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Customer reviews about psychic Elena. Mag Elena from Barcelona.


Our acquaintance with Vladimir was a little strange and unexpected, and all because we met at a conference where he was a speaker. A handsome, tall, intelligent man in a business suit. At first, both kept their distance, as I was a spectator, and he was a speaker. We talked about work and business issues. But once in the early morning he invited me to have breakfast together. This was the oddity, as he woke me up early in the morning. At first I did not understood who it was, but an hour later I was already having breakfast with him. The surprise was that the place where we went to have breakfast was his restaurant, the hall of which was all in roses. I thought that someone was preparing for the wedding, but that was for me. Our fabulous relationship have started and lasted for about three years until the moment when they became worsen. It was very strange and incomprehensible to me. I couldn't live without him. We met for a long time, and as I thought, everything had to go to a wedding and a family, but he was in no hurry to offer me his hand. He has lost interest towards me, and we began to quarrel, and a lot of negative moments appeared. After our last quarrel, I learned that he had returned to his ex-wife, and that their relations become better. Then I immediately realized what I needed to do, and I have started to seek for a magician. I was looking for a specialist for a long time, but no one could really help me. Then I continued searching on the Internet, and found Helena from Barcelona, and I addressed her. She said that Vladimir is under affection of a love spell made by his ex-wife. Helena performed a turn-away spell, and three days later the "black wedding" ritual. During the first week, nothing happened. I already thought that nothing had worked out and I needed to look for another magician, but still decided to wait a little longer. In the second week, late in the evening, suddenly the doorbell rings. My beloved has returned. How happy I was! We talked. He said that he was stupid, that he doesn’t love her, and that he loves only me. We began to live together. I'm so happy! You can't even imagine how great it is when you come home from work and your beloved one is waiting for you at home. Thank you dear Helena!

2020-09-27 10:21:00


Hello. My name is Marina. I am 38 years old. I’m an ordinary woman with my own inner world, interests, worries and problems. Helena has helped to solve the main problem I had – the problem with my relationship. Helena is a wonderful person and a strong specialist. Therefore, I want to share my experience of work with this magician. Throughout the life of any person, dark and bright times constantly alternate. You rush from one problem to another, from one situation to another and do not know how to get out of it. In such cases, an assistance and support from Helena may be very helpful. She is a miracle specialist! She saved me and helped me a lot by mending my relationship with my man with the help of the Voodoo doll love spell. She helped take my man back from another woman who bewitched him. The Voodoo Doll love spell turned out to be a powerful rite of passage to return a beloved one once and for all. It’s a slightly strange name for a love spell, but it’s very effective. Of course, there was a lot of nerves, sufferings, tears and fears that nothing would work out, and that I would not return him. But I was worried in vain. I would like to thank Helena for supporting me all the time during our joint work, for her kind words and high-quality work performed to return my happiness. Who would have thought that such things could happen? Thanks again.

2020-09-08 10:20:22


Hello! I never thought that such a situation may happen in my life, but it’s a fact. I noticed that my husband is changing, not at once, but gradually, over time. He started less communicate with me, and his behavior become worse – no care, no tenderness, no affection, and no attention. He began to spend moew time at work. Once I took his phone and saw a correspondence with his colleague. There was nothing disgraceful, but he flirted with her. He was quite rude with me, but with her he was very polite. We quarreled, and the temperature of our relations began to heat up. One friend tried to persuade me to turn to a magician, but I kept rejecting it. However, after another serious quarrel with my husband, I decided that this was the best way out. I came across Helena's advertisement on one of the sites on the Internet, and decided to address her. The magician told everything very accurately, about family life, about work. It turned out that my husband had a love spell. At that moment, something inside me turned over. My husband had a very strong love spell, and therefore Helena recommended a bilateral turn-away spell on a rival. First, Helena casted a turn-away spell on my husband. The result appeared after 2 weeks. The attention of my husband towards me become warmer, he paid more attention and care. New topics for communication have appeared, and our leisure time has diversified. However, to ensure that similar situations will no more happen with us, Helena has conducted a powerful ritual to harmonize our relations. After the last ceremony, everything began to improve. Now my husband is always with me, we often spend time together, travel a lot, and relax outside the city, show care and affection. Even at work, my husband's affairs have slightly improved. We are both happy. I’m very glad that I turned to Helena for help in due time.

2020-08-19 13:00:00


We lived together with Andrew for 5 years in a civil marriage. Like many couples sometimes we had some little quarrels, but in general we were happy. Gradually, everything began to change, Andrew began to work more, and devote less time to me. Delays from work became more frequent. One day he simply did not returned home at all. I was very worried about what happened to him. Once, returning late at night, we had an unpleasant dialogue in which he confessed that he had fallen in love with another woman. On the same day, he packed his things and left. As I understood, he went to her. I couldn’t come to terms with it, I couldn’t live without him. I was mentally ill and morally hard. Once a friend told me about love spells. I found information on the Internet and decided that this is exactly what I need. First, I decided to carry out the ceremony by myself. Then I read reviews on the Internet. Improper performance could be reflected in my health and could led to dire consequences. Therefore, I found a real magician with good reviews and turned to her. Helena is a real magician. I am very pleased with the result of her work. Helena performed a black wedding ceremony. About five days later, Andrew returned. Now in our life everything is good. We still together and happy. There is nothing to regret. I would like to say many good words to Helena, but it’s not enough. Thank you Helena for everything you did for us!

2020-07-30 14:30:00


It’s vainly to doubt about Helena, her working methods or conditions. In all the aspects in which Helena helped me I got much more than I have expected. And I would like to thank the magician Helena for it, and to say some good words about this good and helpful specialist. I originally ordered an amulet from her to attract money and raise a career, which helped me in my work and with my financial matters. In a month after the creation of the amulet, I got a good job, and began to flourish and gain confidence and strength. The result was amazing! However, the last time I turned to her with a more complex problem. As I have learned under certain circumstances, someone casted a powerful love spell on my husband. As Helena told me later, it was my colleague, who liked my husband. Now I understand why at corporate parties she often stood next to our couple and several times even invited my husband to dance. Helena advised that it’s necessary to perform a bilateral turn-away ritual to remove such a powerful love spell. And it helped! My husband returned to his former state, where all his attention belongs to me. Helena is a very nice woman! I recommend her as a proven magician and true specialist.

2020-07-08 13:00:00


I was introduced to Helena and her abilities by my friend, who had already turned to her for help in her personal life and work. Helena is an amazing and capable magician, and a professional in her field. She helped me to improve my relationship with a man, cleaned my aura, performed special work with the chakras and restored the biofield. Everything has begun from my relationship with my husband, which suddenly started to fade. We have cooled to each other. We have spent much less time together, and started communicate less. Our intimate activity also began to decline. After that, quarrels and misunderstandings between us became more frequent. Because of this, I started to feel depressed, anxious and sleep deprived. I felt a loss of strength and energy, then began to get nervous and irritated. I didn't know where and to whom to address, and I didn't want to return home, as there were problems with my husband and children. I thought I was going to go crazy. I tried to calm myself down and relax, somehow entertain myself and distract myself, I almost became an alcoholic. Observing all these things, my friend urged me to turn to magic. Through the Internet I came across Helena's website. I wrote to her. During the day I received a response letter, where Helena has told me not to worry and to calm down, and assured that everything may be solved, the main thing is to start acting. We discussed the working conditions. And we agreed that after payment, Helena will start her work immediately. In 3 days after our conversation, I paid for the services. The next day Helena performed a ritual, worked with my chakras, cleaned my aura, and restored the biofield. Within a month, my life began to change fundamentally. I was very glad to see the results of Helena's work. Now my life is getting better and everything comes back on track. Also everything is good with my beloved husband. I would like to add that there are still people who are trying to help and Helena is one of them.

2020-06-22 10:30:00


I would like to share my experience of cooperation with Helena. My name is Arseny, and I'm a businessman. I believe in perseverance, work, initiative and dedication, so I never went to fortunetellers and magicians. However, for the last 2 years I have had a bad luck in real estate sales. I had an office and an apartment which I couldn’t sell for 2 years due to some incomprehensible things. I was planning to sell my real estate business and invest in something more promising, but these two lots stood up like a bone in my throat. Neither real estate agents, nor PR campaigns, nor good discounts, nor connections could help me sell out. Then a friend recommended contacting a magician. He gave me the phone number and said that this woman would help solve my problem. And it worked! My savior was the magician Helena. At first, I didn’t believe that anything could be done with all these things. However, Helena was so confident in herself and her work that I decided to take a chance and try. She performed a ritual to quickly sell real estate. And my first lot (an apartment) was sold exactly one month later. I was a little shocked when so many people started calling me and coming to watch. So I have sold it. Two months later, the second lot (an office space) was sold, and only after that I began to believe in magic. Now I understand that it may help and could be beneficial. I still work with Helena. I would like to thank her for her work and efforts.

2020-06-11 10:01:50


Helena’s help cannot be explained. Till today, we remain a little shocked that she helped us in our difficult situation. I just don’t have enough words to describe how much I’m grateful to her! This wonderful person pulled us out of the period of torment and tears. Thanks to Helena for the happiness she brought to our family. At that time, it seemed to me that nothing could be done, but Helena proved to me and my husband that everything may be changed, the main thing is to want it and diligently move towards it. We really wanted our daughter to recover and be healthy. She was only 12 years old and suffered from epilepsy from the age of 9. We were in great shock when it happened for the first time. For 3 years my husband and I fought for our daughter: we went to the necessary doctors, got tested, carried out examinations, took expensive medications, spent a lot of money, efforts and energy, and all this turned out to be unsuccessful. Everyone told us that they don’t know how to help us. I cried day and night, my hands dropped, but all this time my husband supported me, although it was mentally and physically difficult for him too. We tried everything and decided to use the last option – we have turned to magic. We were looking for a magician via the Internet. So we have met Helena and made her a phone call. She said that she would help within two or three weeks, the only thing she asked to send a photo of our child. Helena performed a ritual to heal from epilepsy, and for the future protection, and asked to wait. In five weeks after contacting Helena, our child was on the mend. Now we are happy. Thank you, Helena, for curing our daughter and saving us from this heavy stone in life.

2020-05-19 16:15:00


I dedicate this reference to all those parents, mothers and fathers whose children have such a feature as stuttering. From the age of 8, my son began to stutter as a result of the stress, he couldn’t even pronounce his first and last name. In elementary school, someone teased him, but someone crossed the red line and mocked him. In high school, everything was repeated. Such a problem influenced not only the personality of my son, but also his psychological and mental states. It was evident that it was difficult for him to find a common language with classmates, and with others, wherever he was in school, street, camp, park, etc. Because of the stuttering, he considered himself a flawed, hermit, and lonely. For a long time we turned to different doctors, tried many techniques and exercises, listened to many tips and recommendations, underwent a sufficient number of treatments, but nothing helped us. It lasted for the long his teenage years, until, before entering the university and starting an independent adult life, by pure chance, we were advised to turn to non-standard ways of solving our problem – to magic. So we have meet Helena and established a contact with her. She reassured me and said that it’s possible to help, and she performed a ritual to heal from stuttering. After 2 months, my son completely stopped stuttering and began to get used to a new full-fledged life without his former peculiarity. All our family would like to thank Helena for what she has done for us. We wish her good luck and success in her hard work.

2020-05-01 00:30:00


You may live and enjoy your life, thinking that everything is fine, you may enter adulthood, found your happiness, and wait that a family, children and house should appear, but then – Bam! And everything goes the other way around. My story is similar to hundreds of other stories of the life. Why am I saying this so easily? Hmm... Probably, I was just tired of everything and began to treat everything easier, and passed the bad luck period of my life in which Helena helped me a lot. Like anyone else, I have met a guy. We were together for 2 years, and everything was excellent. He has offered me his hand, and of course I agreed. There was a lot of joy! The wedding was supposed to take place in 5 months, and after that, we have decided to spend our honeymoon in warm countries. However, about four months before the wedding, my beloved began to cool down towards me. It was very strange. This went on for a month, while under the pretext of "a lot of work", he moved out to another apartment to resolve work issues. I didn’t want to accept it and began to understand the situation. Then the whole truth was revealed. In fact, he had another girlfriend, to whom he paid attention at the same time. Such a situation has caused me a shock and panic. I didn’t know what to do, until, after the circumstances, I saw an advertisement for Helena's article, where everything was written about a similar situation. I started to act. I made a call. And Helena has immediately understood my problem. She recommended to perform a diagnosis, and then to act in accordance with the circumstances. As a result, Helena did a double job: she performed a turn away ritual, since a love spell was imposed on my beloved by a girl she didn’t know anything about, and made another love spell by photo. Two weeks later, he returned to me with a large bouquet of roses and a sincere apology. He was ashamed and asked not to tell anyone about this situation. Helena saved our future, and made us happy. Thank you, Helena!

2020-04-25 08:45:00


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