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Olga, Geneva, Swidzerland

My husband was returned to me by the magician and psychic Elena from Barcelona. The story is long - the birth of a daughter, postpartum depression, a school friend of her husband who appeared from nowhere, with whom they began to drink and have fun. Anything to avoid being at home... And then this school friend introduced my husband to his sister. And it started - you have to stay late at work, go to football, go on business all weekend, spend the night in the garage with the car... I've come up with many reasons and they're all different. Apparently, there was a girl with a good imagination. My sister advised me to turn to the magician Elena. I did not begin to understand this situation and delay, since everything has already gone far. I didn't go personally – I have a small child. We contacted Elena, discussed all the points, she listened to me and agreed that she would solve my problem remotely. The task was to remove the spell from the husband who was brought to him, to remove such a "good" friend, to return my man to me. Elena coped with the task with a bang! It took about three weeks. She carried out work on removing the spell from the rival and for full confidence conducted the ritual of the Black Wedding. As a result, the husband quarreled with a friend. He left the girl. Then he told me how stupid and disgusting he had done. That the friend turned out to be not a friend at all, but a deceiver and extortionist. And the girl is an ordinary freeloader who wanted to live at someone else's expense. I realized what kind of people I fell for. And he also said that he realized how important family and values are. That's the story. Elena is a great fellow! Helps people regain happiness!

2021-07-07 01:15:00


Elena helped me when I really needed help. I do not know how I could have survived a series of misfortunes and troubles, but I overcame all this with the necessary and strong support. For two whole years I was in search of a person who would figure out what the real thing was, what was wrong in my life and in me, why I was unlucky in many matters. I am a successful woman, for 10 years I have built a large construction business, which not every man can do, I did not deny myself anything, I lived in a big way, a chic life, in a word. But at a certain moment I realized that I was 45 years old, and I had no family, no children, no husband, no fortress where I could come after a hard day and hide in my room with my loved ones. It all caused sadness, sadness and tears. Everything that happened to me, my state of mind led me to Elena. When I shared my problem with Elena, she said that she would definitely help me and figure out what the matter was. A week later, she revealed the truth that I have been suffering from damage for a long time, which prevents me from fully living and breathing freely. Elena offered to carry out the work as follows: she conducted a ritual to remove the damage, and so that my abuser and hater would no longer interfere in my life, she conducted a powerful ritual in response to the punishment of the offender and caused damage. You know, a month has already passed, and I see how everything around me has changed dramatically, and I finally met the one I've been waiting for for a long time. His name is Raphael. I can recommend Elena to anyone without remorse. Good luck to everyone.

2021-06-28 13:45:00

Alla, Boston

Finally, I got to the site to leave my review. To begin with, I would like to say that I am grateful to Elena for her work and the results of this work. I also wanted to thank her for her responsiveness, intelligence, hard work, experience and support during our pleasant cooperation with her. A couple of months ago I turned to Elena on the advice of my best friend. She earns well and works hard, is the owner of a small network of beauty salons, but on the personal front with one man for a long time it was not possible to establish a relationship, so she decided to turn to magicians for her problems, which she threw away a lot of money, and the result was zero, only empty promises and childish chatter! But by pure chance, she met Elena, who became her lifesaver, who helped her get her husband back within two months. My story is similar – it's 15 years of living together in love and harmony. But recently, my husband began to behave strangely and irritably, all on emotions and worries, began to appear at home less often, as a result, he left the family altogether without explanation, abandoning me and three children. I can't help but tell you without tears how I remember all this.It turns out that my problem was that someone carried out a not weak ritual of turning my husband away from me. Elena told me about it and I decided to act. We discussed all the points of work. She was very supportive. It gave me strength. Within about a week, Elena took off her lapel, installed protection from malevolent interventions and performed a strong spell on wax Voodoo dolls. Later I found out for myself what the ritual was - it was interesting. After this ceremony, my husband returned to me exactly a month later. I can't convey all the words of joy and happiness, thanks to Elena

2021-06-22 08:00:00

Sergey, Moscow

I want to write words of gratitude for your help, Elena. This is the first time I have addressed you. But now, if there are any incomprehensible situations in my life, that is, if there is a need for magical help, I will work only with you. Since I am very pleased with what you have done for me with the help of your rituals.
Perhaps my situation is very common - the departure of a loved one, but as it is, and I want to share it. My boyfriend lost interest in me, cooled down, maybe even fell out of love, wanted to leave. I always knew that I loved him more than he loved me. We met three years ago in a bar. But I thought that, having become his beloved half, he would appreciate it and would not want to lose me. But it didn't happen that way.
The thoughts in my head were the most terrible, I didn't want to live when I found out that he wanted to leave. Then I found out that it turns out he had a very good friend with whom they spent time together after work, and I was already as a backup option. It really upset me. But I was not ready to put up with such a scenario and decided to go for such a measure as a same-sex love spell. So I found Elena in Google advertising. Then we got to know her, talked to her, discussed my situation. I used to think it was just some kind of violence and coercion. But no. As Elena explained to me, not all love spells are like that. There are those who help people, bring harmony into relationships, allow one person to see the best sides in another, eliminate negativity, return loved ones without violence. So Elena performed the same-sex love spell ritual on my boyfriend. The result was amazing. Three weeks later, we met him in the park, took a walk, discussed our situation and decided that this would not happen again. We will build our relationship on truth, trust, happiness and mutual understanding.
Elena, thank you and believe me, you have done a lot for me. Good luck!

2021-06-06 15:00:00


I fell in love with a Muslim. He is from the UAE. I have never been a supporter of ties with men of this religion, but here it turned out quite the opposite and did not expect that our communication would end with such sincere love. For a long time my beloved hesitated to take serious steps in my direction. I decided to bewitch him, because I wanted to create a family with him and give birth to our children. There is a lot of information in the Internet, and I found there many love spells, and began to cast them. However, I failed to do it by myself. As a result, he left me. I have just wasted many time and nerves. I decided that it was better to pay and get a result than just spending time and getting nothing. I turned to magic. I came across an advertisement for Helena on the Internet, met her, phoned her and tried to cooperate. In two days after our meeting, Helena has performed a Muslim love spell. Nothing happened during first two weeks, and I already thought that it was a failure again, so I wasted money and time, but then a miracle happened – he called me and proposed to meet. When we have met, he told me that he desires to return and to start everything from the beginning, and even improve our relations. I’m grateful to Helena for this!

2021-01-21 18:30:00


I don't even know how to start my story. First, I would like to thank Helena for her efforts and support. So, here it is. I have met Pavel at an art exhibition. As it turned out later, his work is relatively close to mine. He is a brutal, handsome, tall, successful and gallant man, and very attractive for any woman. In the beginning, our relations were quite boring, but day after day, our feelings and emotions gained momentum. As a result, everything spilled over into meetings and relationships. He often gave me flowers and gifts. I realized that I fell in love with him. I went crazy from all these feelings and emotions, tenderness and care. I was getting closer and closer to him. We met for a long time. I was waiting that he will ask me to become his wife, to have a wedding and fly away on a honeymoon to Italy. But he didn’t gave me a wedding proposal. Later I found out that besides me he had another lady, who tried to keep him with all her might. He felt sorry and can’t left her, that's how it turned out such nonsense. It worried me, because we were together for so long, discussed it so many times, and as a result, nothing serious happened. I was not happy with such a situation, then, on the recommendation of a good friend, who was in the same situation, I addressed to Helena. She advised me to perform a love spell ritual for marriage. A month later, he finally returned to me completely abandoning this woman. We should have a wedding soon, and I'm very happy. Many thanks to Helena for her work!

2021-01-03 13:45:00


Today the weather in our city is good. My name is Kerry, and I'm merry! However, my situation is not very pleasant, but I would really like to share it so that other girls will never face something similar in their lives. I had a wonderful experience of work with Helena. There are sircumstances when you rush from one problem to another, from one situation to another and don’t know how to get out. In such cases, help and support of such a person like Helena are needed. She helped me a lot, so that she improved my relationship with my boyfriend with the help of the Egiliet love spell. Of course, the very name of the love spell is very strange and when I first heard it, I was surprised and a little scared, but as it turned out later, this is an effective ritual. This powerful ritual was able to keep my man near me, re-awaken an intimate attraction to me and not give him to another woman who also used the love spell magic. As the result showed, Helena was much more experienced specialist than another magician, with whom she faced and who was her competitor. My relationship was saved, and itimate life was improved. Now we are both happy and love each other. And I would like to say thank you to Helena!

2020-12-25 19:45:00


Hello! There was such a situation in my life. Somehow I began to notice that the attitude of my girlfriend to me became worse, we started communicate less often, and her behavior has changed, as her attention, affection and tenderness have disappeared somewhere instead of reproaches, criticism, and a certain coldness. I wanted to escape and hide somewhere, so as not to see and feel it. Once I got into her phone and saw a correspondence with another girl from her work. She flirted with her! So, we quarreled, and as a result she left me, and I was left alone, all in tears and panic. I didn’t know what to do. My friends advised me to turn to a magician. I came across Helena's advertisement on one of the sites on the Internet. I decided to address her. She told me everything that my beloved was bewitched by another girl. It was agreed with Helena that she would carry out a turn-away spell within a week, and for the second week she would conduct a same-sex love spell. The result appeared after three weeks. My beloved one came back to me all crying and asked me for forgiveness for all that she had done lately. We discussed everything, made peace and agreed that we would work on our relationship. Now we are both happy. I’m very glad that I turned to Helena for help. Dear Helena, thank you very much!

2020-12-18 14:15:00


Hello everyone! It may happen in the life a situation when a loved one leaves. It happened to me too. First, I addressed witches, but when I got desperate, I decided to try my luck on the Internet. So I found Helena through her advertising, and she helped me get my beloved husband back. From the very beginning of our relationship, everything was a little tense and not everything was as sweet as we would like. This is most likely due to our age difference, almost 13 years. However, we created a family and lived together until his colleague separated us, and as it turned out, she was his ex-girlfriend even before our marriage. He said that he don’t feel anything for me anymore and don’t see further life with me. I couldn’t accept and believe that he could leave me like that, so I began to look for a specialist who could help in my situation. That's how I have met Helena, who is a wonderful person and a very strong magician, who in a matter of days returned my beloved one by casting the black wedding love spell. I am very grateful, and I would like to thank her for the family saved.

2020-11-23 11:45:00


Hello everybody! My story is like hundreds of others. I met a guy, we loved each other to the point of unconsciousness, and had huge plans for the future, to build family and to have children, and many, many other things, but once my beloved just disappeared. No explanations, no goodbyes. He just left me for another woman. I thought I'd go crazy. I gave a lot of money to fortune-tellers and psychics, but without any result. I was thinking on a cuicide, but my friends, who supported me, persuaded me not to give up. Fortunately, I found a wonderful magician Helena, who solved all my problems. With Helena’s assistance, we have determined a plan of actions, and she said that it was necessary to carry out a cemetery love spell, since the situation was not easy. And so she did. The result was in three weeks. My man came back to me. I breathed a sigh of relief, and stopped pulling my hair. However, the consequences of the love spell were not only the return of a loved one, also he began to pay less attention to other women, and devote his time and attention to me, as I did to him. Since then, my beloved man and I have been living in perfect harmony and our relationship doesn’t deteriorate. I would like to tell my sincere gratitude to Helena!

2020-10-16 14:15:00


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