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My story is banal and simple, my own sister did not return the debt to me. Because of this, we now have a long quarrel and dislike for 2 families. It's simple, six months ago, my sister and her husband borrowed about ten thousand euros from me to expand their small business – sewing accessories and fabrics. What they took in business, I did not specify. After all, my own sister, we have loved and trusted each other since childhood. She just came and said that she and her husband needed money for business. I listened to him, but I didn't ask any questions. We agreed that in 5 months it will begin to pay in small parts in order to pay off the entire debt in exactly 1.5 years. I gave without interest. As a result, on the fourth month, I asked my sister if everything was fine, if they would be able to start giving on time. They said it was fine. As a result, the 5th month came – silence, the 6th – silence, the 7th – silence, after that I went to my sister to sort it out. And there I was informed that they went bankrupt, and the money was spent not on development, but on paying off debts and closing the business. I'm in shock, my own sister deceived me. It was her husband's influence. I demanded a refund, to which my sister told me that I was her brother, one family and should help each other. I went to court. The court brought them to disciplinary responsibility, but the money was beaten out by cents, it's generally pennies. I wanted to spit on everything, but then a friend recommended one woman – it was Elena. He said she had helped him and she would help me. And so it turned out. The fact is that Elena is engaged in magic, she has her own business in this area. She performed a ritual for me to repay the debt. After 3 months, I returned the entire amount. And the court has nothing to do with it. Thanks to Elena, but I do not know with my sister, or we will establish a relationship already.

2022-09-15 00:45:00


Without a tear on my face, when I remember what problems I had, I can't write this review. Greetings to all, my name is Anthony. I'm 38. I have always been successful in everything! One day, everything went downhill. I have a family, children, obligations to the state and employees..... So at one fine moment my business began to wither, shrink, there were fewer finances. There was not enough money for everything and everyone, I didn't want to, but I had to take loans. And this is not a small percentage to stretch out, I got into debt more and more. So far, after another lack of money, I almost had a nervous breakdown. ... Psychologists, personal trainers - nothing helped. Things at work were getting worse and like a snowball - and all the other facets of life. There was no way out. On the advice of second parties, I decided to turn to magic to figure out what is happening in my life and in business. I found Elena's ad on the Internet through a bulletin board. We wrote off, discussed all the points and started working. Elena conducted a ritual for success in work, business and attracting money. The result appeared quickly enough in about a month. The work of the business has normalized, life has begun to level out, everything has gone uphill for the company, confidence in the future has appeared. I began to see the money and the parish that tried to invest in other projects. Elena is a real pro in her field. I wish you well and good luck! I sincerely thank you for your help!

2022-09-07 07:30:00


At first I didn't want to write this review, because I don't like publicity, but my wife insisted, because she was delighted with working with Elena. I myself have never believed in magic as such. Some otherworldly forces - yes. I didn't believe it until life led us to Elena. The thing was as follows: my wife and I wanted to sell our country house, we could not sell it for a year, although the neighbors on the plots were sold somehow quickly for 2-3 months and sale, 2-3 months and sale. We were unlucky. We invited various realtors and agencies, paid them to help us and provide a service, but the result is zero. Then it got worse and worse. Nerves, waste of money, fruitless meetings with potential buyers.. Then we realized something was wrong. On the advice and contacts from a friend, I came to Elena for advice and recommendations. At the very first meeting, she made a diagnosis and said that an evil eye had been cast on our couple.. I was very surprised... Elena offered a job in 2 stages. During the first week, conduct a ritual to remove the evil eye, and at the second stage – a ritual for the quick sale of real estate. That's where we arrived after payment. She did a huge piece of work, gave a lot of effort and energy, but as a result, after about a month, the property was sold. You would know how happy we were about this event, as we wanted to buy a big house for us and were afraid that it would be sold earlier. Many thanks to Elena for the work and the house sold.

2022-09-02 15:45:00


Our family turned to Elena in a difficult situation. And the thing is that we bought a house from one man, it seems that we checked and everything was fine according to the documents, but after six months we had problems with this housing. They turned to Elena twice. I want to say that our impressions are the most wonderful and good. So, the situation is as follows, we bought a real estate (apartment), it turned out to be both with debts and with an inadequate potential heir, but as it turned out later, he had no rights to housing. We ran around a lot of instances, were in different state structures, filed complaints to the court, we turned to lawyers, paid them money to solve our problems, the courts appointed sessions for us, which we lost. There were about 10 of them during the year. Yes, it's all been so long, so exhausting. But all to no avail. The last court decided to return the apartment to the potential heir. We were shocked, especially from the fact that the apartment had to be returned, and then through the courts to return their money. That is, we are left with nothing, and also in a huge minus. We dropped our hands. My friend advised me to contact Elena and gave her contact details. We called, then agreed to work on the messenger, wrote off, discussed everything and she said she would help. Elena conducted a powerful ritual to help in solving court cases. After 2 months of trials and two more meetings, mountains of nerves and expectations, we finally won our case. The truth was on our side. I am happy that we met Elena. In the worst case, we are without an apartment, money and on the street with things. Thank you and wish you successful work.

2022-08-30 08:00:00


Goodnight! My story: for 3 years my husband and I could not sell our one-room apartment, we wanted to increase the living area and buy a two-room apartment. BUT the problem was with the sale of our odnushka, we applied to different agencies, to different single agents, even went to church to put a candle, but there was zero result. We didn't know what to do and how to act. Once at a housewarming party at home, a friend joked about magic and magic, I smiled in response, but then decided that I needed to see what was on the Internet about this. I've read about all sorts of rituals. I thought I would do it myself, but they warned me against it. I didn't dare, as a result, we found interesting materials from one magician, it was Elena. I got acquainted, I liked one ritual. I decided to consult first, then order. It was a ritual for the quick sale of real estate, both residential and commercial. Yes, we first met, had a nice chat, I told about my trouble and that before meeting her I wanted to conduct the ritual myself, but did not dare. Exactly 2 months have passed since Elena performed the ritual, and we sold our housing and exactly 2 weeks since we bought a new one, or it's a coincidence, or lucky, or all at once. It was very nice to work with Elena and thank you for the ritual.

2022-08-23 09:15:00


Elena has done a lot for me and helped many people on the recommendations of my acquaintances and friends, what she did cannot be conveyed in any words. I never believed in such a thing, but it was a real miracle. Before I met her, I had a candle production. After meeting her and her work, I now have 10 projects in various fields, even those that I do not know, but I am interested in. That's because Elena has done a lot of work with me and I have ordered magical services from her more than once. But the first acquaintance is the most memorable. So now about him. Before meeting her, everything was not going well for me, then crises. Then there are no payments, then they will fail, then there are suppliers, etc. I didn't like it. And the current business was also in question. To be understood, I'm not a whiner, but I'm tired of it all. Finances were melting away, as were opportunities. On the advice of a friend, I came to Elena for a consultation. She immediately told me what was going on and how. After a long conversation, she said that my life was not sweet and unlucky and that it would continue like this if I didn't do anything. She offered to conduct a ritual of "Success in business and the attraction of money." It all cost me a good amount, but I did not regret it in the near future. After this ritual, my business began to flourish and grow. Finances went uphill, problems began to go away. After that, as I wrote above, I began to discover new areas of activity for myself, without fear of failure. Elena was there. I was very happy. I want to say thank you to Elena and good luck with success in your work.

2022-08-19 05:00:00


I am a man and that says it all, but I decided to write a review even though I am 50 years old. So that you understand, I don't have a family, I have children from marriage, my wife died of cancer a long time ago. I am alone, since I was growing up, I have always played cards, then chips. Then into other gambling games. Then the casino went, etc. I won't say that I was lucky, but with more, yes, I was unlucky… I've been playing for a long time, in fact I can be called a gambler, I like it, I don't hide it. But closer to his 50 years. About a year ago, I wanted a different life and other money, but I was not lucky enough to win, over the past year I have won almost 10000ue. And I lost 2 times more. And he understood. That the further I climb, the more debts there will be. My friend, who has the same situation, suggested that I turn to non-standard approaches, namely the work of a magician. At first I didn't believe in this nonsense, I thought how some magician could do something and influence something. When I lost the next 5000, I realized that I didn't want to lose like that anymore. I convinced myself and listened to my friend.
So that day of losing became the moment that decided the rest of my life. I called Elena and discussed my situation with her. She said that she would conduct a ritual for luck in gambling during the week and the first results would be in 3 weeks. I didn't expect this. I did not give in to emotions and began to play quietly so as not to scare off luck. A year later, I returned what I lost. That's how it happens. Elena, thank you very much and success in your work.

2022-08-10 05:00:00


I am writing this review to convey to everyone who Elena is. And Elena is a professional in her field, she is a decent and kind person who helped me in a very difficult life situation. Despite my distrustful attitude to this kind of activity, I still had to turn to her. It all started with the fact that life began to collapse overnight – they were fired from work, could not find a new one, financial problems began. I'm depressed and desperate. My parents thought that maybe someone had jinxed me. The money was running out, I already borrowed from Dad. Plus I got sick to this whole thing. I decided that it was not worth delaying, I started looking for a specialist, not knowing who could help me, I did not trust everyone. My condition was getting worse, but there were no results. One day I came across an advertisement for Elena and her services. I wrote to her in the messenger, told her my problems. Elena told me everything about the whole situation. As it turned out, I had damage from my friend, who was jealous and looked askance all her life. To begin with, Elena conducted a ritual to remove the damage for 3 days, and then put protection against any dishonesty and meanness. And with regard to work, Elena helped a lot here and recommended to conduct a ritual to help in finding a high-paying job. She did the work for a week. Six months later, I was offered the position of deputy director and a good salary. I am pleased with this achievement. In general, after working with Elena, my life has improved, I travel and relax a lot, I live in pleasure, I met a loved one. Health at the level, income at the level. Thank you Elena.

2022-08-05 13:15:00


My name is Zosia. I myself am from Poland, I come from a city like Gdansk. I am writing my review on emotions, because I still can't believe that this is possible. The fact is that I really wanted to go to the German University of Technology for a long time, I tried as many as 5 times for different specializations. Every time to no avail. I went to good tutors, my parents paid a lot of money, but I couldn't get in. So 2 years have passed, I was already 1 year behind the program. I tried to learn something myself, went to different courses, they also cost a lot of money. My mom and dad didn't understand what was going on. For the sake of experiment, I tried to enroll in several more universities during these 2 years, but also to no avail. And yet it was legal. As if someone had caused a spell or jinxed it. In principle, it was so when we found out. Upon acquaintance, we got to a session with Elena, discussed our situation. After the diagnosis, Elena said that I had the evil eye and it should be removed. Plus she promised to help with my admission. To begin with, she conducted a ritual to remove the evil eye, and then conducted a ritual for successful admission to university. As Elena described, I realized that it was my old friend who put the evil eye on me so that I would not enter. So now I'm studying at the university I wanted to go to, I managed to apply and pass the exams. Elena, thank you for my future!

2022-07-31 09:30:00


I want to write a review about my life situation and appeal to Elena and leave it on this site. I am the owner of a small restaurant. The staff is 15 people. We have a friendly team and there were no questions inside until the coronavirus pandemic appeared. Then it went and went. Interruptions in the supply of food, increased rent, utility bills, no one wanted to make concessions, everyone took their own. The same thing happened with the staff, people began to worry about their jobs and the payment of wages. For the first 2 months there was a reserve of money, and then they did not know what would happen. After 2 months, I had to take out loans and pay at least some salary to employees. The fact is that we had a lot of overpayments both for products and for rent, we paid in advance, so that there would be no problems later, but here the question was whether to knock out these overpayments and give salaries to employees, or overpayments go towards future payments, but for non-payment of wages, we could be exposed to large fines from the fund and it literally bankrupted us. For the first time, yes. We took out a loan, but then decided to knock these overpayments back, justifying the grave state of affairs. No one agreed to peace agreements, and that was frustrating. In fact, our money was used while we were not against it, and as we needed it, we were also made guilty. The courts did not understand our indignation and rejected all claims. We were falling slowly but surely. Then my deputy was advised by a friend in such a situation to contact Elena. At first I didn't understand who Elena was, and then she explained to me that she helps to solve such issues. We wanted to get our money back, huge overpayments, but everyone was cunning and saved themselves. In fact, we were supposed to. So Elena said that within a week she would hold a ritual to repay the debt and everything would get better. You know what? Exactly a month after the last court session, they began to give us our money. Thanks to Elena for her work and for her powerful ritual.

2022-07-28 03:45:00


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