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Hello everyone. My story will be an incentive for many. My name is MANDY, I'm 30 years old. Recently, I could not have thought that there could be such sharp turns in life, but for me it was enchanting. Starting at the age of 18, I worked, but I was constantly unlucky: either they cheated on my salary, then they delayed its payment, then the management would be inadequate. I didn't understand why, I always tried to do my best – I had a huge incentive to make my own and my parents' lives completely different. And in this rhythm of life, I turned 30, and I realized that it was time to change something, so it would only get worse. I started looking for various ways to solve my situation, after 3 months of searching I came across an article about business magic. I read it, of course, a lot of useful and sensible things were written, but I doubted it. I decided to put it off for now and rely on my own strength, although there was something unusual in this article. The author of the material and the magician, his name was Elena, posted a small paragraph of the ritual in the article, according to which she claimed that there would be small changes in life. This made me smile, and I took up my questions, a week later I received a tempting offer to get a job as an administrator in a good massage parlor, and the salary was not bad and the conditions were adequate, I thought it was a joke, but I went for an interview and they took me. Hmm ... I was surprised and then I remembered about Elena, I went to look for her article and website, where I came across the fact that in order to consolidate the result, it is necessary to conduct a ritual for success in work and attracting money. This time I decided I'd give it a try. I contacted Elena, thanked her for the article about business magic and early help, and said I wanted to order a ritual. Elena had a wonderful and interesting time, so inspired by future successes, I went home. It's been six months since that meeting, and I'm no longer the salon administrator, but its head with a small stake in this business. This is the sharpest turn that could happen to me. Thank you, Elena! I kiss you.

2021-12-23 01:30:00


Hello. I share a personal story of healing depression with the help of magical powers. For many, the word depression is commonplace and people call their bad mood and loss of strength that way, but, unfortunately, for many, this word causes terrible feelings. This is a real and very serious problem. I faced depression at its worst. Although there were no special reasons. I just lost the taste and meaning of life. I didn't want to see people, I quarreled with friends. At some point, I caught myself thinking that I don't want to live anymore. And then I realized I needed to do something urgently. Long-term treatment with a psychologist was not a good idea for me, since my problem was acute and required urgent solutions. And lying in a nutcase.I didn't want a hospital. Therefore, I decided to resort to experts in the field of magic, with the hope that they will be able to help me in a short time. I didn't make a mistake with the choice. Elena is a wonderful master. You truly saved a man's life. Thank you that with the help of the conducted ritual of healing depression, you have improved my life. Now I have forgotten everything, I live and enjoy every day, and only faded memories remain from that illness. One day all the negative thoughts disappeared from my head. It's like someone took and erased my memory. I couldn't think of anything else, my head was empty. Absolutely no thoughts. And the next morning I woke up a completely healthy person. What is it, if not worthless magic. Once again, many thanks. I think as many people as possible should know about you and your help.

2021-12-14 11:45:00


I want to join other reviews and also write words of gratitude. I turned to Elena for the first time. But now, if there is a need for magical help, I will work only with her and will definitely recommend her to my friends if they encounter similar problems, as I was insanely pleased with what Elena did for me.
Perhaps my situation is very common - the departure of a loved one, but as it is, I want to share it, because I know that many girls will respond to it. My fiance (he proposed to me, and we started planning our wedding) lost interest in me, cooled down, maybe even fell out of love, wanted to leave. I always knew that I loved him more than he loved me. We met three years ago through mutual friends, studied at the university together. Our relationship developed rapidly, we enjoyed each other and our relationship. But the trouble came unexpectedly.
The thoughts in my head were the most terrible, I didn't want to live when I found out that he wanted to leave. Then I found out that it turns out he had a girlfriend with whom they spent time together after work, and I was already as a backup option. It really upset me. But I was not ready to accept this situation and decided to go for such a measure as a love spell on the magic of Kabbalah. I used to think it was just some kind of violence and coercion. But no. As Elena told me at a meeting that took place online due to certain circumstances, not all love spells are like that. These are imposed stereotypes. Only a true professional magician will tell you the real truth. The result was amazing. Four weeks later, we met him in the park, took a walk, discussed our situation and decided that this would not happen again. We will build our relationship on truth, trust, happiness and mutual understanding.
Thank you and believe me, you have done a lot for me. Good luck!

2021-12-02 13:00:00


Good evening. I've always believed in magic, spirits, the existence of an afterlife, but this is the first time I've had to face it, so to speak. Having read on the Internet about various love spells based on black magic, I realized that the black matchmaker spell suits me the most. I made a mistake and decided to try to perform the ritual myself, I thought I would succeed. But it turned out to be time and effort spent. I've been waiting for more than a month. The result is zero. I almost lost hope, but then one friend recommended Elena, she said she had already applied, but on another issue unrelated to love. I decided to wait another week, but eventually signed up for a consultation. They told the whole truth, the atmosphere at the consultation is very warm and trusting. It turned out that doing a spell on your own is very dangerous for a person who does not know how to master black magic, and it can also be dangerous for the person to whom it is directed. I was very scared, but Elena immediately calmed me down and explained in detail how to get rid of possible consequences. I immediately decided to perform the same ritual only with a professional. A week has passed and the result is already there. Elena – you're a smart girl. The person with whom I was unrequited in love since high school began to take the first steps. Now we are just talking, but we have already agreed to meet. It really works, the main thing is to trust the professionals and not be afraid of anything. Thank you so much for your help, I will recommend you.

2021-11-29 00:30:00


Hello everyone. Dear girls, it's a pity that you are reading this review, so you are also faced with problems, and, like me, suffer from unrequited love. But, as it turned out, even with the most, as it sometimes seems, hopeless situations, you can find a way out. I have suffered from unrequited love for 3 years, and now I am happy in a relationship with this person. This is magic, there are no other words to choose. I didn't believe in anything supernatural until I came across it in person. I still can't believe it. I can't find the words to describe the delight and joy. I want to express my huge, simply boundless gratitude, you have changed my life by 180 degrees. Reading all the other reviews, it is very difficult to realize how many beautiful girls face such a problem. My dear ones, there is a solution! Elena showed me an example of her work when she held a Black Wedding ceremony so that my man would fall in love with me. The main thing is not to lose heart and not to give up! Do not be afraid of anything, everything that is written on the Internet is nonsense, at a personal consultation they will tell you the whole truth and the subtleties of the love spell. I will recommend you to my friends and acquaintances. You really change destinies and help people. Continue in the same spirit, you will be able to help many girls.

2021-11-19 23:15:00


In the modern world, alcohol addiction is a very common "disease". Unfortunately, this also affected my family. My husband, like me, always drank in reasonable amounts, on holidays and in the company of friends. Sometimes they liked to drink a couple of glasses after a hard day's work. Maybe because of this, I could not immediately notice how it became more than a pleasant hobby. He began to drink more and more often, gradually switching only to strong drinks. Subsequently, he was drunk absolutely always. I didn't understand how this could happen, it was as if he couldn't imagine his life without alcohol and was just afraid of being sober. Naturally, at first I decided to try to cure him on my own, resorting to various folk methods and means from the Internet. It gave absolutely no results. Forcibly brought him to a psychotherapist specializing in the treatment of alcohol addiction. But he didn't want it himself, and I was faced with incredible aggression in my direction and a threat to leave. I didn't want to destroy my family and decided to save the person I loved in any way. That's how I found Elena. A big plus is that to perform a magical ritual, you do not need the presence and consent of the person to whom it will be directed. Elena had a healing from alcohol addiction. The result was not long in coming. After about a week, my husband seemed to have an aversion to alcohol, he seemed to "see the light" and came back to life. With the help of medications, we quickly brought his immune system and body back to normal and now he has returned to his former life. Moreover, he doesn't even touch alcohol anymore. He says he doesn't want to. In general, I want to express my great gratitude for saving my husband and our family. I wish no one to encounter such a thing.

2021-11-12 16:30:00


A love spell is an interesting and useful thing, but you have to be careful and careful with it, and it's better to seek help from specialists, which is what I did. I've never done it myself and I'm not going to, but one day a very unpleasant story happened to my brother. He met a girl, they met a little, literally 2-3 months and broke up, but after a while he seemed to be obsessed with her. He was constantly disappearing near her house, but there was no reaction from her. She met another guy, they were just starting there. BUT there was nothing serious. This tormented and worried him, he blamed himself for the fact that the fool did not immediately see in her the one who would become his wife in the future (I'm running ahead a little). He also came to me for help and advice on how to act and to psychologists and other specialists, the whole narrow circle of his acquaintances knew about his unrequited love for this girl. One day, inside our company, our mutual friend jokingly suggested turning to Magic. My brother and I found Elena and her team on the Internet. They contacted her, told her about her brother's problem. Elena put everything on the shelves for us. My brother said he would think about it. But I was more courageous and decided to take a chance and make a gift to my brother. Elena performed a voodoo magic spell ritual on a wax doll. After 2 weeks, maybe 3, his ex-girlfriend dialed him herself and offered to meet at their favorite cafe. He was very surprised, it seems he didn't do anything, and then she typed herself. As a result, the situation turned out well, they decided to get together, as well as live together. Later I told him that I had ordered the spell, my brother was very happy. Me and my brother and his girlfriend are both happy and satisfied with what Elena has done.

2021-10-27 16:45:00


Good afternoon. Being loved is one of the main needs of any person. But in relationships between people, it often happens that the object of dreams does not reciprocate. It's very hard to bear, especially when it goes on for not a single year. And then, having tried all the available ways to conquer it, I decided to turn to magic. One of these love spells is a spell on the magic of Kabbalah. It was to him that I decided to resort with the help of professionals, namely Elena, whom I found on the ad. At the consultation, I was told about various love spells, but it was the love spell according to Kabbalah that best suited my situation, it is included in the category of the most powerful and effective love rituals. I decided right away, without thinking, because I understood that this was my last hope…The result was promised in two or three weeks, but it seemed to me that it appeared after a couple of days. The person I was doing a spell on almost didn't communicate with me, we occasionally crossed paths. And these meetings were treated with a cold "Hello". Three days after the magic ritual, we met again by chance, I did not expect anything, as the result was promised later. It's hard to believe, but he stopped and started asking me how I was doing, about my life and at work. I was just in shock and couldn't believe this was happening to me. The spell really works, 100%. I will wait for further results. Thank you so much for your help.

2021-10-12 18:45:00


Hello, dear girls and men. If you are reading this review, then you need help. And you've definitely come to the right place if you paid attention to the magician Elena. We all know about the Voodoo doll mostly only from American horror stories. But in fact, this is completely different. This is really a working thing, with the help of it you can remotely manipulate a person's consciousness. And this does not mean that you need to harm your health, you can also sharpen the feelings of this person, control his consciousness. The main thing is to believe. Personally, after Elena's consultation, I ordered a spell on wax dolls from her. The result appeared, as it was certified, a month later. I did this ritual with good intentions in order to attract the person I love, so to speak, to enchant. But she did not go into Black Magic herself, but trusted a proven Magician with experience and numerous recommendations. Voodoo magic is kind and harmless. Do not be afraid of anything and ask for help, feel free to go to a consultation and share your story, your problem – they will definitely help you. How they helped me with my situation. Elena, long life to you.

2021-10-08 15:45:00


Hello everyone. I want to write my honest review after the Black Matchmaker spell. I won't share my story, it's personal, but one thing is for sure, my situation was hopeless. I did not immediately decide to resort to this magic, but after many futile attempts, I found myself in a personal consultation. At first I was very afraid, I didn't believe that they would be able to help me. I read a lot of positive reviews, but I still had doubts, I still thought it was dangerous and wouldn't work. The consultation took place in a calm atmosphere, I immediately relaxed and, as at a psychologist's appointment, I sincerely wanted to share my problem and open my soul. I immediately felt some kind of magic and special energy around. Elena recommended the black matchmaker spell. She told me all the details, but I decided to think about it and spend the night with this thought. Mornings are more complicated than evenings. The next day I called in the morning and said I wanted to make a spell. She told me in detail what things she would need. The list is quite large, but I collected and bought everything in one day. I wanted to do everything as soon as possible, I still had strong hopes for this spell, and there was hope that they would help me. And, as it turned out, not in vain. Girls and women, dear, in no case do not try to make a love spell yourself. Black magic is very dangerous, it should only be used by people with a real gift. They helped me, and they will help you. Love and happiness to all. Elena, good luck in your work!

2021-09-28 22:30:00


Good evening, everyone. I am writing this review in order to express my gratitude for the help in solving my problem, and in order for people who still doubt to take this step. Not long ago, my life was hell. And now this review is written by a completely different person. Happy and contented with life. And my life has changed thanks to one, the ritual of healing obesity. Elena helped me in this, for which I thank her. She performed this ritual and the results appeared after a couple of weeks. Of course, this may sound unrealistic, because it seems to all of us that it is possible to lose excess weight only with the help of exhausting workouts and a "clean" diet with calorie counting. But what if I tell you that this is not the case at all? My life is an example to you. For 10 years of my life, I suffered, not only from excess weight, which interfered with my life, but also from huge self-doubt, from ridicule and the views of others. No matter how much I tried to start eating right– I was missing for more than a month, and I didn't see the result. I can't do sports physically. not can. And now I can do whatever I want. Without waiting and without suffering. All this with the help of one ritual and a real professional. THANK YOU, Elena!

2021-09-24 12:00:00


Any story related to this love spell is very personal, including mine. However, I want to write this comment to share my feelings and the result, hoping to help other girls and women who have faced this and decided to take such a step. If you are reading this review, then you do not need to explain the meaning of the "black wedding" spell. Here's my story. We have been living with my husband for 7 years, family, children, everything is fine, nothing foreshadowed trouble. But then, for no reason at all, he began to come home late, allegedly stayed late at work, but when one day he just didn't come home for the night and didn't pick up the phone, I immediately understood everything. The next day he came, packed up and left. He left me with a child. I don't understand what came over him. As long as we have been together, my husband has always been a diligent family man, father and husband. I tried to let him go, but I can't. I love him and I'm ready to forgive everything. On their own, it didn't work out by itself, and so the friends recommended this specialist. At first I thought it was nonsense. But the situation was hopeless, so I decided to go to Elena for a consultation. A strong magician. They listened to me carefully and recommended a Black Wedding spell. I decided right away. Now my husband is at home, everything is fine with us. He just came home and sincerely asked for forgiveness. Of course I didn't tell him anything. He says that the realization has come that he has lost the most precious thing. Now he is being asked to go home early to spend more time with his family, we are leaving for vacation soon. We don't remember about that situation, I let him go and forgave him as if nothing had happened. To be honest, I didn't expect such results. In just two weeks and with minimal effort on my part. Elena's big, sincere thanks to you. You saved my family.

2021-09-14 05:45:00

Anatoliy,Bryton United Kindom

My story happened not so long ago and it was on the one hand strange, on the other hand interesting, on the third very exciting, but it's good that everything ended without consequences. My name is Anatoly, I am 42 years old. I myself live in Brighton, I have a family, children. I'm a gambler. Casinos, cards, poker, slot machines, roulette, etc., that brings me pleasure, but also pulls almost all of my income. But this was not always the case until one moment. I started playing around the age of 35, when there was an interest in gaming establishments. The first 5 years I was lucky, somehow more or less I came out of there in the black, albeit a small one, but the next 2 years hell began. During the first year in these institutions, I spent everything I earned in 5 years, I was shocked how all this money disappeared so quickly. I hid it all from my wife and children. And at first it turned out that way, but a year later, my wife began to realize that the money began to disappear somewhere, they were not enough. When the money ran out, he began to take out our things, first gold and jewelry, then equipment. When my wife finally understood everything, I was confronted with the fact either I choose my gambling life or I stop it all. I knew that it should have been stopped a long time ago, but the power of excitement was very strong. My friend, the same gambler, suggested that I go to Elena, and she helped him with the same problem. Everything turned out to be simple, she held a rite of luck in gambling, when I came to my wife, I said that I had decided everything. The next day I went to check my luck and told myself that if it was a divorce, then I would finally stop playing games and start my life from scratch. So that day became the moment that decided the rest of my life. Elena's rite worked more than I expected. I did not give in to emotions and began to play quietly so as not to scare off luck. Six months later, I returned what I lost, and after another 3 months I bought a new car to my wife as my apology. That's how we happen. Elena, thank you very much and success in your work.

2021-09-03 00:00:00

Sofia,Stokholm, Sweden

I appeal to every parent who reads my review, as everyone in the family can have such a damned trouble. At such moments, the main thing is that there is a person who can create a miracle and will be able to help you. Fortunately, Elena turned out to be such a person. She saved our son, she gave him a new life. Everything happened because of our stupidity and frivolous attitude to the situation. We didn't attach any importance to it at first. They thought that it was all simple illnesses or colds, then breaking legs, then high fever, then headaches, then loss of consciousness, then fears, then nervous attacks. But when it all began to happen systematically. We realized that something was wrong here and quickly began to find out. We made appointments with doctors, were examined in medical centers, underwent various kinds of procedures in laboratories, but they could not really tell us anything. Some have some indications, others have others. Everyone prescribed their own treatment. We were in a big shock. How so? After learning our situation, my friend advised me to turn to magic. At first I was horrified by this news. What kind of nonsense is this? And then, when I thought that there were no more options, we decided. Elena was found by advertising on the Internet. We wrote to her about our situation. She answered us quickly, within 3 hours. She wrote to us and told us that our boy had signs of Epilepsy. She insisted not to delay and offered to conduct a ritual for healing from epilepsy. We agreed to it. A week later, our baby went on the mend. At first we were very afraid that we would lose him. After another visit to the doctor, the doctor himself was shocked that he told us that our son was on the mend. After three sessions, the epilepsy completely disappeared. Elena, go ahead in the same spirit. We believe in your cause and you. Thanks

2021-08-31 07:30:00

Dana, Copengagen, Denmark

We lived with Aziz for 3 years, consider it a civil marriage. Like all couples, not without quarrels, but they lived happily. Gradually, everything began to change, Aziz began to work more, devote less time to me. Delays from work became more frequent and longer. Once he disappeared for two nights. I was very worried, maybe what happened to him. I went to look for him presumably in the places where he happens to be, but he wasn't there. Returning at 3 o'clock late at night, we had a not very pleasant conversation, at which he admitted that he has another, they have been dating for 3 months. Early in the morning he packed up his things and left. And as I understand it, he went to her. I couldn't accept it, I couldn't live without him, without the life we built together. I was mentally ill and mentally hard. My friend supported me during this period, she advised me to turn to lapels and love spells. It took me a while to believe it, but I convinced myself that it was worth a try. I found information on the Internet and decided that this is exactly what I need. At first I decided to conduct the ceremony myself. But then I read reviews on the Internet, where it was pointed out that improper conduct of the ritual can lead to very negative consequences, so I found a real magician with good reviews and turned to him. The magician was Elena. She listened to me and said that it was necessary to carry out a lapel from the woman who appeared first, and in two weeks to carry out a Muslim spell. I am very pleased with the result of her work. About five days later, Aziz returned to me. There is no limit to my tears of happiness and joy. Everything has improved in our life, peace and harmony have reigned. We are together and happy. Thank you, Elena!

2021-08-25 15:30:00

Antonina,Oslo, Norway

Hello. My name is Antonina. I am 39 years old. I would like to share my work experience with a professional specialist and virtuoso magician Elena. Throughout the life of a person, black and white stripes constantly alternate. You're rushing from one problem to another, from one situation to another, and you don't know how to get out of all this swamp. In such cases, I need high-quality help from the outside and reliable support that Elena gave me. This wonderful man saved me and helped me a lot, by establishing my relationship with my young man with the help of the most interesting love spell called Egilet. Of course, the name of the spell is a little strange, but it is very effective. This ritual has helped me a lot. The ritual that was able to keep my beloved man near me, to re-arouse both everyday and intimate attraction to me, and of course, not to give it to another woman, who turned out to be very cunning and used the same methods as me - a magic spell. But as the end result showed, Elena had more opportunities, energy, strength, intelligence and experience, much more than the magician with whom she clashed in such an unusual duel. Our relationship was saved. His interest in me has returned, and I will say more, this interest is getting more and more every day. I am very happy about it. Our intimate life has improved. Both are happy and love each other. And Elena, I want to say a huge thank you and sincere words of gratitude to you.

2021-08-20 13:30:00

Lia, Eylat, Israel

It was the magician Elena who became the arbiter of my fate. By nature, I am very shy and shy, so for a very long time I could not find a life partner, and this is the most important happiness in the life of any woman: a beloved man, a strong family and children, an interesting job, happiness. I've been looking for my love for about three years and now I think I've found it: a tall, athletic, intelligent, gallant, wealthy man. Everything I've dreamed of for so long. Our acquaintance passed quickly, we didn't even notice how we started dating. So a year of our meetings flew by, but it was not there and the relationship began to collapse for some inexplicable reason. And so he left me. I suffered from this for a long time, I didn't know what to do and how to continue living. To all this, health problems and not the best financial situation were added. After three days of grief and tears, purely by chance, I came across an ad where Elena offered her help. I have always been very skeptical of reviews about magicians, but in my situation I had no choice, since only really non-standard solutions could help me.
The reviews about this magician turned out to be exceptionally truthful. We wrote with Elena, she told me everything. She said that she had a spell on her favorite, not too strong, but not weak either. You will need to be patient to remove it. Elena recommended to remove the previous spell and make a powerful Ritual on the Magic of Kabbalah. The first result flashed through about fifteen days later – he wrote to me and apologized, offered to meet. I was pleasantly surprised how quickly everything happened. Four months later we got married. If you are looking for a professional magician, then you need to contact Elena. Sincere feminine thanks to you, Olga.

2021-08-09 21:15:00

Kerry, Vancuver, Canada

I turned to Elena to get my girlfriend back. She left our joint apartment where we lived together, disappeared from communication, didn't even take her things. I learned from mutual friends that she was fine - she was seen here and there. But she shunned me everywhere and avoided me in every way. I could not cross paths with her, at least to find out the reason for her departure. That's when I needed support and high-quality help. That's how we found Elena. I got acquainted with her website, the materials on it, I liked everything. We called her on Viber. She looked at my situation, and explained why my darling left – she had a friend with whom she had an affair. Elena told me that another girl had enchanted my baby. It was agreed with Elena that she would conduct a lapel from a new relationship and this novel within a week, and in two weeks she would conduct a ritual of a Same-sex love spell. And so they did. The result did not take long to wait, as Elena promised – exactly two weeks later everything happened. My darling came to me, returned to our apartment at 11 pm with tears and said that she had made a very stupid mistake by leaving me. I smiled and hugged her. She said to calm down and be glad that she came. We will start everything completely from scratch, but we will build stronger, more reliable and brighter relationships. That's how it turned out for us, six months have passed and everything is wonderful with my darling, both are happy, we often spend time together, work, have fun, enjoy life. I am very glad that I turned to Elena for help. Thank you very much.

2021-07-26 09:15:00

Julia, Dubai, Oae

When I went to work for a new company, it so happened that after three months I had an affair with a colleague. I'm 25 myself. Still young, pretty, energetic, sexy, that's how it turned out. We started dating, spending time together, coming to work at the same time and everything would be fine, but after about six months he seemed to have completely changed, became cold to me, I seemed to have become completely uninteresting to him. A girl who worked on the floor below got into our relationship, as I later realized, she had been running after him before, showing signs of attention, flirting, but he did not reciprocate her. She lives alone with her mother in a two-room apartment. I agree, she's a good girl, in a normal position, but with a cuckoo, she doesn't seem to be doing very well at all, if she started doing such nonsense. It all started with dirty tricks from her, then she started to frame me and it went on until I realized that it was all because of my boyfriend, with whom she is also in love. When I was demoted and the guy left, and it was all in one moment – the earth went out from under my feet, life began to crumble. It's good that I had my own circle of support and was not left in a difficult moment, I survived this situation more easily, but the wounds and pain remained, so I decided not to leave it all like that. A friend advised me to contact Elena, she herself addressed her in a similar situation. I loved him very much and I love him. After contacting Elena, my whole life got better and the puzzle was all assembled again, my boyfriend returned to me. We live together, just moved to another apartment and changed our place of work, away from the negativity. Thank you to Elena for her tremendous work and the Voodoo magic Lapel ceremony - it was enough to knock down my rival's spell. There was no need for love spells for me, my boyfriend loved me very much and loves me without love spells. That's what the power of magic means. Happiness and health to all.

2021-07-19 05:45:00

Lukrecia, Napoli, Italy

In my opinion, there are some doubts about whether it is worth exposing your personal to the general public, but I will try to briefly describe my situation. Like everyone else had a relationship with my beloved bunny (in fact, they continue further). We dated for a long time, about 5 years, and everything was fine with us. We bought a car for trips to work, vacation and personal matters. Rented a place. We started living together. They wanted and planned to form a full-fledged cell of society, start a family and, of course, have children... It was the happiest time for me, but somehow at one point everything became the opposite, the fortune of fate began to look not in our direction, not at our couple. He began to ignore me, there was no warmth and tenderness from him as before, there was no feeling of care. I began to spend more time outside the house. There were some new acquaintances that I didn't know before. He was moving away from me before my eyes. We began to fight often. I realized that the ground was slipping away from under my feet, I was losing him. I would like to write more, but I think everything is clear. Then it only got worse, as a result, complete indifference from him to me. If it wasn't for Elena's experience and knowledge, I don't know what I would be doing now. It was she who helped to sort out this whole situation. I found it on the Internet, on the website of magicians, healers and psychics. We contacted her, established communication and started working. Elena conducted a ritual to protect and harmonize relationships. I didn't have to wait long. Everything is fine with us, or rather the ice has melted. Now his warm heart warms me every day. There are many family and personal plans. Thank you, Elena

2021-07-16 19:30:00

Olga, Geneva, Swidzerland

My husband was returned to me by the magician and psychic Elena from Barcelona. The story is long - the birth of a daughter, postpartum depression, a school friend of her husband who appeared from nowhere, with whom they began to drink and have fun. Anything to avoid being at home... And then this school friend introduced my husband to his sister. And it started - you have to stay late at work, go to football, go on business all weekend, spend the night in the garage with the car... I've come up with many reasons and they're all different. Apparently, there was a girl with a good imagination. My sister advised me to turn to the magician Elena. I did not begin to understand this situation and delay, since everything has already gone far. I didn't go personally – I have a small child. We contacted Elena, discussed all the points, she listened to me and agreed that she would solve my problem remotely. The task was to remove the spell from the husband who was brought to him, to remove such a "good" friend, to return my man to me. Elena coped with the task with a bang! It took about three weeks. She carried out work on removing the spell from the rival and for full confidence conducted the ritual of the Black Wedding. As a result, the husband quarreled with a friend. He left the girl. Then he told me how stupid and disgusting he had done. That the friend turned out to be not a friend at all, but a deceiver and extortionist. And the girl is an ordinary freeloader who wanted to live at someone else's expense. I realized what kind of people I fell for. And he also said that he realized how important family and values are. That's the story. Elena is a great fellow! Helps people regain happiness!

2021-07-07 01:15:00


Elena helped me when I really needed help. I do not know how I could have survived a series of misfortunes and troubles, but I overcame all this with the necessary and strong support. For two whole years I was in search of a person who would figure out what the real thing was, what was wrong in my life and in me, why I was unlucky in many matters. I am a successful woman, for 10 years I have built a large construction business, which not every man can do, I did not deny myself anything, I lived in a big way, a chic life, in a word. But at a certain moment I realized that I was 45 years old, and I had no family, no children, no husband, no fortress where I could come after a hard day and hide in my room with my loved ones. It all caused sadness, sadness and tears. Everything that happened to me, my state of mind led me to Elena. When I shared my problem with Elena, she said that she would definitely help me and figure out what the matter was. A week later, she revealed the truth that I have been suffering from damage for a long time, which prevents me from fully living and breathing freely. Elena offered to carry out the work as follows: she conducted a ritual to remove the damage, and so that my abuser and hater would no longer interfere in my life, she conducted a powerful ritual in response to the punishment of the offender and caused damage. You know, a month has already passed, and I see how everything around me has changed dramatically, and I finally met the one I've been waiting for for a long time. His name is Raphael. I can recommend Elena to anyone without remorse. Good luck to everyone.

2021-06-28 13:45:00

Alla, Boston

Finally, I got to the site to leave my review. To begin with, I would like to say that I am grateful to Elena for her work and the results of this work. I also wanted to thank her for her responsiveness, intelligence, hard work, experience and support during our pleasant cooperation with her. A couple of months ago I turned to Elena on the advice of my best friend. She earns well and works hard, is the owner of a small network of beauty salons, but on the personal front with one man for a long time it was not possible to establish a relationship, so she decided to turn to magicians for her problems, which she threw away a lot of money, and the result was zero, only empty promises and childish chatter! But by pure chance, she met Elena, who became her lifesaver, who helped her get her husband back within two months. My story is similar – it's 15 years of living together in love and harmony. But recently, my husband began to behave strangely and irritably, all on emotions and worries, began to appear at home less often, as a result, he left the family altogether without explanation, abandoning me and three children. I can't help but tell you without tears how I remember all this.It turns out that my problem was that someone carried out a not weak ritual of turning my husband away from me. Elena told me about it and I decided to act. We discussed all the points of work. She was very supportive. It gave me strength. Within about a week, Elena took off her lapel, installed protection from malevolent interventions and performed a strong spell on wax Voodoo dolls. Later I found out for myself what the ritual was - it was interesting. After this ceremony, my husband returned to me exactly a month later. I can't convey all the words of joy and happiness, thanks to Elena

2021-06-22 08:00:00

Sergey, Moscow

I want to write words of gratitude for your help, Elena. This is the first time I have addressed you. But now, if there are any incomprehensible situations in my life, that is, if there is a need for magical help, I will work only with you. Since I am very pleased with what you have done for me with the help of your rituals.
Perhaps my situation is very common - the departure of a loved one, but as it is, and I want to share it. My boyfriend lost interest in me, cooled down, maybe even fell out of love, wanted to leave. I always knew that I loved him more than he loved me. We met three years ago in a bar. But I thought that, having become his beloved half, he would appreciate it and would not want to lose me. But it didn't happen that way.
The thoughts in my head were the most terrible, I didn't want to live when I found out that he wanted to leave. Then I found out that it turns out he had a very good friend with whom they spent time together after work, and I was already as a backup option. It really upset me. But I was not ready to put up with such a scenario and decided to go for such a measure as a same-sex love spell. So I found Elena in Google advertising. Then we got to know her, talked to her, discussed my situation. I used to think it was just some kind of violence and coercion. But no. As Elena explained to me, not all love spells are like that. There are those who help people, bring harmony into relationships, allow one person to see the best sides in another, eliminate negativity, return loved ones without violence. So Elena performed the same-sex love spell ritual on my boyfriend. The result was amazing. Three weeks later, we met him in the park, took a walk, discussed our situation and decided that this would not happen again. We will build our relationship on truth, trust, happiness and mutual understanding.
Elena, thank you and believe me, you have done a lot for me. Good luck!

2021-06-06 15:00:00


I fell in love with a Muslim. He is from the UAE. I have never been a supporter of ties with men of this religion, but here it turned out quite the opposite and did not expect that our communication would end with such sincere love. For a long time my beloved hesitated to take serious steps in my direction. I decided to bewitch him, because I wanted to create a family with him and give birth to our children. There is a lot of information in the Internet, and I found there many love spells, and began to cast them. However, I failed to do it by myself. As a result, he left me. I have just wasted many time and nerves. I decided that it was better to pay and get a result than just spending time and getting nothing. I turned to magic. I came across an advertisement for Helena on the Internet, met her, phoned her and tried to cooperate. In two days after our meeting, Helena has performed a Muslim love spell. Nothing happened during first two weeks, and I already thought that it was a failure again, so I wasted money and time, but then a miracle happened – he called me and proposed to meet. When we have met, he told me that he desires to return and to start everything from the beginning, and even improve our relations. I’m grateful to Helena for this!

2021-01-21 18:30:00


I don't even know how to start my story. First, I would like to thank Helena for her efforts and support. So, here it is. I have met Pavel at an art exhibition. As it turned out later, his work is relatively close to mine. He is a brutal, handsome, tall, successful and gallant man, and very attractive for any woman. In the beginning, our relations were quite boring, but day after day, our feelings and emotions gained momentum. As a result, everything spilled over into meetings and relationships. He often gave me flowers and gifts. I realized that I fell in love with him. I went crazy from all these feelings and emotions, tenderness and care. I was getting closer and closer to him. We met for a long time. I was waiting that he will ask me to become his wife, to have a wedding and fly away on a honeymoon to Italy. But he didn’t gave me a wedding proposal. Later I found out that besides me he had another lady, who tried to keep him with all her might. He felt sorry and can’t left her, that's how it turned out such nonsense. It worried me, because we were together for so long, discussed it so many times, and as a result, nothing serious happened. I was not happy with such a situation, then, on the recommendation of a good friend, who was in the same situation, I addressed to Helena. She advised me to perform a love spell ritual for marriage. A month later, he finally returned to me completely abandoning this woman. We should have a wedding soon, and I'm very happy. Many thanks to Helena for her work!

2021-01-03 13:45:00


Today the weather in our city is good. My name is Kerry, and I'm merry! However, my situation is not very pleasant, but I would really like to share it so that other girls will never face something similar in their lives. I had a wonderful experience of work with Helena. There are sircumstances when you rush from one problem to another, from one situation to another and don’t know how to get out. In such cases, help and support of such a person like Helena are needed. She helped me a lot, so that she improved my relationship with my boyfriend with the help of the Egiliet love spell. Of course, the very name of the love spell is very strange and when I first heard it, I was surprised and a little scared, but as it turned out later, this is an effective ritual. This powerful ritual was able to keep my man near me, re-awaken an intimate attraction to me and not give him to another woman who also used the love spell magic. As the result showed, Helena was much more experienced specialist than another magician, with whom she faced and who was her competitor. My relationship was saved, and itimate life was improved. Now we are both happy and love each other. And I would like to say thank you to Helena!

2020-12-25 19:45:00


Hello! There was such a situation in my life. Somehow I began to notice that the attitude of my girlfriend to me became worse, we started communicate less often, and her behavior has changed, as her attention, affection and tenderness have disappeared somewhere instead of reproaches, criticism, and a certain coldness. I wanted to escape and hide somewhere, so as not to see and feel it. Once I got into her phone and saw a correspondence with another girl from her work. She flirted with her! So, we quarreled, and as a result she left me, and I was left alone, all in tears and panic. I didn’t know what to do. My friends advised me to turn to a magician. I came across Helena's advertisement on one of the sites on the Internet. I decided to address her. She told me everything that my beloved was bewitched by another girl. It was agreed with Helena that she would carry out a turn-away spell within a week, and for the second week she would conduct a same-sex love spell. The result appeared after three weeks. My beloved one came back to me all crying and asked me for forgiveness for all that she had done lately. We discussed everything, made peace and agreed that we would work on our relationship. Now we are both happy. I’m very glad that I turned to Helena for help. Dear Helena, thank you very much!

2020-12-18 14:15:00


Hello everyone! It may happen in the life a situation when a loved one leaves. It happened to me too. First, I addressed witches, but when I got desperate, I decided to try my luck on the Internet. So I found Helena through her advertising, and she helped me get my beloved husband back. From the very beginning of our relationship, everything was a little tense and not everything was as sweet as we would like. This is most likely due to our age difference, almost 13 years. However, we created a family and lived together until his colleague separated us, and as it turned out, she was his ex-girlfriend even before our marriage. He said that he don’t feel anything for me anymore and don’t see further life with me. I couldn’t accept and believe that he could leave me like that, so I began to look for a specialist who could help in my situation. That's how I have met Helena, who is a wonderful person and a very strong magician, who in a matter of days returned my beloved one by casting the black wedding love spell. I am very grateful, and I would like to thank her for the family saved.

2020-11-23 11:45:00


Hello everybody! My story is like hundreds of others. I met a guy, we loved each other to the point of unconsciousness, and had huge plans for the future, to build family and to have children, and many, many other things, but once my beloved just disappeared. No explanations, no goodbyes. He just left me for another woman. I thought I'd go crazy. I gave a lot of money to fortune-tellers and psychics, but without any result. I was thinking on a cuicide, but my friends, who supported me, persuaded me not to give up. Fortunately, I found a wonderful magician Helena, who solved all my problems. With Helena’s assistance, we have determined a plan of actions, and she said that it was necessary to carry out a cemetery love spell, since the situation was not easy. And so she did. The result was in three weeks. My man came back to me. I breathed a sigh of relief, and stopped pulling my hair. However, the consequences of the love spell were not only the return of a loved one, also he began to pay less attention to other women, and devote his time and attention to me, as I did to him. Since then, my beloved man and I have been living in perfect harmony and our relationship doesn’t deteriorate. I would like to tell my sincere gratitude to Helena!

2020-10-16 14:15:00


Our acquaintance with Vladimir was a little strange and unexpected, and all because we met at a conference where he was a speaker. A handsome, tall, intelligent man in a business suit. At first, both kept their distance, as I was a spectator, and he was a speaker. We talked about work and business issues. But once in the early morning he invited me to have breakfast together. This was the oddity, as he woke me up early in the morning. At first I did not understood who it was, but an hour later I was already having breakfast with him. The surprise was that the place where we went to have breakfast was his restaurant, the hall of which was all in roses. I thought that someone was preparing for the wedding, but that was for me. Our fabulous relationship have started and lasted for about three years until the moment when they became worsen. It was very strange and incomprehensible to me. I couldn't live without him. We met for a long time, and as I thought, everything had to go to a wedding and a family, but he was in no hurry to offer me his hand. He has lost interest towards me, and we began to quarrel, and a lot of negative moments appeared. After our last quarrel, I learned that he had returned to his ex-wife, and that their relations become better. Then I immediately realized what I needed to do, and I have started to seek for a magician. I was looking for a specialist for a long time, but no one could really help me. Then I continued searching on the Internet, and found Helena from Barcelona, and I addressed her. She said that Vladimir is under affection of a love spell made by his ex-wife. Helena performed a turn-away spell, and three days later the "black wedding" ritual. During the first week, nothing happened. I already thought that nothing had worked out and I needed to look for another magician, but still decided to wait a little longer. In the second week, late in the evening, suddenly the doorbell rings. My beloved has returned. How happy I was! We talked. He said that he was stupid, that he doesn’t love her, and that he loves only me. We began to live together. I'm so happy! You can't even imagine how great it is when you come home from work and your beloved one is waiting for you at home. Thank you dear Helena!

2020-09-27 10:21:00


Hello. My name is Marina. I am 38 years old. I’m an ordinary woman with my own inner world, interests, worries and problems. Helena has helped to solve the main problem I had – the problem with my relationship. Helena is a wonderful person and a strong specialist. Therefore, I want to share my experience of work with this magician. Throughout the life of any person, dark and bright times constantly alternate. You rush from one problem to another, from one situation to another and do not know how to get out of it. In such cases, an assistance and support from Helena may be very helpful. She is a miracle specialist! She saved me and helped me a lot by mending my relationship with my man with the help of the Voodoo doll love spell. She helped take my man back from another woman who bewitched him. The Voodoo Doll love spell turned out to be a powerful rite of passage to return a beloved one once and for all. It’s a slightly strange name for a love spell, but it’s very effective. Of course, there was a lot of nerves, sufferings, tears and fears that nothing would work out, and that I would not return him. But I was worried in vain. I would like to thank Helena for supporting me all the time during our joint work, for her kind words and high-quality work performed to return my happiness. Who would have thought that such things could happen? Thanks again.

2020-09-08 10:20:22


Hello! I never thought that such a situation may happen in my life, but it’s a fact. I noticed that my husband is changing, not at once, but gradually, over time. He started less communicate with me, and his behavior become worse – no care, no tenderness, no affection, and no attention. He began to spend moew time at work. Once I took his phone and saw a correspondence with his colleague. There was nothing disgraceful, but he flirted with her. He was quite rude with me, but with her he was very polite. We quarreled, and the temperature of our relations began to heat up. One friend tried to persuade me to turn to a magician, but I kept rejecting it. However, after another serious quarrel with my husband, I decided that this was the best way out. I came across Helena's advertisement on one of the sites on the Internet, and decided to address her. The magician told everything very accurately, about family life, about work. It turned out that my husband had a love spell. At that moment, something inside me turned over. My husband had a very strong love spell, and therefore Helena recommended a bilateral turn-away spell on a rival. First, Helena casted a turn-away spell on my husband. The result appeared after 2 weeks. The attention of my husband towards me become warmer, he paid more attention and care. New topics for communication have appeared, and our leisure time has diversified. However, to ensure that similar situations will no more happen with us, Helena has conducted a powerful ritual to harmonize our relations. After the last ceremony, everything began to improve. Now my husband is always with me, we often spend time together, travel a lot, and relax outside the city, show care and affection. Even at work, my husband's affairs have slightly improved. We are both happy. I’m very glad that I turned to Helena for help in due time.

2020-08-19 13:00:00


We lived together with Andrew for 5 years in a civil marriage. Like many couples sometimes we had some little quarrels, but in general we were happy. Gradually, everything began to change, Andrew began to work more, and devote less time to me. Delays from work became more frequent. One day he simply did not returned home at all. I was very worried about what happened to him. Once, returning late at night, we had an unpleasant dialogue in which he confessed that he had fallen in love with another woman. On the same day, he packed his things and left. As I understood, he went to her. I couldn’t come to terms with it, I couldn’t live without him. I was mentally ill and morally hard. Once a friend told me about love spells. I found information on the Internet and decided that this is exactly what I need. First, I decided to carry out the ceremony by myself. Then I read reviews on the Internet. Improper performance could be reflected in my health and could led to dire consequences. Therefore, I found a real magician with good reviews and turned to her. Helena is a real magician. I am very pleased with the result of her work. Helena performed a black wedding ceremony. About five days later, Andrew returned. Now in our life everything is good. We still together and happy. There is nothing to regret. I would like to say many good words to Helena, but it’s not enough. Thank you Helena for everything you did for us!

2020-07-30 14:30:00


It’s vainly to doubt about Helena, her working methods or conditions. In all the aspects in which Helena helped me I got much more than I have expected. And I would like to thank the magician Helena for it, and to say some good words about this good and helpful specialist. I originally ordered an amulet from her to attract money and raise a career, which helped me in my work and with my financial matters. In a month after the creation of the amulet, I got a good job, and began to flourish and gain confidence and strength. The result was amazing! However, the last time I turned to her with a more complex problem. As I have learned under certain circumstances, someone casted a powerful love spell on my husband. As Helena told me later, it was my colleague, who liked my husband. Now I understand why at corporate parties she often stood next to our couple and several times even invited my husband to dance. Helena advised that it’s necessary to perform a bilateral turn-away ritual to remove such a powerful love spell. And it helped! My husband returned to his former state, where all his attention belongs to me. Helena is a very nice woman! I recommend her as a proven magician and true specialist.

2020-07-08 13:00:00


I was introduced to Helena and her abilities by my friend, who had already turned to her for help in her personal life and work. Helena is an amazing and capable magician, and a professional in her field. She helped me to improve my relationship with a man, cleaned my aura, performed special work with the chakras and restored the biofield. Everything has begun from my relationship with my husband, which suddenly started to fade. We have cooled to each other. We have spent much less time together, and started communicate less. Our intimate activity also began to decline. After that, quarrels and misunderstandings between us became more frequent. Because of this, I started to feel depressed, anxious and sleep deprived. I felt a loss of strength and energy, then began to get nervous and irritated. I didn't know where and to whom to address, and I didn't want to return home, as there were problems with my husband and children. I thought I was going to go crazy. I tried to calm myself down and relax, somehow entertain myself and distract myself, I almost became an alcoholic. Observing all these things, my friend urged me to turn to magic. Through the Internet I came across Helena's website. I wrote to her. During the day I received a response letter, where Helena has told me not to worry and to calm down, and assured that everything may be solved, the main thing is to start acting. We discussed the working conditions. And we agreed that after payment, Helena will start her work immediately. In 3 days after our conversation, I paid for the services. The next day Helena performed a ritual, worked with my chakras, cleaned my aura, and restored the biofield. Within a month, my life began to change fundamentally. I was very glad to see the results of Helena's work. Now my life is getting better and everything comes back on track. Also everything is good with my beloved husband. I would like to add that there are still people who are trying to help and Helena is one of them.

2020-06-22 10:30:00


I would like to share my experience of cooperation with Helena. My name is Arseny, and I'm a businessman. I believe in perseverance, work, initiative and dedication, so I never went to fortunetellers and magicians. However, for the last 2 years I have had a bad luck in real estate sales. I had an office and an apartment which I couldn’t sell for 2 years due to some incomprehensible things. I was planning to sell my real estate business and invest in something more promising, but these two lots stood up like a bone in my throat. Neither real estate agents, nor PR campaigns, nor good discounts, nor connections could help me sell out. Then a friend recommended contacting a magician. He gave me the phone number and said that this woman would help solve my problem. And it worked! My savior was the magician Helena. At first, I didn’t believe that anything could be done with all these things. However, Helena was so confident in herself and her work that I decided to take a chance and try. She performed a ritual to quickly sell real estate. And my first lot (an apartment) was sold exactly one month later. I was a little shocked when so many people started calling me and coming to watch. So I have sold it. Two months later, the second lot (an office space) was sold, and only after that I began to believe in magic. Now I understand that it may help and could be beneficial. I still work with Helena. I would like to thank her for her work and efforts.

2020-06-11 10:01:50


Helena’s help cannot be explained. Till today, we remain a little shocked that she helped us in our difficult situation. I just don’t have enough words to describe how much I’m grateful to her! This wonderful person pulled us out of the period of torment and tears. Thanks to Helena for the happiness she brought to our family. At that time, it seemed to me that nothing could be done, but Helena proved to me and my husband that everything may be changed, the main thing is to want it and diligently move towards it. We really wanted our daughter to recover and be healthy. She was only 12 years old and suffered from epilepsy from the age of 9. We were in great shock when it happened for the first time. For 3 years my husband and I fought for our daughter: we went to the necessary doctors, got tested, carried out examinations, took expensive medications, spent a lot of money, efforts and energy, and all this turned out to be unsuccessful. Everyone told us that they don’t know how to help us. I cried day and night, my hands dropped, but all this time my husband supported me, although it was mentally and physically difficult for him too. We tried everything and decided to use the last option – we have turned to magic. We were looking for a magician via the Internet. So we have met Helena and made her a phone call. She said that she would help within two or three weeks, the only thing she asked to send a photo of our child. Helena performed a ritual to heal from epilepsy, and for the future protection, and asked to wait. In five weeks after contacting Helena, our child was on the mend. Now we are happy. Thank you, Helena, for curing our daughter and saving us from this heavy stone in life.

2020-05-19 16:15:00


I dedicate this reference to all those parents, mothers and fathers whose children have such a feature as stuttering. From the age of 8, my son began to stutter as a result of the stress, he couldn’t even pronounce his first and last name. In elementary school, someone teased him, but someone crossed the red line and mocked him. In high school, everything was repeated. Such a problem influenced not only the personality of my son, but also his psychological and mental states. It was evident that it was difficult for him to find a common language with classmates, and with others, wherever he was in school, street, camp, park, etc. Because of the stuttering, he considered himself a flawed, hermit, and lonely. For a long time we turned to different doctors, tried many techniques and exercises, listened to many tips and recommendations, underwent a sufficient number of treatments, but nothing helped us. It lasted for the long his teenage years, until, before entering the university and starting an independent adult life, by pure chance, we were advised to turn to non-standard ways of solving our problem – to magic. So we have meet Helena and established a contact with her. She reassured me and said that it’s possible to help, and she performed a ritual to heal from stuttering. After 2 months, my son completely stopped stuttering and began to get used to a new full-fledged life without his former peculiarity. All our family would like to thank Helena for what she has done for us. We wish her good luck and success in her hard work.

2020-05-01 00:30:00


You may live and enjoy your life, thinking that everything is fine, you may enter adulthood, found your happiness, and wait that a family, children and house should appear, but then – Bam! And everything goes the other way around. My story is similar to hundreds of other stories of the life. Why am I saying this so easily? Hmm... Probably, I was just tired of everything and began to treat everything easier, and passed the bad luck period of my life in which Helena helped me a lot. Like anyone else, I have met a guy. We were together for 2 years, and everything was excellent. He has offered me his hand, and of course I agreed. There was a lot of joy! The wedding was supposed to take place in 5 months, and after that, we have decided to spend our honeymoon in warm countries. However, about four months before the wedding, my beloved began to cool down towards me. It was very strange. This went on for a month, while under the pretext of "a lot of work", he moved out to another apartment to resolve work issues. I didn’t want to accept it and began to understand the situation. Then the whole truth was revealed. In fact, he had another girlfriend, to whom he paid attention at the same time. Such a situation has caused me a shock and panic. I didn’t know what to do, until, after the circumstances, I saw an advertisement for Helena's article, where everything was written about a similar situation. I started to act. I made a call. And Helena has immediately understood my problem. She recommended to perform a diagnosis, and then to act in accordance with the circumstances. As a result, Helena did a double job: she performed a turn away ritual, since a love spell was imposed on my beloved by a girl she didn’t know anything about, and made another love spell by photo. Two weeks later, he returned to me with a large bouquet of roses and a sincere apology. He was ashamed and asked not to tell anyone about this situation. Helena saved our future, and made us happy. Thank you, Helena!

2020-04-25 08:45:00


First, I would like to thank the Universe for sending me such a wonderful person and a perfect magician! Helena helped to improve to improve my life as well as the life of my husband, to seal the bonds of our relations, and to overcome difficult obstacles. Therefore, sincerely I would like to thank Helena for the fact that she did such a high-quality hard work for me. I tried many methods, but stopped at the unconventional. I met Helena on a forum where she helped people like me. The situation was thw following: my husband has left me. We have been married for 25 years. I decided not to give up and fight. With Helena’s assistance, we have determined a plan of actions, and she said that it was necessary to carry out a cemetery love spell, since the situation was not easy. And so she did. The result was in three weeks. My man came back to me. I breathed a sigh of relief, and stopped pulling my hair. However, the consequences of the love spell were not only the return of a loved one, also he began to pay less attention to other women, and devote his time and attention to me, as I did to him. Since then, my beloved man and I have been living in perfect harmony and our relationship doesn’t deteriorate. I would like to tell my sincere gratitude to Helena!

2020-04-07 19:15:00


A difficult life situation forced me to seek help from Helena. My beloved and future husband Bashar announced that he was breaking up with me on the eve of our wedding. It was a shock for me, as he made it on the eve of such a celebration, and seemed very strange, since Muslims have very strict attitude towards marriage. After about a month, I found out that my good friend Alice (already ex) has noticed Bashar, and made a plan to seduce him. I couldn’t find peace for myself from grief. My best friend recommended seeking help from Helena. She advised her as a specialist in love spells and a strong magician helping in love affairs. I called Helena. She advised me to remove the actions of my rival's love spell first, and then to carry out the Muslim love spell. And so she did. Exactly five days later, he returned to me and begged to forgive him, and to start everything from the beginning. I gave him a chance and said that now he is obliged to marry me. And he said an unconditional YES. Thanks to Helena for the positive result and the saved love!

2020-03-23 09:48:42


Hello! I would like to tell you a little about a life situation I was faced, and how Helena helped me to cope with it. The situation was that my husband stopped wanting me, and day by day this desire melted and melted away. First, it didn’t catch me, as I saw that his work load has been increased, he was very tired and didn't get enough sleep. Then everything became better somehow. I thought that he would want me again and his passion will return. However id didn’t happen, and it lasted about three months. I went to doctors and psychologists. They didn't help. I tried to solve the problem myself, and I read about the Egiliet love spell. I decided to perform it myself. I read the spell to inflame the husband's passion and, looking at the candle fire, performed a ritual, but the effect was completely opposite. After that, my husband started to avoid me. We slept in different rooms and practically didn’t communicate, if only on important and everyday issues. A friend recommended to contact Helena to fix the situation. Thank God, it helped a lot! Helena removed the consequences of my work and performed the Egiliet love spell herself. A week later, my husband has started to hug and kiss me again. Dear ladies! I’m so happy with Helena’s work! I recommend not performing any ritual by yourselves if you don’t understand the consequences.

2020-03-03 16:30:00


Hello. My name is Lana. I'm 36 years old. I would like to share my experience of cooperation with Helena. Throughout the life of any person there is a constant alternation of good and bad days. You rush from one problem to another, from one situation to another and do not know how to get out of this. In such situations, you may need help and good support from such person as Helena. This wonderful person saved me and helped me a lot by improving my relationship with my boyfriend with the help of the Egiliet love spell. It’s a slightly strange name for a love spell, but very effective. This is a powerful ritual allowing to keep my beloved man close to me, re-awaken an intimate attraction towards me, and not give him to another woman who may also address the magic of a love spell. A result has revealed that Helena possesses much more strength, capabilities and experience than the magician she faced. Our relationships were saved, and our intimate life was improved. We are both happy and love each other. And I would like to say thank you to Helena!

2020-02-20 09:47:18


Helena helped me when I really was in need. I don’t know how I could have survived the series of misfortunes, but I overcame everything with her support. I have been in search of a person who could figure out what was actually the reason, and what was wrong in my life and in me almost for a year. I’am a successful woman, I have built a big business during 5 years, I didn’t deny myself anything, I lived on a grand scale. However once I realized that I was already 38 years old, but I had no family or children. All this caused sadness and tears. Everything that was happen and my state of mind led me to Helena. When I shared my problem with her, she promised to help me and figure out what was the matter. She revealed the truth that there is a curse on me already for a long time, which prevents me from living fully. Helena proposed to do the following: she performed a ritual to remove the curse so that the envious person would no longer interfere in my life, and she performed a reciprocal ritual transferring the curse on the offender and punishing him. You know, a month has already passed, and I see that everything around me was dramatically changed, and I met a man who I had been waiting for a long time. I can frankly recommend Helena to anyone.

2020-02-09 20:15:00


Dear parents! I appeal to you, as the same things may happen to everyone in the family. In these moments, the main thing is that there is a person who may help you. Helena turned out to be such a person. She protected our son. First we did not attach any importance to this. We thought that these were simple illnesses, a high fever, headaches, a loss of consciousness. But it began to happen systemically. We realized that something was wrong, and quickly began to learn. We made appointments with doctors and were examined in medical centers, but they couldn’t tell us anything. Some have one opinion, others have a different one, and everyone prescribed their own treatment. Then my friend advised me to turn to magic. First, I was horrified by this news. What is this nonsense? Then, when I thought that there were no more options, we made a decision. I have met Helena on one of the magic forums. I described her our situation. Within two days, she replied and said that our boy had signs of epilepsy. She insisted not to hesitate and offered to conduct a ritual to heal from epilepsy. We agreed. After 2 weeks, our son went on the mend. First, we were very afraid that we would lose him. Nevertheless, during the next visit to the doctor, the doctor himself was shocked by what he told us that our son was on the mend. Dear Helena, please keep doing your job! We believe you! Thank you!

2020-01-16 01:00:00


What Helena did for me can’t be described by any words. I never believed in this, but it was a real miracle. Before I have met Helena, I was engaged in many businesses, but in none of them I did not achieve the desired results. First, there was a crisis, then an unjust law was adopted, then a bankruptcy, then a freak out of competitors, then the employees failed, and many other similar things during quite a long time. Finally, my current business was in trouble. I'm not a whiner, but I'm tired of all these things. My finances began to decrease and, accordingly, my life started to deteriorate. On the advice of a distant relative, I came to Helena for a consultation. She immediately explained me what was going on and why. Helena told literally everything about me. After a long conversation, she said that I was unlucky and that it would continue like this if I still doing nothing. She proposed to perform a ritual on success in business and money attraction. Despite it cost me a penny, I don’t regret that I applied Helena for assistance. My business started to flourish. I got many new customers and my revenue began to grow along with the profit. I’m very happy! I want to say thank you to Helena and wish her success in her work.

2020-01-11 09:33:28


Hello everyone! My situation is as follows. I was divorced after my first marriage. Then I got a new man, whom I have known for almost two years, but we started live together since the last October. He is Georgian and was living in Russia for six years, but his father asked him to return to Georgia and to live in the father's house. We have a very good relationship and mutual love. In many of his actions, he has proven that has strong feelings towards me. He is older than I am for a couple of years. I had a great desire to marry him, by any means. However, he did not dare to take this step. Sometimes he said that he should return home. I didn't even want to think about it, but once he decided to return home, saying that it was just for a while, as he has to settle some problems, and then in a couple of month he will return to me. This cooled our relationship a little. I was in despair. A friend advised me not to become limp and solve the problem through magic. So, I did it. I came across Helena's advertisement. She exactly described my situation. I phoned her, we have discussed everything and stopped at a marriage love spell. The ceremony was supposed not only to return my man, but also so that he took me as his wife. Everything happened as I thought. He returned much faster, after a month, and we got married. We continue to live together as a family, and both are happy.

2019-12-17 17:00:00


Several years ago, when I was pregnant, my beloved man abandoned me, I suffered for a long time, did not know what to do and how I would continue to live. On the advice of a friend, I turned to magic. Over time, I realized that it was the right decision. So, I came across Helena's website. There was a lot of useful information. I found an article about love spells, read it, got interested. I wrote to Helena, and during our conversation she explained me everything. She said that there was a love spell on my beloved one, but it wasn’t too strong. Helena recommended removing the previous love spell and making a powerful ritual based on the magic of Kabbalah. The first result was about ten days later. I was pleasantly surprised how quickly everything happened and my beloved returned to me very soon. I was happy! Two months later, we got married. If you are looking for a real magician, then you need to contact Helena. She will perform the work of the highest quality, and will give you the desired result, and maybe even more.

2019-12-01 15:30:00


Hello everyone! I decided on this adventure, because I no longer had the strength and nerves. I was unlucky in my life, as well as in my job, and even in games. First, I thought that I was really unlucky, but when I began to analyze my life, I realized that something is wrong, I was right. There was an evil eye put on me. The acquaintance of my friend magician Helena has helped me to remove it. She performed a ritual to remove the evil eye. Then she strongly recommended wearing the "Wheel of Fortune" amulet, which she made for me in about three days after a ritual. It was not in vain! The amulet began to bring me many interesting things in life, as if luck was walking next to me – I won a small prize in one lottery, then an another prize in another one. In my life and at work everything has changed for the better. Really, I’m lucky! Thank you, Helena, for the high-quality amulet and its properties!

2019-11-23 09:45:00


I don't leave references on the Internet often, but here I decided to do it. There is no sense to fully describe my situation, everything was like with everyone else – I hav some financial and job problems. In the August, Helena started to help me. The result did not come immediately, but after about one month. The bottom line was that after six month of searching I couldn’t find a normal job with a decent salary. I was living on my accumulated savings from my previous job, and then there was a kind of dark times in the search for a new job. My friend found out about this, advised to address to Helena, since she helped him with exactly the same problem. Helena performed a ritual for success in work and raising money. I have applied in August, and already in September I was working in a new company. Moreover, the salary was a little higher than I have expected. I have nothing to complain about. I just want to say thank you to Helena and that she is doing a good deed.

2019-11-05 20:45:00


We lived together with Alex for 5 years in a civil marriage. Like many couples sometimes we had some little quarrels, but in general we were happy. Gradually, everything began to change, Alex began to work more, and devote less time to me. Delays from work became more frequent. One day he simply did not returned home at all. I was very worried about what happened to him. Once, returning late at night, we had an unpleasant dialogue in which he confessed that he had fallen in love with another woman. On the same day, he packed his things and left. As I understood, he went to her. I couldn’t come to terms with it, I couldn’t live without him. I was mentally ill and morally hard. Once a friend told me about love spells. I found information on the Internet and decided that this is exactly what I need. First, I decided to carry out the ceremony by myself. Then I read reviews on the Internet. Improper performance could be reflected in my health and could led to dire consequences. Therefore, I found a real magician with good reviews and turned to her. Helena is a real magician. I am very pleased with the result of her work. Helena performed a black wedding ceremony. About five days later, Alex returned. Now in our life everything is good. We still together and happy. There is nothing to regret.

2019-10-31 18:00:00


I would like to thank the magician Helena, and to say a couple of good words about this good and helpful specialist. First, I have ordered an amulet for business success from her, which would help me to raise my business from the knees. My business began to flourish about a month after the creation of the amulet. The result was amazing! However, this time I turned to her with a more complex problem. As I learned under certain circumstances, someone cast a powerful love spell on my husband. As Helena later told me, it was my close friend who liked my husband. Helena advised that in order to bring down such a powerful ritual, she needs to carry out a bilateral turn-away spell. And it helped! My husband returned to his former state, where all his attention belongs to me. A very nice woman! I recommend her as a proven magician.

2019-10-07 20:15:00


Thanks to Helena, who helped me eliminate my rival and saved my family. I never thought before that so many women use love magic and make love spells on men, even on married ones for their selfish purposes. I just didn’t come across it, so I thought that my husband has a mistress. However, in fact, the rival’s desire was just to get a maintenance, and she had no plans to marry my husband. She does not want to work, but wants beautiful things, and gifts for the intimate service of someone else's man. Moreover, to put it mildly, my husband is not demanding in this matter. He always was like this. A love spell was a great option for a rival to achieve her goal. I do not know from whom and how she ordered the love spell, but it turned out successfully, and my husband succumbed perfectly to the conducted influence. To fight off my husband, I needed assistance, and I turned to Helena for help. I was introduced to her by our mutual acquaintances. Helena performed a corresponding ritual, and in order to consolidate the result, she additionally conducted another ritual for harmonizing family relations. The last ritual guaranteed me a stable relationship with my husband. I would like to say that Helena is a good specialist, and I’m fully satisfied with her work.

2019-09-19 16:45:00


Good day. My name is Lyra. I met a Muslim and got pregnant. During the pregnancy I didn't know what to do. Aydar is a Muslim by faith. I tried to turn to magic and carry out a love spell on my own, but it didn't work. I was afraid to repeat. I turned to a Muslim sorcerer and he didn’t help me either. Aydar avoided me, and he didn't want to hear anything about the child. Then I started reading about magic on the Internet and found out about Helena. I thought that there would be no next attempt, since one specialist did not help, then the other will not help either. However, Helena was determined and thus conquered me. I made up my mind for the second and the final time. Helena performed a Muslim love spell. The time passed, and I had already gave birth to my child, Aydar returned to me with flowers and gifts for the baby. However, he insisted that I have to accept his Muslim faith too. In any case, I am happy with the work and the results. Now Helena is our good friend.

2019-09-12 01:15:00


Helena is a very good and strong magician and I’m very glad that I chose her. I had a very unpleasant situation with my husband. I found out that he has a mistress. He was hiding it, but I found out it accidentally. Of course, I realized that there was also my fault, but I didn’t want to get divorced, as we have a very small daughter and besides, I was pregnant with my second child. Despite the pregnancy’s term was short, the abortion was not a solution at all. I love children, and always wanted a big family. However, without a husband I would have had a very hard and bad time. I lost my job even before my first pregnancy. Moreover, I still love my husband. However, I also wanted to stop his partying. So I wrote to Helena with a request to fix the situation somehow. I thought about the love spell, but Helena said that he would continue to cheat on me, and besides he still love me. There is no sence to perform a love spell, but the Egiliet will just solve the problem of mistress. She proposed to perform the Egiliet for three years, and then to observe how he will behave, whether he needs to do the Egiliet again or he will no longer need other wemen. Currently I’m very happy, as he doesn’t go to mistresses anymore. He returns home on time, stopped to say that he wants to spend time with his friends (previously he said it to spend time with a mistress), etc. I will try to forget it for the sake of our children and us. In addition, I would like to thank Helena for her help.

2019-08-29 15:30:00


Hello, I would like to leave a reference about the magician Helena. And I would like to thank her once again for her help to our family. Six months ago, new competitors appeared in the neighborhood of my shop. They were very impudent, and even did not give me to pass! They pressed and threatened me, insisting to sell them my business on the cheap. They tried not to let me work. I have never thought that it could happen. I used to solve all disagreements with my competitors through negotiations, but these ones were like dogs... I’m a serious woman and have been in business for a long time, but even then they found a loophole. The fact the part of my business belonged to my husband. And, as this whole situation showed, he turned out to be a gambler. As a result, he has lose a large amount of money in cards. To pay the debt, he was offered to give up his share in our business, and he agreed to do it quite quickly. I accidentally found out and understood that it was unlikely that something would help me. I had two problems – a negligent gambling addicted husband, and competitors who posess his debt. By pure chance, the next day I came across Helena's website, and found an article describing similar situations. I called her, and told her everything as it was. Helena said that there is a lot of work and that I need to be patient and keep my nerves. Within a month, she solved my problems. She conducted a ritual to heal gambling addiction of my husband, so that she would not lose anything else and collect additional debts, and in addition gave me the protective pentagram amulet. She said that it would protect against competitors and their impact. Everything was exactly as she said. The problems were solved, I was able to breathe with ease. I wish Helena great success in her work.

2019-08-06 01:00:00


I turned to the magician Helena, when it seemed that nothing would help and the situation was inevitable. Although I was skeptical about such things, but Helena helped me! A problem was that they wanted to fire me from my job. More precisely, not to dismiss me personally, but to reduce the staff. And I was included to the list of the staff which should be reduced. It was scary to lose my job for several reasons – a good salary and my loan obligations, as well as my family, my wife and a small child. Therefore, it was a big blow for me and our family. The boss was inexorable and even refused to talk. He told everyone one thing that they have a restructuring and that I should just look for another job. Once coming home, my wife showed me Helena's advertisement, which she saw on the Internet. Helena has replied us two days later. I told her everything. We talked, and she advised that a ritual for success in work and attracting money would help in my situation. I can say that Helena’s ritual was successful. My position was left. I have just received a call of my boss and he said that it was decided to leave me, since the management revised a position in relation to me and even increased a little my salary for my past merits for the company. I want to express my gratitude to Helena. After all, if not for her, I would now be unemployed with a bunch of debts.

2019-07-21 08:30:00


I can only say that when love difficulties happened in my life, Helena helped me a lot by her advice and in practice. The effect was much better than I have expected. The situation was as follows: I fell in love with a girl, and she didn’t reciprocate. I actively courted her, gave bouquets of roses, gifts, sweets, took to the cinema and restaurants, etc. However, she didn’t replied on my feelings. Helena made a powerful love spell on her photo, and gave me good advice on how to behave correctly with her in order to win her favor. I obeyed Helena and did everything as she ordered. Finally, my beloved drew attention to me, and agreed to build serious relationships with me. Everything is fine now, and we will soon create a full-fledged social unit. I bow low to Helena.

2019-07-09 00:30:00


Hello dear Helena! I want to say a huge thank you for your work and the amulet, which had an instant effect. It was a complete horror before I have received it! When I was cleaning the apartment, my little dog, which was pregnant at that time, grabbed the wax and did not give it away. Later, when she gave birth to five healthy, active puppies, the next day after birth they have started to die one after another. And the person who agreed to help me with puppies disappeared. I found myself alone with all this negativity and without any help. Observing the situation I have realized with horror that it was as if some dark forces or evil demons were pursuing me. I decided to turn to magic. Everything changed at once, as soon as I received a custom-made Protective Pentagram Amulet from the workshop of magician Helena. Maybe it’s a coincidence, but with this amulet my life was filled with bright light, and later my dog gave birth again, but completely healthy and strong puppies. Thank you very much!

2019-06-20 08:10:17


I want to advise a very good magician who really helped me in a difficult situation. My husband left me for another woman, and I didn’t know what to do, I damned and went into hysterics, and even wanted to kill myself. Nothing and no one could help me. So I counted until a certain day, when my best friend advised me to seek help from Helena. Somewhere she heard that Helena is an excellent magician who helps in love affairs. In fact, there are not many of those who can really do something for love spells. I called Helena. She advised me to make the cemetery love spell. A week later, my ex-husband called and said that he missed me. Then he began to call more often and finally returned. He left the marriage wrecker. Now, he understands that he did the wrong thing and is trying to fix everything, and to make up for lost time. He is in love again, and wants to build a family. You may believe or not here, but love spell exists. Many thanks to Helena!

2019-06-01 08:09:43


I never believed that it was possible to solve problems with the help of some magical actions, until I faced a situation when everything in my life went upside down – my business was shaken, my husband turned out to be a gambling addict, and the money began to run out. Some kind of dark times has come in my life. I decided I shouldn’t give up and I needed to do something. I tried both psychologists and business coaches, I tried a lot of things, and spent a lot of efforts and money on it. Then my business partner advised me to turn to magic and left the phone number of the magician Helena. I have sent her a message, and we had a pleasant chat. I told her everything, and described the problems that I had to face in my life. Helena replied that she had been working with these problems for a long time and it would not be difficult for her to help me. We agreed for 2 sessions. During the first session, she performed a ritual to heal my husband from gambling addiction. She had to spend a lot of energy on my beloved, but I was happy with the result – a month later, my husband was as good as new, and he plays no longer. During the second session, Helena performed a ritual for success in work, business and money attraction. After 3 months, my business becomes better, and I have a steady stream of customers and money. Now I'm thinking about expanding my staff and business in general. This is my experience of cooperation with Helena. I am very grateful to her as she helped me a lot. Dear Helena, I wish you good luck with your work!

2019-05-27 22:15:00


There are many different situations in life. I myself would never have thought that I would ever turn to magic. I am a psychologist by education and never really believed in magic, I always believed that everything could be solved only through scientific methods. Until I faced a situation where all methods were simply ineffective, when I met a man and immediately fell in love. Being in despair, I began to look for help anywhere to solve this problem, and to my happiness, I found it. My close friend advised me to address Helena, as she has had a similar problem, and Helena has helped her a lot. Therefore, despite all my skepticism, I decided to take the risk. I wrote her a message describing the situation. First, she carried out some kind of diagnostics of her own to find out if something could be changed. Then she undertook to perform the "Muslim love spell" ritual. The man I met was named Ahmed, he was from Dubai. To my surprise and joy, a result was already a week later. Ahmed finally drew attention to me and made the first contact. Two weeks later in the evening, he came with flowers, and confessed his love for me. Now everything is fine, we are building our relationship. Thank you, dear Helena!

2019-05-07 16:45:00


Helena became the person who saved my relative from a terrible illness, one might say, she saved her life, and our family is very grateful to her! We really wanted our aunt to stay alive, as she was quite young. However, the doctors said that they did not know what to do, as they could not even find the reason, any medical tests and devices showed nothing, and no treatment helped. We already thought that we would not see our aunt healthy anymore. Once we came across an advertisement on the Internet about magic, and we decided to contact. We met Helena and told her everything. She explained that the aunt was cursed. And she even pointed out the person who cursed oue aunt – it was her colleague who was always jealous of her. We ordered two options. First, Helena performed a ritual of curse removal. My aunt was getting better. After 3 weeks, she recovered completely. A month later, Helena performed a reciprocal curse on the colleague. Let him go through the same situation in which our family suffered! Dear Helena, we will never forget your help. Thank you very much!

2019-04-25 00:15:00


Four months ago, I was fortunate enough to finally meet Helena as a specialist of the highest class. In vain, I thought for so long and doubted whether to apply or not, but in fact everything was brief, in substance, and nothing superfluous. A sad situation with one man made me address to Helena. I fell in love with him like a fool. However, there was no response – just a simple communication, friendly attention and regular coffee durring lunch time. There was nothing serious on his part. All this hurt me, and I decided that it was necessary to change the situation, and then I met Helena. She helped me. Helena not only saw the problem, putting everything on the shelves, but also suggested solutions without leaving the client halfway. She has performed a very powerful love spell ritual the Black Matchmaker. My man and I have been together for four month, and things do very well. Dear Helena, I wish you good luck and success in your work!

2019-04-14 14:00:00


Hello, my name is Xena, I’m 31 years old. I was married and happy until this story happened. The only drawback of my husband Andrey was that he liked to drink. After 3 years living together, he began to drink heavily and one even beat me. I kicked him out, but I couldn't live without him for a long time. I was sad, depressed, and lost about 20 pounds. I knew that he moved to live with a friend. I should be glad that I got rid of the alcoholic, but I was sad. We had many good things together, and I realized that I wanted to help him and return. Then, on the advice of my mother, I began to look for a magician. I read reviews about the work of sorcerers and the magician Helena caused the most confidence. I sent her his photo by e-mail. She made everything remotely. However, the changes did not come immediately. The magician said that it would took some time and patience. A month later the ritual of healing from alcohol addiction, he began to drink less. After another two weeks or so, he practically stopped drinking. Now when almost a year has passed, I live happily together with my husband, and he doesn’t drink at all. Thank you Helena for help in our difficult situation!

2019-03-30 13:30:00


Dear Helena, thank you very much for your help! You saved my son from the plague of the 21-st century, you saved his life! Our whole family is very grateful to you! We really wanted his life to be bright, so that he would develop, improve, grow above himself, and be healthy. When our son was a student, he turned out to be a gambling addict. We have addressed psychologists and psychotherapists, but they did not know how to help him. His academic performance deteriorated sharply. It was a huge blow to us, as it affected our wallet and property. We understood what it was and what we would have to face. Once we came across the Internet advertising of the magician Helena. The similar situation was thoroughly described there, and we have decided to contact. We really wanted our son to stop being a gambling addict. Helena told us everything and made it clear to us that she had a huge experience in such cases, and that we should not worry, we just need to hold on, endure and wait. She gave a couple of tips and tricks and performed a ritual to heal from gambling addiction. After three weeks, the addiction began to weaken. We saw how our son began to change for the better. For another 2 months, he completely got rid of addiction, started to correct the mistakes of the past, and began a new life. He met a girl, and started a relationship. Thank you once again!

2019-03-10 15:00:00


Hello dear women! I don't even know how to start. Therefore, I'll probably start with the most important thing – I'm married! For me it was a great event. I’m still overwhelmed with emotions of happiness and joy. To be honest, until the very last moment I didn’t believe that it was finally happening to me, because I have never been married, and I’m almost 40 years old, but I didn’t manage to establish a serious relations before. Once a very charming man came to work for us, and I immediately noticed him, but he didn’t pay any attention to me. I was desperate. I wanted to marry him. On one Internet chat room, I read that such a problem may be solved by magic and a love spell for marriage. I started looking for a magician, came across and found Helena. We have discussed and arranged everything, and she has started to work. Helena performed the previously mentioned ritual – a love spell for marriage. I was delighted with the result! After 8 months, we have played a wedding. Now we have plans for a baby and buying an apartment. We are both happy. Everything is as it should be. Good luck everyone, and thanks for taking the time to read my story! In addition, I wish Helena well-being in life and new work achievements!

2019-02-18 15:45:00


I faced the betrayal of a loved one with my best friend, who I considered a sister, but then I saw them together in my bed. It’s difficult to express the pain I experienced. I didn't want to live, it was hard for me to breathe, it was so bad... Then I got fired from my job... I was in despair, everything that I had been building for so long, my relationships and my career collapsed in one month. But when I was nearly hit by a car to my death at a green traffic light, but some force saved me, I realized that this was not happening to me because of a coincidence, but because of something more serious. I went to church but there I felt bad, sick, dizzy, and my legs went numb. I told myself that I didn't want to live like that anymore and that I would change everything for the better. I found Helena on the Internet through advertising. I made a call and discussed everything. Helena immediately said that I can't find my place in this world, that's how it turns out in life. She did the work remotely. Helena made an amulet "Five Blessings", which she said to wear so that everything in life would improve, attract positive energy, and help in the search for my life. After about 2 months, everything began to normalize. Life began to turn out the way I always wanted. I am grateful to Helena for everything that she did for me!

2019-02-09 01:30:00


A couple of months ago, I have started relationship with a man who had been married for 5 years. At first, there was nothing serious, but then both fell in love and could not spend even an hour without each other, and were together almost 24 hours a day, since we also worked together. I was in the role of a mistress. Although such situation was very unpleasant to me, but I could not part with him. Then I find out that I was pregnant. In the evening, we had a very serious conversation and I told that I was pregnant, so we decided to be together and start a family (he said that he would divorce with his wife). He was delighted with the whole situation, and told everything to his wife. He said that he would file for divorce, and said her to leave him because he loves me and will not abandon the child. However, she forgave him and said that she would never leave him. One day, having return home and found her drunk and crying, he woke up with pity for her. He told me with tears in his eyes, that I would have to make an abortion, because he cannot leave his wife and doesn’t want to leave me alone in such a position. Of course, I refused to have an abortion. How is it possible? This is my child, my dear, and even from a beloved man. He stupidly left the child and me, and asked never approach to him and his wife. Such a situation has knocked me down, my condition worsened, and my health was shaken. I got depressed. I loved him so much! My friends saw my condition, how I eat, how I feel, saw everything that was happening to me, and were shocked when they saw how I fade. One of my friends said that she came across the topic of love spells on the Internet and howed me the site. I got acquainted with it, read everything on this topic, and it was exactly that I needed. It was Helena's site. Nothing bothered me, and I decided to turn to her. I have sent her a message. We discussed all the points and decided to act. Helena immediately told me that his wife had bewitched him. I just had to send a photo of my beloved. On the same day, Helena performed a remote ritual based on a photo. A month later, an unknown number called me. It was him! "Get down to the street" - he said. I looked out the window and saw him standing with a baby carriage. I cried and realized that Helena's spell worked! We had a wonderful day and seriously discussed everything. He told me that he was finally divorced and was ready to build a new family and relationships with me, raise our child and take care of us. Thank you Helena for that!

2019-01-21 07:57:30


When I was around thirty years old, I started to guess that I’was wearing a celibacy crown. After all, by this moment, almost all of my friends already have families, and I was alone. There were some guys who paid attention, but somehow I didn't even consider them seriously. Moreover, I did not want sex, and it was disgusting to me. I visited the doctors, but they said that I have no health problems. I didn’t know what to do, where else to turn, and to whom address for help. A friend told me jokingly to try to turn to magic. And here I met Helena and her capabilities. Almost immediately, she has found out that a friend of mine, who lived in a nearby yard, cursed me. Helena removed the curse, but I decided not to leave it so easy and ordered a return curse to my offender. She sapped my strength for so long that I don’t feel sorry for her. I know that she is in trouble now, but let her get out of this swamp now, as I did before because of her. Now I feel better. I have a very normal lifestyle. Thanks to the magician Helena, I still found hope for happiness and I recommend everyone to turn to her for help.

2019-01-02 01:15:00


Hello! I want to tell you about my experience of addressing Helena. Nobody has recommended her; I have found her contacts in the Internet by chance. I liked her site, everything was clear and inspired with confidence. I have made a call, and have arranged a meeting. She has clarified me everything, and has assured that she may help in my personal problem. I don’t want to tell here wat was my issue, but Helena did everything very well. I would like to thank her for help! If I will face with any other problem, I will definitely contact her again. She is an extraordinary specialist with a gift from God!

2018-06-13 23:48:00


I have addressed Helena on the issue of my business. My sales began to fall, and a profit as well. I have heard that there are special rituals and amulets which may bring luck and money. I have collected all necessary items, and have passed them to Helena. She did something with it, has pronounced special spells, and gave me back with further instructions. So, within less than a week, my business has been blowing up! I don’t believe in coincidence, and I’m sure that this is her merit. Well done! She knows her business!

2018-06-11 10:59:00


Dear Helena, you are my benefactress! I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the preservation of my family. Thank you for my husband, who is literally carries me in his arms. I'm so happy! He stayed with me, and our children will grow up with their father!

2018-06-08 15:45:00


I can say that if you have any troubles in your life, if something goes wrong, if you are depressed, or feel apathy, just contact Helena, and she will always help you and guide you to the right direction!

2018-06-07 01:30:00


He has made a proposal bending down on one knee and saying: "I love you! Would you like to marry me?". A few months ago I couldn’t believe that it may be possible. You are a real Magician! You can do anything! Thank you for Antonio! It was you who gave me his love!!!

2018-06-05 00:00:00


I recommend to everybody who wants to change their lives and lives of their loved ones to get an opportunity and to meet a wonderful clairvoyant and magician Helena. Under her sensitive guidance, you may look into the depths of your subconscious, and change your attitude to the world. We were very lucky to meet her during our trip. My spouse and children are also very happy! We are looking forward to a new meeting!

2018-05-27 10:45:00


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