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Learning formats::

  • Full-time group of 4-6 people or individually (venue-Barcelona)
  • Full-time group of 4-6 people or individually (venue-Barcelona)

The first trial training session is free.

Choosing the time and duration of group meetings:

  • Total duration is 4 hours.
  • 2 times a week for 2 hours from 18.00 till 20.00.
  • 1 lesson per week 2 hours from 12.00 till 14.00 (on Saturday).

Individual training:

  • Total duration is 4 hours.
  • 2 times a week for 2 hours.

The meeting time is discussed individually.

At the end of the seminar, each participant receives an international certificate.

Wax casting - basic information

The process of hex removal by casting wax appeared in pre-Christian times. But this is not the only material used for such a ritual. At the same time, it is the easiest to find and handle. What is the casting technique based on? It transmits an unfavorable substance at the energy level to the material, which abruptly passes from one state to another. This is what the casting technique is based on. At the same time, it doesn't matter which material to use. Its main task is naturalness, as well as the transition from liquid to solid, and vice versa.

In fact, the technique of casting hex on wax is considered to be one of the most famous for removing occult negativism. As well as to be one of the oldest. Is the wax casting ritual really so effective and in what cases does it help? Let's look into this issue.

This question is interesting to everyone who begins to get acquainted with this technique. Is it really possible to remove hex by casting on wax? And how effective is this technique? Yes, the hex can be really removed. But not everyone can do this. This method is not suitable for removing the subject podel, black spell, generic curses and other negatives, cemetery rites. It is best to remove the evil eye, household spell or fright. If the child began to be afraid of everything, a neighbor cursed or someone jinxed you or your loved one, wax casting will help.

If a person has "black" hex casting on wax only plays the role of support, auxiliary purification and addition to other more powerful rituals. For these types of spell, it is recommended to use wax in conjunction with other methods.

Another important question is who performs the rite and how? It is allowed if the ritual is performed by a grandmother from the village, a healer, a student who has completed courses. But if a layman reads about this ritual anywhere and tries to perform it – it is another question. It is absolutely incorrect to say that anyone can take and perform certain actions (melt wax, pour it into a bucket with candles lit, etc.), and this will be considered a ritual. Just one step-by-step performance of the ritual as per the instructions is not enough. This is not just a mechanical process, but energy.

Why is this method using wax is so popular in the removal of spell? The fact is that the technique is really effective and gives a good result if we are talking about household spell or evil eyes. In addition, casting with wax is safe for the person who takes the photo, if he follows the necessary rules and knows how to protect himself from passing damage from the person for whom the rite is performed. Otherwise, another one will be added to one damaged one. Therefore, it is strictly forbidden to perform this action without training in professional courses or with a real healer.

The process of hex removal with wax is not as simple as it seems to be at first glance. A professional healer who works with this technique does not just perform a sequence of actions. He does something else that is not visible, and he should not report it. As a result, only a superficial instruction appears on the Internet or in books, which is not enough to achieve the desired result and not make the spelled person or even yourself worse.

What mistakes can happen when non-professionals try to remove hex by wax casting?

  • Lack of necessary preparation or its complete absence in the person performing the rite. The same sequence is described on different sites. However, details were not provided. It seems to the one who removes spell it is enough to go through the indicated steps - and the job is done. But this is far from the case. And what is the result? The person who performed the session is suffering from headaches, visions, and nightmares.
  • The lack of skills to protect the organization before the ceremony. As a result, the one who removes the hex becomes infected himself. It is forbidden to start such sessions without observing the occult safety techniques.
  • Using church candles. This should not be done, since the wax must be melted for the first time to remove damage. Similar tips for using church candles are found in various literary sources. And this is a mistake, moreover, not the only one. There are other requirements for wax as well.
  • The use of unsuitable water in the ritual.
  • Casting with wax, which was already used in the previous ritual. After each session to remove spell, it is necessary to get rid of wax and water.
  • Using a ladle to pour the wax for other purposes. If the container participated in the ritual, it is forbidden to use it in the future in everyday life - for eating, storing food, or, even worse, washing your own child in a bath.

And these are not all the mistakes that amateurs often make.

In the article, we will not give recommendations and advice on how to act correctly, since this can only harm. Hex removal with the hands of an amateur is not only ineffective, but also dangerous.

We offer you training in esoteric practices, where students will get acquainted with the ritual of hex removal in compliance with all rules and safety regulations. Classes are conducted by a professional trainer.

Course Description

The seminar program includes the following lessons:

  • Rules for entering a working state.
  • Safety and self-defense during the ritual.
  • Prayers.
  • Determination of the patient's condition before proceeding with the ceremony.
  • The list of objects taking part in the ritual.
  • Step-by-step conducting of the ceremony.
  • Casting options.
  • The main secrets of a real master.
  • Practical development of the wax casting method.
  • Diagnostics of the spelled at the end of the ritual.
  • Variants of negative structures to be cast.
  • Auxiliary materials and tools will help you to read the wax casting for a high-quality studying of the result.
  • Correct ending of the ritual.

The cost of the workshop already includes a full set of materials for the wax casting method.


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