Diagnosis of any kind of negative:
20 EUR
Removal of any negative program and triple protection setting:
150 EUR

Curse is a direct flow of negative energy which causes an emotional distress to a victim (panic, depression or nervous prostration). A curse has a negative impact on the physical condition of a person: migraine, dizziness, serious chronic diseases.

The consequences of a curse can differ: a crown of celibacy, a series of constant failures, problems, and severe chronic diseases.

Only a strong magician is able to help in case of a curse, to remove a negative program, and to make a protection. The task of magician is to restore a destroyed energy coat, and to clear an aura from the black energy and thoughts.

Hereditary clairvoyant and strongest magician Helena will help you cope with a curse. Before the start of a magical recovery program, a diagnosis revealing the presence of any kind of negativity shall be carried out. Only after identifying the cause of the problem, the magician begins the work.

By addressing me you will get a 100% effect:

• will be got rid of negative energy;

• will gain confidence in yourself;

• will become invulnerable to ill-wishers and envious persons.

I work with the customers under an official contract having a legal force. My working experience in the EU countries is more than 15 years.

To appoint a meeting in-person or to receive help remotely, just call these phones, or fill out a feedback form.

Diagnosis of any kind of negative

Diagnosis of the negative allows to determine the presence of a negative energy impact on a person, an object or a specific situation. The concept of negative impact includes energy and information programs…


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