Education options:

  1. Individual or group (4-6 people) classes in Barcelona.
  2. Remote training on Skype, WhatsApp, and other popular messengers. Online communication can be in groups or individual.

The first session is free!

Study schedule in groups is:

  1. 10 lessons for 3 hours (from 18.00 to 21.00). There will be 2 - 3 lessons per week.
  2. 10 lessons for 3 hours (from 12.00 to 15.00). The meetings will be held on Saturdays.

The work schedule of the individual program is settled personally with each student and involves 10 sessions 3 hours each.

The course results are checked during a control test - qualification exam. When it is successfully passed, an international diploma with the qualification of "Parapsychologist" is issued.


While putting my course together, I have done my best to create a favorable environment that will facilitate the successful development of your abilities and capabilities. To make it clearer, let's compare a gift with a tree. For a plant to grow fast and healthily, it needs some good soil and proper care.

The system is similar in class: we are creating some fertile base by removing stones from it, namely, all those problems and difficulties hindering the development of our abilities. Not only do fear, resentment, guilt, low self-esteem, and irritability interfere in our everyday life, but also they become an obstacle to disclose our internal reserves. Having obtained a pure and free soul, you will be able to acquire peace and turn to a new state. That is why the first stage of our joint work is the purification of the soul.

At the same time, we are involved in bioenergy. Not only does the course include cleaning channels and renewing energy, but also energy healing. The program involves mastering this skill on astral, karmic, and mental levels. The bonus is the "magic wand" technique. Another interesting section of our cooperation is the field diagnostics, vampirism, and protection.

Nowadays a lot of people are attracted by such a concept as clairvoyance. We will pay enough attention to this part as well. Thanks to the eidetic clairvoyance you will be able to see your future and find your Spiritual Mentor. You will open the synesthetic clairvoyance during the second week of classes.

Training extrasensory practices will take place throughout the course.

I would like to note that as a result of our cooperation you will get the skills and knowledge that will help you in the following activities:

  • clairvoyance;
  • magic;
  • biolocation;
  • karmic therapy.

There will be a pleasant surprise for many of you, namely, wish fulfillment.  We will help you focus your energy to make your cherished dreams come true.

The work system is designed so that you will get a complex of knowledge in completely different disciplines. If you want to study a single topic, sign up for individual classes.

Detailed course description

Let's take a closer look at what is included in the course:

  1. You will get to know what bioenergy is, learn practical skills in managing energy flows. The training also includes the following sections: channel cleaning, renewal, and recovery of the whole body, cosmic energy, reiki, energy vampirism, the basics, and laws of energy healing.
  2. Extrasensory activities. This section will help you find out what are psychic and extrasensory activities. You will master the basic skills of extrasensory perception, learn how to influence others, get acquainted with parapsychology and clairvoyance. You will learn how extrasensory activities influence healing, magic powers, and wish fulfillment.
  3. We will teach you how to use your intuition, meditate, go on an astral journey. Thanks to our course, you'll acquire your Spiritual Mentor and see things you couldn't recognize before. People’s future and past will be an open book for you.
  4. The program includes the basics of diagnostics by photo and phantom. You will learn to heal mentally, karmically, energetically, and magically.
  5. White magic (the initiation ritual included). It covers getting rid of spoilage, evil eye, birth curse, and spell. You will learn the basics of working with insecurities, fears, poverty, bad luck, personal failures, sexual abuse, and many others.
  6. Using a pendulum, hand energy, frame, and rod.
  7. Soul transformation and karma.
  8. Wish fulfillment. The unique practical work on programming your happiness.

Bioenergy. Bioenergy training

This section includes the following topics:

  • bioenergy and control of energy flows;
  • connection of bioenergy with space energy, reiki, and healing;
  • cleaning energy channels;
  • renewal and recovery of the whole body;
  • who are energy vampires and how to protect yourself from them.

The energy of the surrounding world affects our state. Everything that happens nearby produces this or that impact, and it is not always positive. And we must be able to live in these conditions. But the task of "existing" is not sufficient for most people. They want to be healthy, rich, and happy - everyone has their own life plan. To implement your life plan, you also need energy, and it should be quite powerful.

So what tasks does bioenergy solve? First of all, the protection against diseases. Why do you think some people died, but others did not even experience the slightest illness signs during the most dangerous epidemics hundreds of years ago?  The point is that different people have different bioenergy protection.

In addition, we can protect ourselves from any malicious and unfriendly influences, including magic ones, thanks to bioenergy.  If your energy field is dense, neither vampire nor sorcerer will get to you.

Another important advantage of bioenergy is the determination of our life quality. The energy volume creates certain feelings and mood. For example, if you have enough energy, you will feel joy, happiness, love, and self-confidence. But if it is low, you will have to face such feelings as sadness, boredom, irritability, laziness, and depression. Those, who have a lot of energy, usually achieve success in life, fulfill their dreams, find happiness in their personal life, and move up the career ladder. But the owners of scarce energy can’t use it for their spiritual growth and development, they have to maintain their own existence. They are irritated by the necessity to make themselves solve life problems and even just communicate with people. A person with a lack of energy is usually a loser.

Strong, healthy bioenergy is an excellent basis to discover and develop paranormal abilities. If you want to get information about the surrounding world through clairvoyance, influence people's lives, treat people via your internal forces, work with serious karmic problems, and manage your own destiny, you will need a huge amount of energy. Average energy resources are too small to develop such abilities. Good, strong bioenergy will provide you with an excellent reserve.

As you can see, bioenergy is the basis for parapsychology. That is why my course starts with teaching the basics of bioenergy protection. If energy channels are clean and nothing prevents the free energy flow, a person is healthy. Most diseases (about 70%) are caused by disorders in the bioenergy movement. Thus, a properly trained person can eliminate a huge number of problems, just contacting a person’s "etheric" body.  From all of the above, it can be concluded that bioenergy is a treatment on the energy level. By attending our classes you will feel more confident, stronger, healthier, and happier.

Today, there are many ways to teach how to control bioenergy: pranayama, cosmic energy, reiki, qi gong, wushu, and others. Each of them is designed to improve the overall state, although they have some differences that we will discuss at our meetings.

When you have learned the basics of bioenergy, you will be able to:

  • clean energy channels;
  • replenish and manage the energy reserve;
  • heal yourself and others.

You will create a good basis for further development in the field of extrasensory vision, healing, white magic, karma therapy, and programming your destiny.

Extrasensory activities. Teaching extrasensory practices

The section includes the following topics:

  • what are psychic and extrasensory activities;
  • extrasensory perception and ways of influencing other people;
  • clairvoyance and parapsychology;
  • healing, magic powers;
  • "wish fulfillment" means programming your fate.

Extra-sensory perception (ESV) is the term that is literally translated from the Latin language as "super-sensory perception", i.e. the perception of information in a super-sensory way.

We get knowledge about the surrounding world through our senses: touch, smell, sight, hearing, and taste. Some information comes into our consciousness through some simple inference. But the most interesting, unusual, and mysterious way of cognition is extrasensory activities. When some information simply appears in our heads in an inexplicable, and we do not use our sight, hearing, smell, or mind to do that. A person with such abilities is called a psychic.

Extrasensory knowledge emerges in different ways:

  1. Visualization (pictures, visions).
  2. Eidetic clairvoyance (in the form of images).
  3. Sound method. These can be voices telling you some information. That's how the famous Wanga made her predictions.
  4. Feelings, smells.
  5. It is just when you simply understand that you know the truth.

All these methods are united by one concept - "extrasensory activities". As you can see, this is a fairly broad definition comprising clear vision, feeling, and knowledge.

It is worth noting that extrasensory activities have nothing to do with hallucinations, inventions, or inferences based on any data. A true psychic receives only reliable, verifiable information. After all, we can confirm or deny the truth of visions only by checking them.

In some cases, extrasensory activities do not only imply the ability to perceive information, but also the ability to influence objects, people, events, etc. If we evaluate the gift from this point of view, extrasensory activities may include bioenergy, healing, magic powers, telepathy, and biolocation. Sharing precious knowledge and techniques allows working more efficiently. This approach is called parapsychology.

In fact, each of us has some extrasensory abilities. Since our birth, we have a hypersusceptibility and can feel subtle matter. Since this gift is not developed in children, it is diminishing with time. But it does not disappear anywhere. Therefore, by taking my course, you will get a real opportunity to wake up your extrasensory abilities and direct them towards improving your life quality.

Our classes will provide you with invaluable knowledge, you will acquire practical skills of the extrasensory perception and impact. In addition, we will place great emphasis on such topics as bioenergy and energy channels, clairvoyance, healing, white magic, getting information via biolocation, elimination of karma problems, and programming your fate.

Clairvoyance. Teaching clairvoyance

The section includes the following topics:

  • peculiarities of clairvoyance and intuition;
  • how a psychic works;
  • meditation, human chakras, third eye;
  • what is astral and how to go on an astral journey;
  • diagnostics of internal organs;
  • viewing the past and the future;
  • distant clairvoyance;
  • synesthetic clairvoyance;
  • who a Spiritual Mentor is and how to acquire him/her.

Despite the sufficient popularity of clairvoyance, serious scientists do not study it. Therefore, this topic is not fully examined and has no scientific support, which leads to a lot of legends and fantasies arising around it. Many people without any abilities try to make money on clairvoyance.

Let us understand what this gift is and how to use it. Every day we interact with the surrounding world and get some information. All data comes into our minds through different sensory channels. If we are watching a film, our eyes and ears perceive its plot, picture, dialogues, music and transmit them to our brains for their further processing. When we are trying ice cream, our tongue receptors start working. They determine its taste, degree of coldness, and transmit data to a definite part of our brains as well. Some outside information can be obtained through the simplest inference. This can be both a mathematical example and making an analogy.

But there is another interesting, unusual way of cognition, with no senses involved, but it happens via our brain directly. This method is sometimes called super-sensitive or extrasensory perception. Each animal has it. Also, extrasensory activities are typical for all small children.

Many people prefer the concept of "intuition". Almost each of us has ever felt it. This is the simplest form of extrasensory activities, if you take it up, you can develop a good gift in yourself. Taking my course as well as daily exercises will allow you to open the channel to such an extent that the received information will be comparable to that broadcast by your common senses. After you have achieved such results, your intuition will transform into clairvoyance. If you do not pay attention to your gift, it will fade with time and show up only in stressful situations. 

There are many ways of receiving information directly into the brain. They are called depending on the feelings you are experiencing at the moment. It can be eidetic clairvoyance (images), clair-smelling, and even clair-licking. Sometimes there happen cases of clairgnosis. When a person simply understands that he/she knows the truth. At the same time, it is important to realize that these feelings have nothing to do with the work of our senses.

Thus, the term "clairvoyance" can be defined as follows: the method of obtaining reliable information by our brain directly brain without using sense organs and logical thinking. It is important to pay attention to the word "reliable". The thing is that it is possible to invent anything and pass it off as the truth. So, it is essential to be able to distinguish clairvoyance from simple fantasies. And you can do it only by checking.

How do people get on the hook to quacks? It is very simple. They come to such people and sometimes they get some terrible things about themselves, for example, you have a lowered chakra, or your aura color is damaged. It is impossible to verify this information. We are doing things differently in our lessons. For example, the task for one of our lessons is to see what your close person is doing now. You use special methods to obtain data, and then call him/her to find out how valid the information was. And, as a rule, our students do not make mistakes. It is at this moment when they realize that they have grasped clairvoyance and become real psychics.

Now let's specify who psychics are and how they differ from other people? Scientific research has shown that a person with paranormal abilities uses the brain more actively. Both of their hemispheres work in synchronous mode. This approach provides the body with a kind of antenna that optimizes the process of obtaining information and allows influencing the surrounding people and events. That is, the psychic is a person who can both have more information than others and change the future.

Who becomes a psychic? This gift is available to almost anyone. We get it when we are born, but it is just in hibernation. If anyone tells you that clairvoyance is the fate of the chosen ones, do not believe that. This is an incompetent person who understands nothing in this issue.

As mentioned earlier, all children are psychics. They have great potential for the further development of their gift. But not all parents understand this, so they energetically develop only the most necessary skills as they think. However, proper attention is still paid to children’s paranormal abilities in some families. Adults stimulate the gift, believe in it, and help their child learn new techniques and methods.

It should be noted that it is not easy to discover and develop clairvoyance in early childhood. Some people happen to know about their abilities at a more mature age. Clairvoyance is often discovered after severe stress, danger, and sometimes a clinical death. How does it happen? Our brain is an antenna receiving all the outside information, but it does not always realize it. When there is a situation threatening our life, our body switches into the mode of active work to protect itself. Such efficiency increases our chances of survival. It is exactly at this moment when clairvoyance manifests itself. If a person understands, accepts his/her gift, and begins to develop it, they can become psychics in the future. 

The faith in God plays a great role in clairvoyance. This ability often opens after fasting or praying for a long time. In this case, the gift is called a revelation.

Sometimes clairvoyance results from meditating. At times to achieve success, you have to work on yourself for many years.

The way of discovering this gift to be considered during my course is called "Meditation and opening the mind’s eye". This method allows you to set yourself up for developing clairvoyance within a few days. The first results are already visible by the end of the first week. You will be able to see the following:

  • what is happening at your home now;
  • what your close person is doing;
  • whether there are any diseases in the body;
  • what will happen in your future;
  • How the souls of the living and the dead feel (at the same time you will be able to communicate with them and get some reliable information from them).

The culmination of our classes is meeting your Spiritual Mentor who will protect you throughout your life. He/she will be your best friend, a faithful advisor who will be able to answer any of your questions. It is common practice when a person gets his/her Spiritual Mentor, they no longer need any incarnate teachers. They address their new assistant with all questions.

Also, the introduction and development of synesthetic clairvoyance will be given enough lessons. It is the ability to receive information about past, present, and future events in audio and kinesthetic forms.

But we will start our joint work with the most important stage, namely, the purification of a soul. This ritual will help get rid of many problems and encourage the effective opening of clairvoyance. And if you have ever applied to different academies to open this gift, perhaps, it is because of neglecting this stage that you failed.

We know your needs and understand how to help you in a proper way. Therefore, we are waiting for you.

Healing and teaching how to Heal

Healing can be different. When we deal with a physical body, healing is analogous to medicine. But there are some invisible bodies: etheric, astral, mental, causal, buddha, and atman. And each is thinner than the following one. To heal a person it is necessary to work with all of them.

The essence of energy healing is to affect an etheric body. To produce such influence is possible on the astral level, employing magic techniques. White magic is used for astral or magic healing. When you can manage this magic, you will be able to influence more precisely and effectively.

Mental healing means influencing the “mind body”. Some definite diseases appear due to the slightest mental failures. Even some magicians and bioenergy-therapists can’t get so deeply. The course will teach you how to cope with that.

Karmic problems may arise because of a casual body. This body keeps data on previous soul transformations.  It is time for karmic healing in this case. Its essence is to provide karma diagnostics at the first stage and then its correction.

You will learn to heal people even by their photos or fantoms. It will be safe for you because you will master some protection techniques for healing.

White magic. Teaching white magic

Magic has lots of implications. Generally, it is an effect on the astral level. I teach only white magic. There is no hoo-doo, evil eyes, curses, and nothing of the kind. White magic differs from the black one by its environmental friendliness.

Karmic lessons

It is crucial to understand that any adult people have the right to life they think to be appropriate for them. So, for example, he/she lives in an incorrect place, and with an improper partner, it means a person makes a mistake and tries to avoid your good intentions. A person has to get some karmic lessons to develop. When you impede that, you take away the main idea of this or that life. When influencing the other person’s life against his/her will, you take their karma and responsibility for their future.

It does not mean that you should not help. But at first, a person has to recognize a problem and show the desire to get rid of it. It is in this case when white magic will play its role. It will affect a person who applies for help. For instance, there is a request to make a definite person love you, it is black magic because the effect will be made against a person’s will. It is more ecological to formulate your desire as “to love and to be loved”, so there won’t be any impact on the third parties.

I can employ various techniques to help you be more attractive for others and program your love, but it is closer to the topic of will fulfillment. You can learn all these things during the course.

White magic usage

White magic can eliminate such diseases that are considered incurable. You will learn that as well.

You can use white magic to remove hoo-doos, evil eyes, spells, negative programs, and much more. You will learn how to do this masterfully, using my unique system which can change people right in front of their eyes.

A lot of diseases are of informational nature. The same can be said about psychological issues and different addictions. When the information on a disease is destroyed, there comes recovery, my ex-patients support that. It is mental healing I am going to teach you.

Also, white magic helps cope with such negative programs as bad luck, loneliness, and lack of money. Some of them were received during this life, the others are from the previous one. The result can be achieved using karma therapy as well.

You will learn how to make talismans, amulets, and protect from any magic impacts. When you start learning white magic, you will be protected nearly from everything.

Biolocation. Teaching biolocation

Biolocation is a technique of getting various information. They are used to look for people, vehicles, minerals, measuring field, temperature, and pressure. Biolocation gives answers “yes-no” to simple questions.  Information can be obtained by touching or using a frame, pendulum, rod, or other objects.

Biolocation was used to determine where to build a house in Ancient China. It helped search for treasures and minerals in Ancient Greece.

Biolocation is still relevant nowadays. Success mainly depends on whether an operator knows the work principles. You will learn them at the lessons, after that you will be able to use them in your activities successfully. 

Karma - its diagnostics and correction.

Many often mention karma and say it is bad or good. What is it?

Karma essence

Karma is one of the terms in Buddhism, Hinduism, and other Dharmic religions. It is the program of the future incarnation, this program is set in the present incarnation. It is closely connected with reincarnation and presents a changing phenomenon caused by a person’s actions.

Suppose a person is hurt by someone, does it mean that he/she did the same in their previous lives? And vice versa. Karma is a motive, an action, and a consequence  When you are hurt, you can behave in the same way and worsen your karma, or you can stop and put up with the situation to make your karma better. It is fair, but what is the mechanism of all these things?


When the American hypnotherapist M. Newton brought clients into a trance, he asked them about their previous lives and souls between incarnations. Based on this collected information he wrote a book “Journey of souls. Life between lives”. It described things that would happen after death. Similar investigations were also carried out by D. Kennon.

They created the basis for the following conclusions: Souls acquire some experience influencing them. When it is getting ready for a new incarnation, it can choose such a life where it will be possible to compensate for some negative actions performed in the past. A cruel person is likely to become a victim in the next life. There is another example if a person is forced to obey and put up with everything, probably, in the future incarnation he/she will be a leader.

What influences karma?

Sometimes a soul can’t cope with bad habits. It will need several incarnations to change. Then people happen to take their problems from one life into another until they could cope with them. Karma turns out to be a soul nature, a person’s character which can manifest themselves under a number of circumstances. Why is destiny exactly the one we have but not the other? It is explained by fact that a person acted in a definite way at some crucial points. If we were different, we would do things differently, so the consequences would be different.

Why are we just the way we are? Because we lived our lives, did or didn’t do certain things, which led to the karma determining our destinies.

Characters are formed under the influence of the birthplace, parents, teachers, friends, and even books. So do the actions under definite conditions and their consequences. Characters are created by life, and this is also karma. But characters are not set only in life. Let’s take an example: children are born different. Character traits are manifested already in the womb. This is the evidence that characters are formed with reference to the previous incarnations.

How to control our destiny

We can say that our characters are programs that manage our behavior in life and the whole life. So karma is a life program. It was created in previous incarnations, and it is being created by words and actions at present. Our future turns out to be created by our present, in its turn our present is created by our past. We can control our destiny by changing ourselves in the present. And to do so, it is necessary to change our past. Isn’t it fantastic?

We can change our history written in our souls. But firstly, we must look it through. It refers to both our present and previous incarnations. Then life is programmed. I know how to change it to make dreams come true. It is achieved through karma diagnostics, therapy, and correction. I can share my knowledge with you. There are plenty of opportunities, but very few people know about them. Would you like to learn all these things? Start learning with me!

Wish fulfillment. Programming your life

Many people suppose they lead a conscious life, but it is not quite true. Just imagine the ratio of conscious and unconscious is 1:25 000! Emotional states and spontaneous actions seem to have a greater impact than reasonable actions. Life is controlled by programs set in a person.

Why do some people become oligarchs, but others remain poor? Does it mean that some have more luck than others? Partly, it is true. But each person is unique from the very beginning. Someone is more ambitious and active, while others remain lazy and unwilling. Everyone has their own desires. Some people stop at nothing to get success whereas others want to be left alone. That's what life does.

Where do these programs appear in each person? Generally speaking, they come from our society, previous incarnations, and magic influences. These programs can lead both to success and failure. To live a better life, it is necessary to get rid of negative programs and set up some beneficial ones. Isn’t it that easy? Yes, if to know how to do it correctly. And you can learn it.

If you can fulfill desires, you will be able to control your destiny. At first, you will be cleaning your souls from everything that prevents happiness. Simultaneously it will be necessary to practice bioenergy and enter into the efficient state where clairvoyance is manifested, and desires are realized. After that, you will see your future. You will have to understand whether your program fits you or not.

If anything does not suit you, within a week you have to recognize what you wish most. You will have to see what exactly will make your life happy. But it should be real. Only such a detailed work enables you to pass on to setting up the program of fulfilling desires onto your internal computer. If the program is well work through, it can really come true in every detail.


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