Work with chakras and aura, biofield restoration

Chakras, aura and human biofield:
80 EUR
Individual cleaning of karma, aura and restoration of the biofield:
250 EUR

A human body is able to receive energy from everywhere: an environment, a favorite occupation, communication with family and friends, hobbies, elements of nature and other sources. All the energy received is stored in a human information and energy field and is distributed over energy zones - chakras.

Physical and emotional state of a person depends on the state of his or her energy channels and aura shell.

Hereditary clairvoyant and strongest magician Helena will help you to reach harmony with the surrounding world and yourself. I suggest:

  • to restore your biofield - life flows emitted by you;
  • to clean and restore your aura - an energy shell that protects against the effects of negative programs;
  • to work with your chakras - cleaning, harmonization, restoration and activation of all energy zones of your body.

Restoration of a biofield improves physical, psychological and mental state at all levels.

Why do people address me?

  • I help both in-person and remotely. I may render assistance by photo.
  • Work more than 15 years. I provide treatment of men and women of all ages. It doesn’t matter where you live. I work with customers from the European Union and other countries.
  • I work under an official contract.
  • I correct mistakes made by unfair magicians and charlatans.

You may find more information and make an appointment for a treatment over the phone indicated on our website or over a corresponding feedback form.

What are chakras, aura and human biofield

A person is a complex structure that consists not only of a physical body and the processes occurring in it, related to life activity and emotions, but also from subtle energies - an information and energy…


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