Individual horoscope construction:
60 EUR
Marital compatibility horoscope:
60 EUR
Children's horoscope:
60 EUR
Business horoscope for 3 months:
60 EUR

The horoscope is associated with a concept of astrology, which includes descriptive and predictive practices, various types of beliefs and traditions. Astrology appeared about ten thousand years ago, when people have started to make simplest observations of celestial bodies. Horoscope as a separate trend has appeared later.

Whether to believe in horoscopes? It’s important to know that a horoscope is not the truth, but astrological recommendations for each individual, the predictions of the stars. But it’s a horoscope that can lead your life to harmony, and to give the most accurate prediction of fate.

Hereditary clairvoyant and strongest magician Helena will make for you an individual, children's, business, or marital compatibility horoscope.

A horoscope allows not only to open the veils of the present, near or distant future, but also helps to understand yourself, to find out the reason of a behavior, or a character. It’s just your assistant and a prompt in decision making.

Why do people address me?

  • I render assistance both in-person and remotely.
  • I render a wide range of astrological services.
  • I work in accordance with a contract having a legal force.
  • My work experience is more than 15 years.

Please call the phone or fill in a feedback form to order your horoscope.

What is a horoscope?

"Horoscope" is of Greek origin and means "a guardian of its own time". A horoscope characterizes an influence of celestial bodies (planets, sun, moon, stars) to a person. An extent of such an influence…

Individual horoscope construction

An individual horoscope construction is not just a list of recommendations, advices and predictions. A horoscope, made personally for you, is the key to understanding your essence, your inner self. The…

Marital compatibility horoscope

Constructing a marital compatibility horoscope is one of trends in synastric astrology, which is responsible for revealing the relationships between partners. Synastric astrology is very accurate, and…

Children's horoscope

The task of synastric astrology is to indicate a compatibility in a relationship between people of different zodiac signs. One of the directions of such astrology is the compilation of children's horoscopes. An…


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