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It's been like three months since I finished the course "The magic of candles and their casting." I am just delighted with what kind of training it was, I did not expect at all that this topic would be interesting and useful in everyday life. The world of candles and their magic is rich and diverse. I can't help but hold back the emotions and impressions I received while studying this course, I met new people, some teachers appeared in friends, I would like to pay tribute to Elena and how the whole learning algorithm is built. The course consisted of several blocks. The information was presented in a structured manner, everything was clear and understandable. I really liked the competence and efficiency of the team that led this direction: I did not waste time waiting for a review of homework, and most importantly, I received new material instantly, answers to questions did not take long to wait. Therefore, there was a feeling that the teacher was nearby, as if they were only engaged with you alone!
Competent magic with candles can warn of dangers, suggest a favorable time to start a business, or vice versa, advise you to wait for it... That's what I would like to say about this direction in magic. Bravo! I recommend everyone to choose a topic of interest and register for the courses: you will be taught this here and then you are the masters of your life and destiny! Long years and prosperity to the school of magical services.

2023-06-26 17:16:00


Once in my childhood, when my younger brother and I watched all sorts of cartoons and movies on TV, where there was magic, telepaths, hypnotists, etc. I dreamed of learning to read other people's thoughts in order to understand them better, and to help someone, and to fall in love with someone, but alas it was It was just childhood, and I was a naive little girl. And now I am 25 years old and my childhood fantasies have begun to come true and what seemed like a dream in childhood becomes a reality thanks to the training at the magical school of the parapsychologist Elena from Barcelona. When watching a famous TV series on TV, I remembered something about it somehow spontaneously and decided to see what was being written about it on the Internet and so I came across Elena's website, and there I already stumbled upon Parapsychology training. I took a course in practical parapsychology. For this, many thanks to the teachers and Elena for their work, patience and teaching methods for having the right words when answering questions. Which immediately "reached" and everything was "laid out on the shelves." I have found explanations for many events in my life. Now everything has fallen into place, it has become easier for me to live. It's a pity that I didn't start studying earlier!! I learned how to use the knowledge I received. Already at this stage, I removed a lot of bad things from my life, as well as let go of certain people who pulled me down. I understood why this is happening and how to get rid of it "peacefully". I will definitely study further and pass the second part of the course, but a little later, and the school itself has many years of development and success. Elena, thank you very much.

2023-06-22 17:06:26


I want to express huge words of gratitude for what Elena has done for me. She helped me when I really needed help. I don't know how I could have survived a series of misfortunes and troubles, but with her support, I easily survived it all. For a whole year I have been looking for a specialist who will figure out what exactly is the matter, what is going wrong in my life, why these troubles and misfortunes happen, why I am unlucky at work and in relationships. I am a wealthy girl, for 35 years of my life, of which 9 years I have been building a successful career as a commercial director in a large consulting company. There is a house and an apartment, a good car, I did not deny myself anything, a chic life, in a word. But at a certain moment I realized that I should already have a family, give birth to children, and this is not a quick thing, it will take months or years, but I don't have all this and I don't even have it on the horizon, it was very strange for me, young, but there is none of this, and how will I think that over the last 5 I haven't had a single opportunity for years, it really affected me. It all caused sadness, sadness and tears. Everything that happened to me, my state of mind led me to Elena. When I shared my problem with Elena, she said she would definitely help me. Elena made a diagnosis and said that damage was hanging on me. She offered to carry out the work as follows: to carry out a ritual to remove the damage, and so that my abuser no longer spoils my gorgeous life, then to carry out a reciprocal ritual to punish the abuser and bring the damage. 3 months have passed, everything has improved, but most importantly, I met him, my man, and he made me a marriage proposal. Good luck to everyone. Good luck to Elena and thank you!

2023-06-12 17:05:27


Greetings to all, good health and happiness to all. I'll start my review with this: "I have a very big request, I want my wife back. I love her madly, I can't find a place without her, I don't have enough of her. We lived together for a little more than 5 years. About 3 months ago, due to frequent scandals, I freaked out, got angry, packed up and left. A month later I realized that I still can't live without her! She became categorical and went against me in everything, as if someone had brainwashed her very much. She's kind of with someone else now, but we're not divorced yet! I've tried everything. And I met her, gave her my favorite flowers, gifts, tried to take her to restaurants, take care of her, show more signs of attention. She pushes me away like we're strangers."
Yes, with these words, I wandered around the sites in search of a solution to my problem, turned to psychologists – to no avail, psycho-trainers, etc., but they also could not help me. Then I decided to try something new and turned to several magicians - they didn't help. They only took the money. I was desperate, I wanted to give up and stop everything. But the other day I saw an inspiring performance from the magician Elena. Hooked. We contacted her. I repeated to her everything I had told the other magicians. She said that the situation is standard and there will be no problems. Everything will be solved within a month. And so it happened. With the help of a ritual performed - a spell on the Magic of Kabbalah, Elena returned my wife, beat off another man. Elena, thank you for your help.

2023-06-07 17:03:52


I would like to share my impressions about the completed course (the first stage) in which I studied healing and wax casting. This will help those who want to decide on the topic of their studies and future prospects. It was cool, very cool, I'm impressed. I decided that I would first try my new skills in life, practice, and then go to the second stage of a deeper study of this course in healing. The course was advised to me by my neighbor, we are now in the same gang with her))). Both decided that together we will go to the second stage. In the meantime, we are practicing what we have learned. She certainly does better, but she doesn't mind pulling me up, she turned out to be more capable than me, but with regard to the school itself, courses, training and teachers, I can say one thing it's cool and everything was great. And now a little bit of the essence: every lesson I was more and more delighted and delighted. The most interesting thing is how you can improve your health, heal it. The lesson is in fact practice, we study each technology immediately on ourselves, although there was also a theory, but not much. Curators guide us, look after us, so everything is safe and effective. A lot of practice and that's the beauty of these courses. We also got in touch with those with whom I studied. New acquaintances have appeared. The main thing is to listen to what they tell you, to hear and do, and then there was one girl who didn't behave very arrogantly, then complained that she couldn't do anything. The problem was with her. The presentation of the material is more than understandable. The payment terms are acceptable, I liked everything. Thank you very much to all the staff of the school and especially Elena for her school!

2023-06-03 17:00:56


I have been in business for 20 years and have raised dozens of companies to different levels from scratch and have always believed that in business money is earned through hard work, sweat and brains. This went on for 15 years, and then for 5 years my large built-up business began to slowly decrease, shrink. I have a multidisciplinary business, there are trade and services, online stores and production, hundreds of people work for me, plus we organize new jobs every month, I have a lot of responsibility and all this has started to disappear somewhere, to shrink. Whom I just did not invite and coaches of different levels to tighten up my skills and knowledge and specialists of various profiles in commerce, advertising and marketing, sales and finance, crisis management, etc. But nothing helped. Everything also slowly crumbled. My name is Max and I would like to write a review about how Elena solved my difficult situation. She helped to restore my empire, my successful business, although at first I did not believe in all this, as I wrote above. Elena was recommended to me by my business associate from Spain. At the first meeting, Elena suggested that I take a course in Business magic at her school and solve my problem independently according to their methods, of course they helped me and supervised me. I paid a lot of money to have the course and time opportunities adjusted for me for this and I am grateful to the school and Elena. The course itself is built in an interesting and unusual way, the layer of knowledge that is given has given a good theoretical and practical basis to apply them in life. The teachers are great fellows, it is clear that a large front of work has been done so that students receive high-quality knowledge. I studied online. I was satisfied – this is not enough to say. After the courses themselves, the teachers consulted me on my problem, so that I could get out of it faster. 3 months after I started applying my new knowledge in my business, everything went uphill. I am very glad that I had a chance to meet and solve my life with the help of the magic courses of Elena's school from Barcelona. Thank you all!

2023-05-30 16:59:44


Going to study for the course "Numerology" at the school of Elena from Barcelona was a spontaneous and unexpected decision for me, but more than right, because after this training in my life everything started working as I want, according to my schedule. In general, I've been to a lot of places, attended various seminars of magicians, trainings and webinars, went through different training, but they say a lot everywhere, but in fact you get nothing, one theory and water, someone has no practice, someone has little of it!
Therefore, because of all this, because of these negative situations that I faced, I also came to study at Elena's school. She studied according to an individual program. I thought it was the best option for me. I also chose remote study – it's convenient. I also discussed payment individually. They wrote out the bill – paid it and go to study. I want to say right away that there was enough PRACTICE to understand what you paid money for and even a huge plus – I didn't expect this. There was a demonstration of the practices of various rites and rituals – it is interesting to observe this from the outside. But the most amazing thing is that these practices work as they should. The result is higher than expected. I really liked this Numerology training course.
Another plus is the development of intuition and thinking. I liked the fact that you can choose the format and time of training yourself and go ahead to knowledge, do not sit still and wait until you learn yourself. The next plus is the cost. The prices are also pleasantly pleasing, there is something to compare with. Thank you for a great time and for quality courses.

2023-05-26 16:58:56


Hello, I would like to tell you a little about the life situation I faced and how Elena helped me cope with it. It all started with the fact that my husband stopped wanting me and this desire was melting and melting every day. At first, it didn't bother me, because I saw that his workload increased, he began to get tired often. Didn't get enough sleep. Then, somehow, everything leveled off and went back to normal. I thought she would want me again and the passion would return. But no, and it lasted about a couple of months. Together we turned to doctors, psychologists. Didn't help. I began to suspect that he had lost his desire due to the fact that another one appeared, this was confirmed a month later. I decided to fix the problem myself: I read about the spell on the runes. I decided to spend it on my own. I read the plot to inflame my husband's passion and, looking at the candle fire, performed the ritual, but it affected quite a turnaround, he began to be at home less often and, as I understood, was with his mistress. After that, my husband almost started avoiding me. We sleep in different rooms, practically do not communicate, if only on important and everyday issues. One day, a friend recommended me to contact Elena so that she would correct the situation. And thank God she helped. Elena removed the consequences of my work and performed a Runic spell. A month later, my husband and I got better, the mistress disappeared from the horizon. Well, I am very happy with Elena's work. Now I recommend it to everyone.

2023-05-15 16:58:09


Everything has been fine with us for a month now, and we both live in harmony and happiness, in a happy relationship, keeping a balance. Today we had the last conversation about honesty and everything we were silent about, we went to this for a long time. We finally came to a common opinion that it was something incomprehensible, that perhaps it was a test of our feelings and the firmness of our union! But most importantly, I heard these words - I love you! It was worth living and waiting for! I am grateful to Elena for her help, for her perseverance and work! I will write periodically to tell you how our delaware is going))). I am grateful that you have completely changed everything in my life and saved me from loneliness and pain. Thank you for helping me, supporting me and conducting an interesting ritual – the love spell of Egilet. It remains only to show the tongue and twist at the temple in the direction of those who did not believe that everything would work out with you, that you would help me. Today, we had a serious conversation, he said that he would not allow such a situation anymore and would never leave me for another girl, that we would work on our relationship every day. Thank you very much! I am very grateful to you for helping and helping me! If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have survived this hell! I couldn't have done it alone! Thank you!!!

2023-05-09 16:43:38


It's already late and I don't even know how to put gratitude in this review, but I have to do it, because there is no limit to my happiness and joy and now I am a regular customer of Elena, if something is wrong, I immediately turn to her! First of all, you were my support when the world was collapsing and it was painful. The fact that you were encouraging, that there was an opportunity to write to you at any time and you always responded warmly and with kindness, it already mattered! Secondly, you have done a great job with my man, and he is a Muslim, as I later learned with them everything is always specific and requires additional measures and non-standard approaches. Your ritual Muslim spell to seduce my man – worked. Once everything started so beautifully, like in a fairy tale. I was an oriental princess, he was my oriental prince. But then something suddenly cooled down, but I didn't want to lose it, so I turned to Elena. And we met my man in the UAE when I was flying on vacation for 20 days and that was enough time to meet him and fall head over heels in love. To be understood for me, love is practically my life. When something is wrong in a relationship, the world becomes black and white, boring and unnecessary, it's hard to breathe and it's hard to live. You helped to enchant my man with your wonderful ritual. I look at him and me and realize that both are made for each other. If I had known you earlier, I would have applied right away and wouldn't have wasted so much time thinking. Thank you for making people happy! Thanks!

2023-05-04 16:43:02


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