Alcohol addiction treatment:
60 EUR
Healing from obesity and excess weight:
60 EUR
Gambling addiction treatment:
60 EUR
Healing from epilepsy:
60 EUR
Children’s diseases healing:
60 EUR

A practice of healing was perfected over the centuries and handed down from generation to generation. Each new generation introduced new rituals and conspiracies into the healing practice.

Healing is multiplex and carries harmony in itself. It’s united with the laws of the universe. Healers use an energy of the environment to help those people who need it.

Healing is a special magic based on various practices. It allows to work with astral energies, with which it interacts.

Hereditary clairvoyant, strongest magician and healer Helena will help you in solving the following issues:

  • healing from alcohol and drug addiction;
  • healing from obesity, excess weight;
  • healing from gambling addiction;
  • healing from epilepsy, childhood diseases.

Remember that there are no unsolvable problems. In every situation there is a way out, and I will help you find it, healing from physical and spiritual ailments.

Why do people come to me?

• I may heal by a photo (remotely) as well as in-person.

• I have been working for more than 15 years, helping customers from Europe and other countries.

• I work under a contract having a legal force.

• I correct errors of unfair magicians.

You may apply over the phone stated on the site, or over a feedback form.

What is healing?

Healing was very respected since ancient times, and even during the time of Christianity it couldn’t lose its leading place in the culture and human life. The practice of healing remains very popular today.…

Alcohol addiction treatment in-person and by photo

There are many people suffering from alcohol addiction. And even more people who don’t admit such an existing problem. Alcoholism is a serious illness, which not everyone can defeat. Modern medicine offers…

Gambling addiction treatment in-person and by photo

Some time ago gambling addiction was considered a bad habit, but now it’s regarded as a disease, which is quite difficult to get rid of. But there is an effective way - a magic of healing, which allows…

Healing from epilepsy in-person and by photo

Neurological diseases are usually treated with antibiotics. But not all diseases may be treated quickly, and some of them torture a patient throughout the life. One of these diseases is epilepsy - a brain…

Children’s diseases healing in-person and by photo

Children are most susceptible to the negative impact of dark energies and essences. This effect can be the main cause of children’s illness. Conventional medication treatment in such cases doesn’t help,…


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