In modern practice, the magic of Voodoo is used quite often, and not just for spoiling, cursing. Voodoo is based on religious beliefs, rituals, communication with the spirits of the ancients. The magical power of this practice allows you to achieve what you want on the love front, to positively influence the sphere of health, finance, and career.

The cultural form of Voodoo has the roots of African beliefs, cult of spirits, shamanism. This magical practice was widely spread in the countries of Africa and the Caribbean.


What's the sense of Voodoo magic?

The sense Voodoo is to worship spirits endowed with a superpower affecting the life of all the living in our world. In the European culture, Voodoo is regarded as an evil instrument. This perception is associated with a lack of understanding of the magic principles of this cult and many myths.

In practice, Voodoo is rarely used to commit destructive actions, like the resurrection of the dead or evil eye.

The roots of Voodoo are in Africa. During the colonization of the black continent, thousands of slaves were taken to the New World and to the Caribbean. Over time, many rituals and prayers were changed and have merged with Catholic faith.

A cult of ancestors is very important for rituals and spells. Adepts of Voodoo magic believe that the dead still live next to us in a form of spirits. Voodoo magic practice includes communication with the spirits of dead.

Because of the wrong knowledge about African beliefs, the majority of people perceive Voodoo as a black magic.


Myths about the Voodoo magic

The myth of human sacrifices was born in the 19th century. In practice, Voodoo shamans never recommend to sacrifice themselves or someone else's life. The basis of the Voodoo religion is not to make harm to living beings.

The second myth about Voodoo is related to dolls. In popular culture, dolls are always spiked with needles. This is done for the purpose of causing pain to another person, which contradicts the main principle of this cult.

In practice, Voodoo dolls are used on altars for worship. The doll represents Loa (a spirit) which dwells within each person. If a person has problems related to family, health or finances, a shaman conducts a series of rituals of worshiping Loa and soften it up.

When Loa is softened up, the problem disappears.

A universal karmic law of Voodoo should also be taken into account: the evil or good done by you will return to you triple.


Worshiping spirits is a way out of a difficult situation

Not always traditional magical practices can help out in a difficult situation. In this case, the magician addresses cults used by ancient people, knowledge about which is originated in the East or Africa.

In the Voodoo teachings it is assumed that everyone can contact his or her own Loa through a mentor or himself/herself. Such contact must affect the life and future destiny.

Hereditary clairvoyant and strongest magician Helena is ready to help you with the assistance of Voodoo magic. During the rituals, the professional magician uses Voodoo prayers, ritual songs, special herbs, candles and other ritual artifacts.

Voodoo will find a way out even from a situation that seemed insoluble, confusing or dead-end.

The magician's task is to find the root of the problem and to choose the right direction for the customer, determine a program of healing from anxieties, sorrows, adversities, failures and pain.

Why do people come to me?

  • I have an inherited gift. My magic level is constantly raising. I use different magic practices.
  • I have been working in the EU countries for more than 15 years.
  • I provide a guarantee for my services. I conclude a contract with each customer.
  • I work both in-person and remotely.

If you are looking for a way out of a difficult situation, the spirits of Voodoo will certainly help you. Please contact me via phone or fill out the feedback form.

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