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A person is a complex structure that consists not only of a physical body and the processes occurring in it, related to life activity and emotions, but also from subtle energies - an information and energy field.

To receive energy, a human body has learned to draw it from everywhere: from everyday life affairs, personal interests, relationships with other people, as well as from subtle matters and natural forces. A received energy is distributed in the human body in a certain way through energy zones, or chakras.

According to the eastern and western magical practices, a human body has more than hundred chakras. Each such zone absorbs various types of energy and cosmic vibrations.

Among hundreds of zones there are seven major centers divided into three levels:

  • physical;
  • mental;
  • spiritual.

Each organ of the human body is connected to a particular chakra. Energy zones control the work of a system of organs. An appearance of diseases and ailments is the first sign that one of the chakras is weakened or closed. To avoid such a blockage, energy centers need to be maintained in order and periodically cleaned.


Aura and biofield of a person

Aura and biofield are similar concepts that are responsible for an energy protection of a person. Aura protects a person from the negative energy of the environment. A biofield is the life streams, the channels that a person radiates.

When faced with a negative energy program (corruption, evil eye, curse), negative thoughts, people, essences or energy vampires, there is a risk of undermining the state of human protection. As a result, a biofield is polluted, and an astral aura is weakened.

People with a weak energy shell are most often exposed to negative attacks, depression, apathetic conditions that lead to chronic or even incurable diseases, misfortunes, business failures, and relationships with the opposite sex.

A hereditary magician or psychic will help restore and heal the structure of energy centers. A specialist will develop for you a special program that will build a strong energy protection preventing any negative impact. In some cases, chakras cleaning from natural pollution by the negative is necessary.


Restoring energy protection with the help of a hereditary clairvoyant

The state of our energy shell is equal to the physical and emotional state. Our health, our luck in heart and family affairs, our success in business, career or study, depend directly on this parameter. The state of our chakras covers all spheres of life, affects actions, emotions and destiny.

The strongest magician and hereditary clairvoyant Helena will help you to restore spiritual health. I provide a wide range of services for cleaning, harmonizing, restoring chakras, aura and biofield. For me there are no hard cases and desperate situations.

Before the beginning of the work, a thorough diagnosis of an astral map, and work with karmic nodes is carried out, and an individual purification program for each customer is selected.

Why do people address me?

  • I help both in-person and remotely. I may render assistance by photo.
  • I work with customers from the European Union and other countries.
  • I work under an official contract.
  • I correct mistakes made by unfair magicians and charlatans.

You may find more information and make an appointment for a treatment over the phone indicated on our website or over a corresponding feedback form.

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