a rival;
  • a partner has gone forever to his mistress;
  • you have no more feelings to your partner, you want to start a new life, but your partner stills love you and can’t let you go;
  • there is love from both sides, but the relationship causes a lot of pain for both partners as well as for others.

To perform a ritual, a magician has to read special prayers and use a Voodoo doll, which he should make himself.

It should be remembered that only an experienced specialist can complete the ritual and ensure the desired result. Magical actions are associated with the suppression of the partner's will. To avoid the wrath of spirits, the magician needs to soften them up, as well as to have a very powerful defense, and enough strength.

During the ritual, the magician addresses the Loa spirits. In practice, the magician refers to a whole set of astral energies:

  • Legba, a of Loa, who is responsible for the doors between the two worlds. This spirit opens the door to the magician, allows to communicate with other spirits. Without Legba's consent, other spirits will not communicate with the magician.
  • Calfu, an assistant of Legba, also responsible for the intersection between worlds. This spirit helps to ward off misfortunes and obstacles, such as a rival.
  • Mavu-Lisa - a spirit embodying the feminine and masculine beginnings. Help of this spirit is needed to find justice, create a balance between the male and female energy.
  • Erzuli is a central element in the pantheon of spirits of repelling magic. It is responsible for love, embodies femininity. It allows to obtain love, beauty and health. But it has a dark side, which is used for a repel: it brings anger, rage, revenge, jealousy, protection for an offended woman.

A repelling Voodoo magic action starts immediately after the ritual. A ritual itself will take several days.


Effective problem solving with the help of Voodoo magic

A repelling Voodoo magic will return the lover back to the relationship or family. An experienced magician can quickly subordinate the will of a person, inspire him or her on the astral level, what he or she has to do: to throw a mistress or a lover, to return to the spouse.

The Voodoo magic completely deprives your partner of desires and attraction to others. This method is very effective in difficult situations, when the mistress is a witch, and has made a love spell and repel of a wife.

The magical power of Voodoo not only relieves opponents of love affairs, but also covers the negative channels associated with betrayal and treason.

A repelling Voodoo magic is also effective in cases where partners are not destined to each other, but try to build relationships in which there is no future and happiness. In this situation, the repel has a two-way force.

Hereditary clairvoyant and strongest magician Helena will help you understand the problems associated with the sphere of love, family and betrayal.

My advantages are:

  • More than 15 years of experience in the EU countries.
  • Correction of mistakes of non-professional magicians and unfair shamans.
  • Conclusion of an official contract with the customer.
  • In-person and remote assistance.

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