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Aura and biofield are our energy protection. People who far from understand the human body consider these concepts to be the same. However, it is not so. The aura is the astral body of a person. It reflects various negative energy programs. The biofield is the life streams that are radiated by the person himself.


When is necessary to clean the aura and restore the biofield?

Recently, I often conduct individual sessions for cleaning the aura and restoring the biofield via the Internet: via Skype, Viber, WhatsApp and Telegram. Here are few signs showing that you should address me for a consultation and a subsequent individual session:

  • Energy "blackout". You often notice that you do not have enough strength for anything; there is apathy that turns into depression. It is very likely that the reason for this lies in the energy vampire with whom you often come into contact.
  • Soreness. You began to get sick more often, each new sore is more difficult than the previous one, it takes longer to heal with potential problems in the future.
  • Uncertainty. You notice that life has become less than normal. Planning something has become more difficult, because you often encounter unforeseen events, accidents, etc.
  • Difficulties in communication. You cannot find a common language with relatives and friends with whom until recently you could communicate for several hours in a row without ceasing. Difficulties begin to arise in personal life, as you cannot communicate normally or meet members of the opposite sex. All these thigs are happen because of holes in your biofield.
  • Children's problems. Individual cleaning of the aura and restoration of the biofield is often necessary even for the smallest. The child begins to have difficulties in kindergarten or school, you are often called for talks due to sudden conflicts with teachers and classmates.


Why is the energy protection damaged?

There are several typical reasons:

  • Negativity, which has been accumulating systematically and for a long time.
  • Interference from outside: black sorcerers, witches, evil astral entities and settlers.
  • Negative energy programs: curses, evil eye.


How to restore your aura and biofield?

Each case is individual. It is important to understand how badly your energy protection is damaged. After that, a specific practice is selected:

  • Meditation. The biofield is filled with energy through positive thinking. You visualize your desires, achieve inner peace, and thoughts gradually begin to materialize.
  • Appeal to higher powers. In practice, I use not only appeals to the higher powers of the universe through prayers, but also oriental mantras. It is important to be sincere, because the maximum effect is achieved by prayer coming from the heart.
  • Normalization of the physical condition of the body. In some cases, I recommend giving up unhealthy foods, alcoholic beverages and smoking to cleanse the body from the inside.
  • Warming-up (energy and material). Oriental practice is used in the form of simple gymnastic exercises that anyone can master.
  • Positive thinking. It is important to love yourself, no matter how trite it may sound. Everyone has flaws, but you are a special person. Share your positive energy with the world and others, and it will return to you in double.

In difficult cases I use incantations and magical artifacts that enhance the effect of individual aura cleansing and biofield restoration as an additional tool.


Help from a hereditary clairvoyant

Let us get acquainted. My name is Helena. I am a psychic, a hereditary clairvoyant and a powerful magician. I will help you in a session of individual cleaning of the aura and restoration of the biofield with the help of various practices: both Eastern and Western. They help to achieve the desired result as quickly as possible.

The approximate plan of our joint work:

  • Diagnostics. I reveal not only the extent of the problem, but also the reasons for the weakening of your energy protection.
  • Program selection. Each case is individual, we will choose the appropriate cleansing and recovery program together.
  • Cleansing and harmonization. I will renew your energy protection, patch holes and harmonize the general state.
  • Protective field restoration and activation. It is important at the final stage to fill the biofield with energy so that it starts working at 100%, protecting you from harmful environmental factors.

I guarantee the result of individual cleaning of the aura and restoration of the biofield. Problems will go away from you, life will become brighter and calmer. Do not deprive yourself of the opportunity to enjoy every day with family and friends!

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