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It seems that my story is not quite typical in this subject. Well, I decided to share it. I was 24, I met a purposeful guy with whom I was ready to go to the end of the world. I was not embarrassed by his religiosity, he was a Muslim, but I received a completely negative reaction from him, and especially from his closest relatives. His sympathy was not enough to contradict my father, and then I decided to look for other solutions to this situation. I came across a forum on the Internet where everyone advised me to contact Elena. That's what I did. As a solution, Elena proposed a "Muslim spell". She proposed to carry out in two stages: in the first week – a Muslim spell, and after the result in the second week, a ritual to harmonize relations so that no one interferes with us from the outside! It is worth saying that two weeks after the spell, he made me an offer. He was able to insist on his choice in front of his father, and he could not even do anything against his persistence. I don't know what the words should be to express all my gratitude. Thank you so much for the fact that now I have a loving and confident husband!

2023-12-27 05:15:00


Hello! I also decided to share my uncomplicated story with a good ending here. All of us girls want attention from the opposite sex. And if this opposite sex is also an intelligent, ambitious and reliable person - you want attention doubly. But, as you know, such a large fish does not swim on the surface for a long time. In general, I met a young man in a restaurant who seemed extremely interesting to me. He seemed to be interested in me too, at least that's what it seemed to me after the first meetings. However, as it turned out later, this man kept a list of "worthy" of his girls, a certain base from which he would then choose his companion. Of course, I didn't want to lose in this competitive struggle, especially since I am a leo according to the horoscope - the leader, all the most delicious things always go to the king of beasts. And this case should not have been an exception. I don't know what he thought about it, but I decided to act clearly and quickly. Through contacts, after a few handshakes I found out about Elena. Just one greeting was enough for me to understand that she would definitely help me. And I didn't lose. Elena suggested a quick spell. So to speak, to be ahead of the curve. I promised the result in the near future... I would attach a photo of the ring he gave me on my engagement day, but I just don't know how to do it. I don't know if it's worth explaining that everything turned out even much more perfect than I imagined. The attention of this man was in my hands, I was enveloped in love and I certainly liked it. Everything I have now is thanks to Elena and her wonderful gift. I would say that this is the 8th wonder of the world. Thank you so much for your help. Good customers to you!
P.S. I burned this notebook with a list in the backyard of our house.

2023-12-23 06:15:31


Good afternoon, I am writing this review as a sign of gratitude to a woman who really helps, I was thrice convinced of her abilities, to be honest, I was skeptical of fortune tellers, but somehow once in a desperate situation I turned to Elena, she is a serious woman, of course, but understanding and kind, she took a little money for working with me and my husband, but I thanked her three times more for her help, I recommend her as a professional to everyone who needs real help, I emphasize that the real one because I have read reviews, I have not encountered charlatans, but I can confidently advise this woman to people her contacts.
Elena helped us solve problems in the family, saw that my husband was wearing the lapel of his lawful wife from me. To be honest, it was scary to believe it, and even that the lapel was made by a left-handed woman, an ex-girlfriend. She made this lapel, and now it was clear to me why my husband abruptly cooled down to me, stopped paying attention, stayed at work, there were constant scandals in the family, could not live in peace, swore at every little thing. As I understand it, she made the lapel after our wedding, which started working only a couple of months later. Very clever of her, so that nothing was noticeable. But Elena saw this problem in my situation and offered to knock out a wedge with a wedge and conduct a ritual for a Muslim spell to bring her husband back to me. To return our real warm relations. It took three weeks to solve our problem. And for almost half a year everything has been the same as before, we hear and understand each other. Elena, you made me believe in magic! Thank you!

2023-12-18 06:14:44


How good it is when life throws you the right people at the right moment. And how good it is when this person is Elena. Really, what would I do without you! I would be sitting by a broken trough right now, like that old woman, sadly by the sea and not blowing her nose. I never thought that I would face such an onslaught of jealousy. The husband completely relaxed in the relationship and began to behave like a March cat. He slapped behind every skirt, made eyes and winked at every saleswoman in the store!! And at the same time he was not shy of my presence!!! At first there were conversations, then screams, all this turned into daily scandals, which exhausted us both very much. My husband assured me that it didn't mean anything, but I already had steam coming out of my ears, it seemed to me so much that he was trying to hang noodles on my ears, but more... Elena was advised to me by a friend, so I didn't even doubt whether to ask her for help or not. After a conversation with a nice girl, we agreed to call Elena again, since I am in another country, there is no possibility to come. On the phone, Elena offered me solutions to the problem in the most competent way. And together we decided that the love spell of Egilet would be the best solution. Do I regret it? Definitely not. Now my husband and I have a great relationship and full mutual understanding. And with loving eyes he looks only at me. It was worth any money and any sacrifice. Therefore, all my words of gratitude are sent to Elena! Thanks!!!

2023-12-15 05:00:00


I have always been interested in magic, but who would have thought that one day I would turn to it to solve my questions. A couple of months ago I was faced with betrayal by my husband. You won't believe it, he cheated on me right with my work colleague. I was wondering why he was looking at her like that when he picked me up from work every time. And it turned out that's what, pulled on the young... Of course, at first I thought I'd kill both of them when I found out about all his adventures. But when I cooled down, I realized - I love him and that's it. Of course, I didn't want to give it to some 23-year-old, ahem, girl, and at that moment I remembered about magic. I found a website with Elena's contacts, read reviews, doubted for the first time whether I needed to get into it. But I decided - it's necessary, it's just necessary. Elena listened to me, made a diagnosis and put forward her own solution to the situation. In her opinion, the runic spell was the most suitable. I agreed. What was my surprise when literally the next day my husband began to literally jump around me. Flowers, gifts, attention, compliments, affection and care. Apparently, everything that he gave to his young mistress finally rightfully passed to me, to his beloved wife. Now everything is fine with us, I forgave him, we discussed everything and came to the conclusion that we are a wonderful couple. All right. And together we are only thanks to the sensitivity of Elena, who was able to repair an already seemingly broken vase. Thank you very much!!!

2023-12-04 05:00:00


It would seem that the court is a place where justice is done. But it turned out that the place where justice is done is completely different. And the owner of this place is called Elena. I'll tell you a little more in detail. I am 34, I am a promising girl with the status of an individual entrepreneur who knows her field and is not afraid to take even the most difficult orders (I will not disclose the scope). But apparently sometimes fear is useful. Once again, I decided that difficulties harden and tried to stick my head not in the sand, as an ostrich does, but immediately plunge into concrete to be sure....Potential partners offered me an extremely profitable deal, which was difficult to refuse. This substantial benefit bothered me, but I justified it all by the complexity of the order itself and therefore agreed. Which, of course, I rather regretted. It turned out that these "partners", let's say, are not completely clean in relation to the law. It turned out, of course, after signing all the papers necessary to conclude the transaction. After it all surfaced, I naturally wanted to sever all ties with them, to which I received endless threats and attempts to bring them to life. Going to court at some point was scary. They have a lot of connections and money to get out of it. So I decided to turn to Elena. By the way, it's not the first time I've addressed her, so I know what I'm talking about. Elena, as always, absolutely calmly and completely listened to me, supported me, gave advice and of course offered help. It turned out that there is a ritual to help in solving court cases. This was my safety net and the ground under my feet. After the ritual I was not afraid of anything, I went to court and just won it. My lawyer was shocked at how easily this case went. She was sure that there would be problems, in particular with the judge. And this is not even my victory and not the victory of the lawyer, but the victory of Elena. Thank you so much for your professional and individual approach to each client and to each problem. Elena helped out once again. Thanks!!!

2023-11-29 05:15:00


I'm sharing my story. In her youth, she did stupid things. I fell in love, decided that he was the one, the one and only. The only problem was that I did not see reciprocity on his part, he always kept me at a distance and did not allow himself too much. Like I'm a backup in his plan. That's when I decided to act. I went to a local woman who is engaged in love spells, together we decided that we need to do a love spell on blood. Who knew that he would turn out to be such a tyrant ... 2 months after the wedding, he began to beat at an increasing pace. At first, he "lost his temper" once, next month again, then every week. But when he started to raise his hand to the child, I realized that I had to end this. The woman I went to for the first time refused to help. But how lucky I was to find Elena! Elena offered to remove the spell and literally extended a helping hand to me and my children. She performed the ritual of removing the spell on blood. Elena said that she would help me as soon as possible so that I would quickly get rid of my problem, which had been spoiling my whole life. It took exactly 10 days for everything. Thanks to her, we are now alive and safe. And I finally feel calm. Thanks!

2023-11-24 04:45:00


Good day to all! As a sign of my gratitude, I decided to leave my imprint on this site. Just the other day I decided my main headache of the last five years and, frankly, I can't get enough of it. Actually, my story is as follows. About 5 years ago, my godfather took a tidy sum of money from me for the construction of a house. And how can I refuse him? After all, a friend, a relative after all, and we communicated well at that time, with families. And it is true that they say "if you want to quarrel with a person, give him money in debt." Actually, that's what happened. I could not refuse him, he had his own hot offer there, which could not be missed. Especially since the children are small, the family needs to provide some standard of living, I understand everything. With such thoughts, I gave the money. I didn't have enough brains to ask for a receipt, well, after all, a friend, a relative, should not deceive. But there are devils in a quiet pool, as it turned out. My friend decided to throw me. I took the money, built the house, but there is no money to return it. Although he bought a new car himself, and flew on vacation with his family. In general, we tried to solve this situation through the judicial system. I wrote a statement, filed a lawsuit - and everything is empty, they say, they say, there is no evidence that this money was transferred in principle. And my godfather denies everything, says he built everything for his own. Everything was to no avail, they could not get off the ground and that was it. And then a miracle happened named Elena. After a detailed discussion of the problem, she offered to perform a ritual to repay the debt. Of course I agreed! I can't say that I was motivated by a thirst for revenge, rather a desire to get my money back. But when, after another appeal to the court, new circumstances came to light that made it possible to prove the fact of the transfer of money - it was necessary to see the face of the godfather. It was the realization that he would not only have to return the money to me, but also be punished for it. At the moment, the money has been returned in full + moral compensation. I couldn't have asked for anything better. Thanks to Elena for the lesson of justice and for the money, of course, too.

2023-11-19 07:45:00


Unfortunately, there are very few good specialists. She often fell for deceivers and spent money in vain. The problem I had was a bit of a non-standard nature, or just magicians were some kind of dropouts that no one could help. On the advice of a friend, I turned to a woman, Elena, she helped me with weight loss.
To lose weight, I used a variety of ways. These were diets, special exercise complexes, and even hunger strikes. When I completely despaired, it even came to pills. The weight, of course, decreased, but returned quite quickly. It's scary to go to specialists who will not be able to help, will be deceived, and even worse if they harm. But the desire to become slim overcame my fear, and besides, the words of the conspiracy do not contain malicious intent. In general, I decided on a conspiracy. The first week nothing changed, I lived my usual life, I already began to doubt the conspiracy. To my surprise, less than two weeks have passed since it started working and helping quite quickly. Naturally, I didn't stop my usual workouts and didn't break my diet, but I haven't lost weight so fast yet. In about two weeks it took 10 kg. There was no limit to my joy, I became slimmer before my eyes and without harm to my health. My figure is just wonderful now. I don't know what contributed to this, but I believe that a conspiracy helped me.
After my attempts to lose weight on my own, I was very desperate and stopped believing that I would be slim again. I can confidently advise Elena, she knows what she is doing, very positive energy from her. Thank you Elena!

2023-11-12 01:00:00


Out of youth and stupidity, I agreed to a runic spell, but, as it turned out later, I lost my choice. After a year of living together, his whole nature of an irresponsible miser began to surface. We were lucky only that during this time we did not dare to have children. Although at the very beginning he was such a good and caring man, but over time everything went somehow differently, he himself became different, his behavior radically changed. Care, affection, tenderness, attention and love have disappeared somewhere. He became more indifferent to me. I couldn't live for so long, I tried so much to communicate with him, discuss something, offer to somehow save our relationship, restart, but everything was without result, everything suited him, and he continued to behave like that, he didn't let me live, we lost sex, passion. I decided that I didn't want such a relationship anymore and planned to leave, but he wouldn't let me do it, he was obsessed with me. In this situation, of course, I was lucky to find Elena, who threw this heavy stone off my shoulders. She performed the runic lapel ritual. Thank you so much for your newfound freedom and the opportunity to choose. I won't make such mistakes again. And if I do, I always know who I can turn to. Thank you for your attention, good luck to everyone!

2023-11-08 04:30:00


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