Love magic. Repel

150 EUR
Bilateral repel:
150 EUR
Cemetery Lapel:
250 EUR
Lapel on blood:
300 EUR
Runic lapel:
300 EUR

Repel is one of the types of love magic, which is aimed at getting rid of an attraction which one person feels to an another person (rival, husband or wife).

Repelling magic has many rituals that work only when a person addresses a professional magician. A skilled witch a clairvoyant will conduct the ritual in accordance with all established rules, without harm to you, without clogging karma with negative energy.

Each magical action performed by a specialist does not cause harm.


Why do people come to me?

Being a hereditary clairvoyant and strongest magician, I will free you or the object on which the action will be directed, from fervent feelings. I can put out the fire of love.

All ceremonies are conducted with strict observance of the magic program, which excludes errors.

Turning to me, you will get a guaranteed result. I conclude a contract (an official document having a legal force) with each customer.

There are no intricate situations for me. Call the indicated contact phones or fill out the feedback form and I will definitely help you to find harmony and a solution of any problem. I render assistance both in-person and remotely.

What is repel?

Repel is one of the rituals of love magic, aimed at affecting the fourth human chakra (heart). The purpose of such a magical action is liberation from fervid, passionate feelings, the fire of love. Repelling…

Bilateral repel

A bilateral repel is one of the most powerful rituals associated with the destruction of love affair. Such a ritual can only be carried out by an experienced magician who knows how to control astral bodies,…

Cemetery Lapel

Lapels are popular rituals. They are designed to get rid of the spell. Surely you understand that this ritual is a gross violation of a person's personal life. The spell is black magic, which is better…

Lapel on blood

All blood rituals are black magic. This means that it is not recommended to conduct them independently. The lapel on the blood is resorted to in the event that you need to remove the spell. Such a rite…

Runic lapel

The universe is based on energy. Proper disposal of it will help achieve the desired goals. Runic magic operates on the principle of energy movement. Runes and stakes are often resorted to in order to…


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