Creation of an individual amulet

"Wheel of Fortune" amulet:
80 EUR
Amulet "For business and financial well-being":
80 EUR
"Pentagram" amulet:
80 EUR
"Protective Pentagram" amulet:
80 EUR
"For successful study" amulet:
80 EUR
“Five Goods” amulet:
80 EUR
"For love and fidelity" amulet:
80 EUR

Since ancient times talismans (or amulets) are very popular in the culture. An amulet is an object endowed with a certain magical power. The task of an individual amulet is to protect one's possessor from a negative magical effect.

Hereditary clairvoyant and strongest magician Helena will make for you an amulet which:

  • will protect from curse, "evil eye", repel, evil spells, evil thoughts and conversations;
  • will bring love, luck, wealth, and family well-being into your life.

I offer a wide range of individual amulets. I also may charge a talisman for well-being, protection from diseases and other negative magic programs. I use untreated stone, wood, bone, jewelry and other items for amulets fabrication.

Why do people address me?

  • More than 15 years of experience in making amulets.
  • I help both in-private and remotely. It does not matter where you live.
  • I will send an amulet to any country of the world.
  • I will conduct a professional magical diagnostic, determine a cause of your problem, help you find the right way, and create an amulet in accordance with your situation.

You can find out more about my services calling the phone indicated on the website, or through a feedback form.

What is an individual amulet? Types of amulets

An individual amulet has a magical power that protects its possessor from a negative magical effect or helps to achieve success, or solving specific and important tasks. An amulet protects from evil eye,…

"Wheel of Fortune" amulet

When a person moves towards his goal, but each time obstacles appear on a way, people say that a luck has turned away from them. A "Wheel of Fortune" amulet, which is a symbol of luck and success, will…

Amulet "For business and financial well-being"

The modern world provides an unlimited opportunity for people to make money. But not everyone can be successful in business and financial well-being of the family. The amulet "For business and financial…

A "Protective Pentagram" amulet

People not familiar with the occult and magical practices associate a symbol of a "Pentagram" with a negative. But the real situation is different. Pentagram is a symbol-amulet or a magic shield, designed…

A “Five Goods” amulet

Ancient people believed that symbols and signs can change the destiny of a person. The right combination of signs, inscriptions, shapes and lines create an energy funnel that attracts positive energy from…

An amulet "For love and fidelity"

There is an opinion that amulets and talismans for love and fidelity are intended only for women, but this is not so. Most often a service on manufacture and charge of such an amulet is ordered by men…


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