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Everything has been fine with us for a month now, and we both live in harmony and happiness, in a happy relationship, keeping a balance. Today we had the last conversation about honesty and everything we were silent about, we went to this for a long time. We finally came to a common opinion that it was something incomprehensible, that perhaps it was a test of our feelings and the firmness of our union! But most importantly, I heard these words - I love you! It was worth living and waiting for! I am grateful to Elena for her help, for her perseverance and work! I will write periodically to tell you how our delaware is going))). I am grateful that you have completely changed everything in my life and saved me from loneliness and pain. Thank you for helping me, supporting me and conducting an interesting ritual – the love spell of Egilet. It remains only to show the tongue and twist at the temple in the direction of those who did not believe that everything would work out with you, that you would help me. Today, we had a serious conversation, he said that he would not allow such a situation anymore and would never leave me for another girl, that we would work on our relationship every day. Thank you very much! I am very grateful to you for helping and helping me! If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have survived this hell! I couldn't have done it alone! Thank you!!!

2023-05-09 16:43:38


It's already late and I don't even know how to put gratitude in this review, but I have to do it, because there is no limit to my happiness and joy and now I am a regular customer of Elena, if something is wrong, I immediately turn to her! First of all, you were my support when the world was collapsing and it was painful. The fact that you were encouraging, that there was an opportunity to write to you at any time and you always responded warmly and with kindness, it already mattered! Secondly, you have done a great job with my man, and he is a Muslim, as I later learned with them everything is always specific and requires additional measures and non-standard approaches. Your ritual Muslim spell to seduce my man – worked. Once everything started so beautifully, like in a fairy tale. I was an oriental princess, he was my oriental prince. But then something suddenly cooled down, but I didn't want to lose it, so I turned to Elena. And we met my man in the UAE when I was flying on vacation for 20 days and that was enough time to meet him and fall head over heels in love. To be understood for me, love is practically my life. When something is wrong in a relationship, the world becomes black and white, boring and unnecessary, it's hard to breathe and it's hard to live. You helped to enchant my man with your wonderful ritual. I look at him and me and realize that both are made for each other. If I had known you earlier, I would have applied right away and wouldn't have wasted so much time thinking. Thank you for making people happy! Thanks!

2023-05-04 16:43:02


I still liked runes and runic art as a child, and they also attracted me when I saw them purely by chance in one animated series. Girls are always drawn to something mysterious and mysterious. But I was about 11 years old then, as I remember, but a more serious acquaintance happened to me at the age of 18 already when I found on the Internet courses on teaching Runic art – Scandinavian Runes. I have already completed the courses for a year and now I myself apply them in practice in real life. I'm about 20 years old, but I already know how to do such interesting things. As soon as I remember, I found the courses, phoned. I found out all the details – a nice girl consulted me. We discussed the format and conditions of training, signed up. I had such great pleasure in the learning process, as I remember. The Rune training itself is something. The most amazing thing was that you can learn a lot about the person you need from the runes. In principle, this is how it happens now, I read a lot about a person by the runes, sometimes I help friends and girlfriends, plus I work part-time in this business. It also turns out well.
I have seen in practice that runes have their influence on us in everyday life. And if you take into account some features (your personal ones), then in life a lot can become, as if by notes.
The closer you get to know the Scandinavian runes and the more you learn its laws, the more you understand that all this exists and it does not matter whether you believe in it or not, certain cycles have acted and will act in life. But Runes are a direction that requires perseverance and patience. Such a hobby will be interesting for a persevering and patient person. I want to say to the school and its teachers – thank you for your hard work and patience. Good luck in your work!

2023-04-28 16:31:24


Greetings to all those who read my review. I tried to write it honestly and sincerely, so that those who choose a school or courses to study in the magical field would pay attention to Elena's school from Barcelona. I would never have thought that so many girls and women are studying this course – Tarot Cards. As I found out later, everyone wants to guess for their personal life, someone for their relatives, someone just wants to make money on it, and someone is very interested in it. Probably, I relate myself to all categories together, because I want to tell fortunes for myself and for my family, and it's not a sin to earn extra money on this and I'm interested in all this. For those who have already mastered Tarot Cards, it will be clear that any person, whenever and wherever he was born, constantly needs new knowledge. And I am such a person. I just started to understand this recently. The course of study on Tarot Cards helped me to understand a lot about myself, my loved ones and not to comb everyone with one comb.
But the most interesting and valuable thing for me was that the course taught me not only Tarot!!! The perception of the world and the worldview as a whole have changed. I figured out my "potential", laid out all my possibilities on the shelves, came confidence and determination in any undertaking. I look to the future more confidently. Well, the most important point is the confidence that I will have a strong family and marriage, a responsible and adult man. For all this, I want to thank all the staff of the school, including Elena for very interesting, informative lessons, for their patience and support. Thanks!

2023-04-20 16:30:47


I don't have much time, I fall asleep, but something came over me the desire to leave this review. Therefore, with a clear conscience and great gratitude, I want to leave my feedback about Elena and her work. I applied a couple of months ago, on the advice of a friend. She's my traditional orientation, but I love girls. My friend has her own business and now earns a lot, but she had periods when everything was the opposite and she tried a lot until her friend recommended contacting Elena, and now my friend advises me to go to Elena and deal with her situation. So my situation was that at work I met a girl who seems to communicate with me, but does not reciprocate and attention. When I turned to Elena, we discussed all the details and nuances with her, she immediately said that my interest has a half and we need to conduct a lapel ritual first, and so we did, after 3 weeks she was alone and then decided to conduct a same-sex love spell ritual to surely consolidate the result, so we also did. For 3 months now we have been dating my girl, with regard to working with Elena, I can say one thing – a real professional magician. During the period of working together, she supported me and told me not to lose heart, since every problem has its own solution. Elena coped with my problem and did her job efficiently. As I said, my girlfriend and I are together, living, dating, enjoying life. Elena, thank you!

2023-04-12 16:29:17


Six months ago I met Elena and her activities, I would never have thought that I would need such help, but as you can read my review, I am here and also decided to write a little about my situation. When you enjoy the results of Elena's work, you don't want to be distracted by anything in life, and that's why I went to this site for six months and wrote my opinion. I thought for a long time and doubted whether to apply or not, everything was brief, to the point, more than specific. My sad situation with one man whom I met by chance at a car wash made me turn. I fell in love with him like a little girl. I showed him some signs of attention, he did nothing in return. I was doing my job. I stopped by to wash the car a couple of times, but nothing happened, there was a simple communication, a cold attitude, a working situation. Once I offered him to go to lunch while my car was being washed, he did not refuse, but that his reaction, that lunch was zero and cold, without the result I wanted. Of course, I learned a little about him, he was not married, without a girlfriend and a traditional orientation. I was surprised and hurt at the same time. Hmm... I decided to change something and tried to hint more insistently from my side, but he had zero reaction. And then I thought that I needed to change the situation, and then I met Elena at the magicians forum. She helped me. Elena not only saw the problem, putting everything on the shelves, but also suggested solutions without abandoning the client halfway. A Black Matchmaker spell ritual was held. The result is exactly how five months we have been dating this man. But I still stop by to wash cars for him at work – it's Free for a loved one. Elena, thank you.

2023-04-07 16:28:15


Greetings! Finally I found the time and got around to leave my feedback on working with Elena. I will write how everything was and why I asked for such non-standard help. Exactly a month ago, he still came and made me an offer to become his wife, I gave my consent and the day after tomorrow it will happen, and I will be his wife, he is my husband. BUT before that, for a long time he did not dare to take this responsible step and move into a more adult life. We spent a lot of time together, traveling to other cities and countries, gifts, trips to cafes and restaurants, exhibitions and museums, it lasted about 3 years until I realized that I wanted more than just these meetings. And he did not go to the stage above. I began to carefully clarify hints about whether I would be his wife. He answered evasively. At first it seemed to me, and I began to find out if he had a girlfriend on his side or problems with exes, but no.. it didn't happen. After a while, watching him, the thought came that he was either not decisive, or just afraid of it, so I decided to help him a little, I didn't want to go unmarried for a long time. I found a solution to this problem – I met Elena, who conducted a light ritual "quick spell". Everyone was fine, Elena got her earnings, I'm the man of my dreams, and my man is me)))). And her ritual helped. He came back to me ten days later and made an offer. It's been dragging on for so long and now it's finally happened. I am happy and satisfied with the work done by you Elena. Thank you so much.

2023-04-03 16:25:00


Elena, I express my gratitude and sincerity to you for the work done, I am very grateful to you for the love spell for marriage. My boyfriend did not dare to marry me and start a family, of course, after 2 years of relationships, it really hurt and upset me, as a result, it all affected me, and I poured it on him, he left me, it took about a year, it did not come to marriage. I already thought that no one could help me get him back. Of course, Elena was the first magician to whom I turned, most of all she aroused confidence. But everyone either dissuaded me from using love magic, or they took it, but they could not help. Although it was immediately obvious that some kind of strong influence was needed, and not some kind of quack skills and text. That's when Elena appeared on the horizon. I found it through advertising on the Internet. We discussed my situation with her, all the nuances and got to work. I also had a little preparation to make everything work out. Elena offered to carry out a standard love spell so that the beloved returned, and then to carry out the most important of the desired is to bring him to marriage, then Elena conducted a ritual for marriage and all this was done within a week. So that there would certainly be a good result. After all, I couldn't even call my beloved first, I was afraid of his aggression. And it was important to me that he himself took the first step, took the initiative. Both rituals worked in the first month, there were the first bells and his positive reaction. A week later we finally met. The guy said that he would not let me go anywhere, that he was very sorry that he had treated me so badly in the past, left me alone. He proposed to me and said that nothing and no one would separate us anymore. You have done a lot for us, Elena, thank you.

2023-03-29 15:30:00


Thank you very much and sincerely for your help, Elena. As promised, I am writing my review on your spell, I will tell you now what happened to me. My boyfriend left me. Andrew and I were together for 5 years, and then this happened. Yes, we are a gay couple. He was not ready to live together, he was tired of serious relationships (as I understand it, this is what happened over time) and he just left me alone.
At first I tried to solve the problem in the relationship myself. But beyond the fact that we became friends (buddies), I did not achieve anything. He didn't love me anymore.
Then I spent a long time on the Internet, reading articles about magic, love spells. I did not dare to decide to conduct a ritual for a love spell myself. You have to trust a professional. I realized that I could have made it even worse by my independent actions with love spells.
I decided to find the help of someone who is directly involved in solving such problems. By that time, my ex-boyfriend had become an avid visitor to gay dating sites. I was afraid that he might find someone there and everything would get bad.
I turned to Elena. She became my savior, according to my situation, she said that she would conduct a same–sex love spell ritual taking into account my wishes (I will omit the details, they are not important) and soon my darling began to write to me again - after some week. And not in a friendly way, but with romantic overtones. Yes… It finally happened, he completely came back to me. Elena, good luck and good luck to you, thank you

2023-03-21 15:15:00


Greetings to all present. I decided to leave a review for help from Elena – this modest and interesting person. How it all started — my beloved girlfriend left me before the wedding. I understood that the problem was the distance between us and that it might get cold before the wedding (I live in another city, but I plan to move), but she first refused the wedding, and then left me. Also, her relatives and friends are partly to blame here, who constantly instilled in her that we are not a couple. I really wanted her back. And I didn't know how, but what I tried didn't help. Then a friend said that you can also try magic, I still lose almost nothing. And so he did. I found Elena's website on the Internet. Signed off. We discussed everything. Elena offered to conduct 2 rituals for me: first, a love spell ritual to bring the girl back, to awaken her love for me again, and so that all extraneous opinions, who and what thinks about our couple, are no longer important to her, and then to conduct a love spell ritual for marriage. So that she makes all the decisions herself, so that her love is above all this. For some reason I had no doubt that Elena would be able to help me. After all, I did not even apply on the recommendation, but just saw Elena's articles on the forum and decided to try.. And I was not mistaken, which I am very glad about. The girl began to call again herself, talk about feelings, then we began to see each other again (if possible). It's not long before I finally settle down in her city and we'll try to get married again in exactly a month. I already have a job. She wants to live with me. And she no longer pays attention to who says what, everything is as you promised me. Our love is stronger. Your magic has helped us, Elena! I will never forget such help!

2023-03-18 05:15:00


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