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I don't even know where to start my story…I am 28 years old, I am a young, beautiful girl who has always basked in the attention of men, caught glances and received compliments. Of course, like any girl, I was flattered by this attention, but what happened happened. I started having problems with hormones due to stress. She began to rapidly gain weight, run to the doctors, try to fix the situation. I tried hormone therapy, even went to a psychologist and a psychotherapist to work out my internal problems, regularly passed tests, tried various diets, did not eat for weeks, went to the gym, but it was a disaster – nothing helped. Every time I stood on the scales I wanted to cry, because the numbers were only growing. I am ashamed to admit, but in a year I have recovered from 58kg to 92kg! I felt like just a piece of meat, an animal for slaughter. There is nothing to say about the attention of men. It is not that it has disappeared, it has turned into condemnation. Moreover, not only the opposite sex reacted this way, but also the women themselves. I went into myself, into depression, stopped leaving the house, I began to hate my body so much. And the one, the only one who really gave me a helping hand was Elena. Just an incredible woman! I am so grateful to her, she not only listened and supported me, but finally solved my problem. After the ritual to heal from obesity, everything began to go away by itself, as if it were necessary. I felt every kilogram going away and couldn't get enough of it. On the scales, the numbers were getting smaller, and I began to feel like an attractive girl again. A month later, I returned to my former weight, the doctors who had been watching me all this time threw up their hands, not understanding what was the matter, and I did not betray my secret. But I decided to give her away here in order to help the same girls who are probably sitting in despair now, not knowing what to do. The only thing I can advise you is to pull yourself together and write to Elena. Without a doubt I will recommend it to all my friends! Elena, thank you so much for giving me self-confidence again!

2023-08-16 05:00:00


Apparently it's my time to write a review, maybe it will help someone. I am a mother of three wonderful sons, I have been raising them alone all my life, my husband left us as soon as the third child appeared. From that moment on, everything went awry, it was necessary to somehow combine work, personal life, parenting, and also take care of an elderly father with a disability group 3. It is clear that I had to sacrifice something. And most of them, of course, were children… There were no special problems with the older one, they studied diligently, because they understood our financial situation - I would not be able to give them a paid education, but I want the best for them. The younger one behaved like a spoiled egoist, got involved with a bad company, did not want to study, and in high school he completely stopped appearing at school, they even wanted to expel us. I offered him different options, I was even ready to hire tutors, if only he would go to university, and not to vocational school, after which you can safely go to the yards… But my persuasions did not help in any way, I was desperate, it was useless to talk to him. And how lucky I was to stumble upon Elena on the next forum, I found her purely by accident and initially was quite skeptical, I never resorted to such methods of solving problems. After listening carefully to my situation, Elena agreed to help, said that such a ritual is not uncommon, caring parents often turn to her for help. And I decided ... what was my surprise one day to find my child reading textbooks! The one who ran away from home and returned at two in the morning after another binge with the same friends. I was just delighted, my studies got better, even conflicts with my son went away! We began to understand each other, together we chose a university, a specialty (by the way, the passing score for it was one of the highest!). I am writing this review after 2 courses, my son is studying perfectly, there is a chance to graduate from the university with a red diploma, I am very proud of his dedication. And all thanks to Elena and the Ritual for successful admission to university and successful studies! I express my great gratitude and kneel. For me, for my mother, the most important thing is the well–being of children. My son improved only thanks to her. Thank you for your hard work!

2023-08-09 12:46:52


Good afternoon, I am writing this review as a sign of gratitude to a woman who really helps, I was thrice convinced of her abilities, to be honest, I was skeptical of fortune tellers, but somehow once in a desperate situation I turned to Elena, she is strict of course, but an understanding and kind woman, she took little things for working on me and my wife, but I thanked her three times more for her help, I recommend her as a professional to everyone who needs real help, I put emphasis on the fact that the real one because I have read reviews, I have not encountered charlatans, but I can confidently advise this woman to people her contacts.
Elena helped us solve problems in the family, saw that I had a spell on me. To be honest, it was scary to believe in it, and even in the fact that the spell was made by a left-wing woman, an ex-girlfriend. She made this spell, there were constant scandals in the family, they could not live in peace, they swore at every little thing. As I understand it, she made a spell after the wedding with my wife, but for some reason I did not have thoughts about her and did not pull in her direction in any way, but in any case, this is magic no other way. Previously, we had never quarreled, did not hold grudges against each other, it was always resolved peacefully. Elena listened to my situation and offered to conduct a Muslim spell. I am from the Arab Emirates. She helped me remove the spell from my ex-wife and so that there would be no more such situations, I allowed my wife to enchant me, strangely, but effectively and without risks for the future in the family. For almost a month now, everything has been the same as before, we hear and understand each other. Elena, you made me believe in magic! Thank you!

2023-08-05 12:44:37


I also decided to write a review, looked that most of them were written by women and decided that my story would diversify the context a little. Usually men don't believe in magic and mysticism, I was like that before my fifty. But when you realize at the age of 40 that you are literally sitting at a broken trough, you begin to think differently. I tried to open my own business several times, and in completely different areas – all for nothing. In the end, he lost all the money and left with nothing. Some kind of total bad luck… Everything seems to be going well, work with partners has been established, and then once – and everything is gone. Of course, my wife got sick of it, she wanted certainty, stability, and began to drip on her brains every day. Scandals became constant companions, with this our day began and ended with the same. It has become simply impossible to live, not only can I not realize myself in my career, but also the beloved woman drips on my brain every day. But the decision came to us by itself! More precisely, his wife found him. If it wasn't for her, I don't know how this story would have ended. We learned about Elena from a neighbor, she has already helped her and not once. On her advice, we decided to apply. Never regretted it! After the ritual for success in work and attracting money, everything went uphill! At that time I was aiming at the real estate sector, where the risks are extremely high, I thought that I would lose all my money again. But what happened next surprised me every day. Partners and agreements seemed to flow into my hands, and with them the money. I opened my agency literally 2 months later, assembled a reliable team and even found investors, which is almost impossible at the initial stage of the business without any guarantees! Elena is just a miracle, I don't know what else to call her. She saved not only my career, but also my relationship with the woman I love. Now I am 40, I have a stable business that brings consistently high income and a wide horizon of opportunities. And all thanks to Elena. I don't know how I can express my gratitude better than to advise her as a specialist. Special thanks to you and from my wife!

2023-07-31 12:38:41


Hello. Elena, you helped me out of a terrible situation. I could not even think that I would face such a betrayal. The bottom line is that I ended up in the hospital. And my close friend, as it seemed to me, out of the kindness of her heart, undertook to look after my schoolboy son and husband. Like, while I'm away, she will be an assistant so that I don't worry. And I wasn't worried, and when I got out of the hospital, it turned out that my husband was going to go to her. I couldn't understand, because everything in our relationship was good. I thought my husband was a traitor. It's good that you guessed on the cards and helped to sort everything out. I thought maybe I was guilty of something, I didn't catch up. It turned out that she was cooking my husband's food, charmed her and poured some kind of potion. And so he fell in love with her only because of a love spell. And, really, after all, I didn't show any interest in her before. That's how I met Elena. She told me all about it and offered to conduct a ritual to remove the spell on blood. And thank you for helping to remove all this nastiness, remove the spell, save the family. Now I would raise my son alone and despise men. I want to tell everyone that dear women, take care of your families. Close friends, it turns out, are very mean. And they can harm you, stare at your husbands, envy. Don't let anyone get close. I am now taught by experience. It's good that I met a good expert in magic who helped me out. Thanks!

2023-07-27 08:30:00


Good afternoon! I got to Elena with a lot of pain and heaviness in my soul. My husband left me, 7 years of a happy marriage, lived soul to soul, loved each other. Over the past six months, I began to notice strange behavior, stopped kissing when I met, treated me coldly, hardly spoke, walked around, how ashamed he was. I tried to talk, to understand what the reason was, he walked away from the conversation, said everything was fine. I came home from work one day, his things are gone, a short note that I fell out of love, went to another. I did not arrange scandals, I understood that it would only be worse for me, but I did not think that so much. I have been following Elena for a long time and reading her blog, watching how she conducts her activities, how she helps people, I knew immediately who I would go to if anything. The fact that my man was bewitched and there were no thoughts, living alone for a couple of weeks I already wanted to forget this betrayal faster. Elena made a diagnosis and said that my husband was bewitched with the help of a runic spell, she offered to make a lapel. She worked with runes, and I did as I wanted, as agreed, she made a lapel within a week. Elena is a wonderful master of her craft, you can feel a strong energy from her. She helped me cope with this burden on my soul, I began to sleep peacefully, because my man is next to me. Thank you Elena, for your work, I am grateful to you a million times. I was not mistaken in you!

2023-07-21 12:36:32


Did it really happen... We finally sold the apartment that we had for 4 years!!! It was just a nightmare!! To whom we just did not turn: both to realtors and to full-fledged agencies, we tried to sell on our own, but nothing came out. All these intermediaries just sucked money out of us and did not give any result. Once again, I was scouring the Internet in search of possible solutions and came across Elena, read all the reviews and decided – you need to try. I just didn't see any other options. The apartment had to be sold, there was no time to think about it, we already delayed the move. Another country was waiting for us, but in order to acquire real estate abroad, it was necessary to sell an apartment here. And the buyers still could not be found! We even bought one-way tickets, we were so determined. I called Elena, described the whole situation in detail, said that the problem needed to be solved urgently, I was only afraid that we wouldn't have time, but Elena assured me otherwise. And everything worked out! Elena held a ritual for the sale of residential and commercial real estate. Literally a week later, we called a beautiful married couple who were ready to buy an apartment. The inspection was just wonderful! Minor wishes and claims were eliminated on the spot, but otherwise came to a full agreement. When we signed the contract of sale, I thought I would explode with happiness, we have been going to this for so long! I am writing this review already from a new apartment, in a new country, with new opportunities! Many thanks to Elena, who gave us the opportunity to enjoy a quiet life. All those who are thinking whether to turn to Elena for help – do not think! Contact us! This is a sure way to save your nerve cells and achieve what you want. Thank you again for your help, I will definitely recommend it to all my friends.

2023-07-17 16:00:00


Elena, it was very nice to interact with you. The fact is that I am, so to speak, a man with a non-traditional orientation. I registered on a dating site and met one person. We started a relationship. We've been together for almost seven months. Everything was wonderful. Unfortunately, I somehow immediately felt that his attitude towards me had become cool, but I hid my head in the sand and thought that he was just working hard and stuff, so there was no time for frequent meetings.
Well, as a logical conclusion, he said that we were breaking up. I would not want anyone to be able to find out this information about me. So I decided to find a magician on the Internet. Yes, I understand that this is also not a guarantee to run into some blackmailer. But I was lucky, I came across a wonderful person, Elena. She said that yes, she does same-sex love spells, we immediately agreed, and she got to work. During the first week, she performed a Same-sex love spell ritual. I waited for the result for three weeks. I didn't get in touch with the enchanted one myself. I thought that when the same-sex spell works, he knows my number. And, indeed, he proved himself. By texting with a question about plans for the evening. Now my beloved and I have been practically not parting for a step for a month and a half. I see his feelings, his concern. I don't have a single complaint against Elena. I can recommend it to everyone, don't even doubt it. Knows, can and can. Thank you.

2023-07-12 12:32:13


I have been seeking the attention of one man for a long time. We've known each other for a long time, but we still can't get attention from him. But as soon as we got a little closer to him, another girl intervened and he went to her. It was a shame, very hard, I couldn't believe it for a long time, I dreamed that it was a dream. It was such a pain. Such a blow.... My last hope was Elena and she met my expectations. She offered to perform a ritual Spell on blood. I agreed without even thinking and didn't regret it for a second. Girls, he's back IN A WEEK, as promised! In exactly one week!! I was in complete shock, I was just sobbing with happiness! He's become so gentle and caring, I'm just a princess in his arms. He offered me to build a family with him, we began to live together. Elena, thank you for giving people happiness and love! May your kindness return to you three times! Who needs the help of a specialist, write she is a wonderful person!
If it wasn't for her, I would have done all sorts of stupid things and would have lost him forever. I am very grateful to her. She turned on the advice of her sister, she has been guessing at her for many years.
Now only to Elena, only to her and without hesitation, you are the best!

2023-07-06 12:29:39


My story began with another dismissal. I never thought that I might have problems with employment, I don't seem to be deprived of brains, I understand my field, but relations with my superiors still could not get better. I have changed 6 jobs over the past year! In my small town, there are practically no companies left in which it was possible to get a normal job. All the interviews were excellent, good, friendly relations were built with the employer, but a month passed and I was fired, often without explanation, at some point I even thought of contacting the trade union, which is designed to protect the rights of employees, but I was gently hinted that it was a waste of time. And then I decided to act differently. I've been collecting information for several days, studying what I can do with it. And the decision seemed to come into my hands by itself. Elena became my decision. She approached my problem with full responsibility, listened to all my stories and offered a solution that completely satisfied me. This year has pretty much exhausted me and I was ready to do anything to solve this problem. Elena offered to conduct a ritual of employment assistance and career advancement. After contacting her, everything changed at the click of a finger. Of course, there were fears that everything would end according to the already known scenario. But now a month passes, the second, third, half a year and I understand that everything is just wonderful! I am respected and appreciated as an employee and colleague. And six months later they offered me a promotion, which of course I couldn't refuse. Prospects for growth as a professional – that's what I wanted and what I got. I wish everyone who thinks that he has a black streak in his life to find white paint and paint over all the dark corners of his life. I can say with firm confidence that Elena will choose the best paint for you! I would like to express my gratitude once again and wish Elena the same career growth that she wished for herself. Thank you for the opportunity to realize your ambitions!

2023-06-30 12:16:00


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