Learning formats:

  • Full-time group of 4-6 people or individually (venue-Barcelona)
  • Distance learning (groups of 4-6 people or individually). Programs for online broadcasting are: WhatsApp, Skype and others.

The first trial training session is free.

Choose your convenient option for intramural group lessons:

Block 1 lasts 12 hours

  • The block is divided into 4 lessons, each lasts for 3 hours from 18.00 till 21.00 2-3 times a week
  • The block is divided into 4 classes, each lasts for 3 hours from 12.00 till 15.00 1 time per week on Saturday.

Choose your convenient option for individual face-to-face lessons:

  • 4 lessons, 3 hours each one.

Time is discussed individually.

Block 2 and Block 3 last 9 hours each one.

  • Classes last for 3 hours, only 3 meetings.

Time with the teacher is discussed individually.

After completion of the full course, the student receives an international certificate. The qualification "Specialist-numerologist" is also assigned.

Course information:

Numerology is a very interesting science. It studies numbers and their meaning in human life. Even Pythagoras, the great mathematician and philosopher, said that "numbers rule the world, and our whole life is subject to the magic of numbers." In our time, in the period of technical progress, this is especially noticeable. In the modern world numerology is developing rapidly, based on two classical schools - European and Eastern. They complement and enrich each other.

The method for determining the characteristics of a person using numbers was invented by Pythagoras. It happened more than 2000 years ago. And so far this method is actively used without serious changes.

Thanks to numerology in the modern world, you can achieve great success in various spheres of life. Each of us can calculate our success and influence on it.

Having mastered the combination of numerology and psychology, you can perform even more amazing actions than psychedelics, NLP, Heavenly Call 911 and other newfangled trends. Interestingly, everyone can learn a few simple techniques for using the magic of numbers so that they give an amazing result that even experienced magicians never dreamed about. Obviously, I am not belittling the psychological techniques listed above. But all of them require rather complex training, in contrast to numerology, which is the same in efficiency.

From the moment a person is born, his life path is associated with different numbers. If we take astrology as an example, then even the minute of birth is important here. Numerology is not so scrupulous, perhaps because numerologists know that all numbers, passing from one to another, change in the course of calculation, but in any case, they are UNCHANGEABLE.

To become a master, you just need to be able to count to 9. This is already enough for the study of numerology, adding to this the ability to feel digital vibrations and be able to control them. I will teach you this in the course too.

By learning to interact with numbers and numbers, you will conquer the whole world.

What is included in the course program?

It consists of 3 BLOCKS:

1st - Psychological numerology

2nd - Practical numerology (includes predictive and applied sections)

3rd - Magical numerology.

In the course of studying, we will consider the following points:

  • how the numbers appeared, how to write them correctly according to the esoteric point of view;
  • how to correctly read two-digit numbers based on vibration;
  • what does the vibration of numbers 0-9 mean, their characteristic;
  • static and dynamic energies of numbers;
  • the influence of numbers on each other;
  • how numbers and planets are related.

What will you end up with?

  • learn to feel the vibration of numbers;
  • take a fresh look at the main dates of events that took place in life, starting from the moment of birth;
  • learn to "communicate" with numbers in a common "language", from simple to multi-digit;
  • prepare to study the next levels to perfect your skills.

Detailed course program:

1st BLOCK - Psychological numerology. We analyze the nature and nuances of the influence of the surrounding reality by name and date of birth

Lesson 1. Studying the date of birth

Questions to consider:

  • studying the values of the numbers of the day, month and year in the date of birth, how they influence on the character of a person;
  • creation of a psychomatrix;
  • calculating the fate code and what it means;
  • principles of compiling a psychomatrix (isolated numbers, vectors of weakness and strength, interpretation of cell values taking into account the place of birth of a number (working, direct number, goal, basis)).

As a result, you will learn:

  • • how to analyze and reveal character, potential;
  • • to understand what drives your potential, what helps or interferes with solving everyday problems.

After that, students are given the task to calculate the psychomatrix of children and parents. This will help you understand the influence of genes, the makings of each family member, as well as better assimilate the studied material.

Task 2. Analysis of full name

Questions to consider:

  • how the letters and numbers in the full name relate to each other, how to correctly read the alphabetic vibrations;
  • how a name, nickname or pseudonym affects the fate of a person and determines his character;
  • how to correctly calculate the number of full name;
  • nuances of analysis and creation of a mirror psychomatrix.

As a result, you will learn:

  • to adjust your character traits and family members;
  • to decipher the most important goals and determine the methods to achieve them;
  • to choose words for strength and protection;
  • to analyze character at a deep level.

Lesson 3. Vector mandala T.I. Zyurnaeva

Questions to study:

  • identification of human energy potential;
  • creating a vector mandala (numeric);
  • studying of geometric shapes that are formed by a vector.

As a result, you will learn:

  • to determine where the energy is too much and too little;
  • to adjust the energy of capabilities and correct distribution of priorities and forces.

Task 4. Dependence of a person's fate on his character

Questions to study:

  • what are the 4 main stages that each of us goes through in our life;
  • how to correctly analyze the path, soul and fate;
  • what are the features of each stage, taking into account the characteristics of each person individually.

As a result, you will learn:

  • to conduct deep introspection;
  • to understand why you or your loved ones are as they are, and why exactly this is happening to you now;
  • to be aware of the events that are happening around you at the moment;
  • to correct situations;
  • to understand what the future holds and why do you need it.

2nd BLOCK. Practical numerology

Lesson 1. Space-time numerology

  • • proper time management;
  • • determination of the code of wealth and material success;
  • • analysis of the codes of the household space that surrounds you;
  • • space adjustment, which will allow you to quickly achieve desired result.

Lesson 2. Prediction using numbers

  • • creating a graph of life numbers, its correct analysis and decoding;
  • • Lilith cycle (creation and decoding of the ladder of life);
  • • creating, analyzing and decoding a career success chart;
  • • identification of dangerous life moments;
  • • analysis of your health.

Task 3. Applied Numerology

  • determining the impact codes of surrounding events based on the date of birth;
  • using numbers as keys to cards;
  • how to always achieve what you want.

3rd BLOCK. Magical numerology

«Building a wish fulfillment matrix»

  • how to correctly formulate desires;
  • how to create your personal matrix;
  • how to work with the matrix and put it into action.

«Wheel of Fortune, be lucky»

  • how to calculate success and space vectors individually for everyone;
  • how to build the Wheel of Fortune;
  • how to launch it and start interacting with it.

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