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Customer reviews about psychic Elena. Mag Elena from Barcelona.


Good evening, everyone. I am writing this review in order to express my gratitude for the help in solving my problem, and in order for people who still doubt to take this step. Not long ago, my life was hell. And now this review is written by a completely different person. Happy and contented with life. And my life has changed thanks to one, the ritual of healing obesity. Elena helped me in this, for which I thank her. She performed this ritual and the results appeared after a couple of weeks. Of course, this may sound unrealistic, because it seems to all of us that it is possible to lose excess weight only with the help of exhausting workouts and a "clean" diet with calorie counting. But what if I tell you that this is not the case at all? My life is an example to you. For 10 years of my life, I suffered, not only from excess weight, which interfered with my life, but also from huge self-doubt, from ridicule and the views of others. No matter how much I tried to start eating right– I was missing for more than a month, and I didn't see the result. I can't do sports physically. not can. And now I can do whatever I want. Without waiting and without suffering. All this with the help of one ritual and a real professional. THANK YOU, Elena!

2021-09-24 12:00:00


Any story related to this love spell is very personal, including mine. However, I want to write this comment to share my feelings and the result, hoping to help other girls and women who have faced this and decided to take such a step. If you are reading this review, then you do not need to explain the meaning of the "black wedding" spell. Here's my story. We have been living with my husband for 7 years, family, children, everything is fine, nothing foreshadowed trouble. But then, for no reason at all, he began to come home late, allegedly stayed late at work, but when one day he just didn't come home for the night and didn't pick up the phone, I immediately understood everything. The next day he came, packed up and left. He left me with a child. I don't understand what came over him. As long as we have been together, my husband has always been a diligent family man, father and husband. I tried to let him go, but I can't. I love him and I'm ready to forgive everything. On their own, it didn't work out by itself, and so the friends recommended this specialist. At first I thought it was nonsense. But the situation was hopeless, so I decided to go to Elena for a consultation. A strong magician. They listened to me carefully and recommended a Black Wedding spell. I decided right away. Now my husband is at home, everything is fine with us. He just came home and sincerely asked for forgiveness. Of course I didn't tell him anything. He says that the realization has come that he has lost the most precious thing. Now he is being asked to go home early to spend more time with his family, we are leaving for vacation soon. We don't remember about that situation, I let him go and forgave him as if nothing had happened. To be honest, I didn't expect such results. In just two weeks and with minimal effort on my part. Elena's big, sincere thanks to you. You saved my family.

2021-09-14 05:45:00

Anatoliy,Bryton United Kindom

My story happened not so long ago and it was on the one hand strange, on the other hand interesting, on the third very exciting, but it's good that everything ended without consequences. My name is Anatoly, I am 42 years old. I myself live in Brighton, I have a family, children. I'm a gambler. Casinos, cards, poker, slot machines, roulette, etc., that brings me pleasure, but also pulls almost all of my income. But this was not always the case until one moment. I started playing around the age of 35, when there was an interest in gaming establishments. The first 5 years I was lucky, somehow more or less I came out of there in the black, albeit a small one, but the next 2 years hell began. During the first year in these institutions, I spent everything I earned in 5 years, I was shocked how all this money disappeared so quickly. I hid it all from my wife and children. And at first it turned out that way, but a year later, my wife began to realize that the money began to disappear somewhere, they were not enough. When the money ran out, he began to take out our things, first gold and jewelry, then equipment. When my wife finally understood everything, I was confronted with the fact either I choose my gambling life or I stop it all. I knew that it should have been stopped a long time ago, but the power of excitement was very strong. My friend, the same gambler, suggested that I go to Elena, and she helped him with the same problem. Everything turned out to be simple, she held a rite of luck in gambling, when I came to my wife, I said that I had decided everything. The next day I went to check my luck and told myself that if it was a divorce, then I would finally stop playing games and start my life from scratch. So that day became the moment that decided the rest of my life. Elena's rite worked more than I expected. I did not give in to emotions and began to play quietly so as not to scare off luck. Six months later, I returned what I lost, and after another 3 months I bought a new car to my wife as my apology. That's how we happen. Elena, thank you very much and success in your work.

2021-09-03 00:00:00

Sofia,Stokholm, Sweden

I appeal to every parent who reads my review, as everyone in the family can have such a damned trouble. At such moments, the main thing is that there is a person who can create a miracle and will be able to help you. Fortunately, Elena turned out to be such a person. She saved our son, she gave him a new life. Everything happened because of our stupidity and frivolous attitude to the situation. We didn't attach any importance to it at first. They thought that it was all simple illnesses or colds, then breaking legs, then high fever, then headaches, then loss of consciousness, then fears, then nervous attacks. But when it all began to happen systematically. We realized that something was wrong here and quickly began to find out. We made appointments with doctors, were examined in medical centers, underwent various kinds of procedures in laboratories, but they could not really tell us anything. Some have some indications, others have others. Everyone prescribed their own treatment. We were in a big shock. How so? After learning our situation, my friend advised me to turn to magic. At first I was horrified by this news. What kind of nonsense is this? And then, when I thought that there were no more options, we decided. Elena was found by advertising on the Internet. We wrote to her about our situation. She answered us quickly, within 3 hours. She wrote to us and told us that our boy had signs of Epilepsy. She insisted not to delay and offered to conduct a ritual for healing from epilepsy. We agreed to it. A week later, our baby went on the mend. At first we were very afraid that we would lose him. After another visit to the doctor, the doctor himself was shocked that he told us that our son was on the mend. After three sessions, the epilepsy completely disappeared. Elena, go ahead in the same spirit. We believe in your cause and you. Thanks

2021-08-31 07:30:00

Dana, Copengagen, Denmark

We lived with Aziz for 3 years, consider it a civil marriage. Like all couples, not without quarrels, but they lived happily. Gradually, everything began to change, Aziz began to work more, devote less time to me. Delays from work became more frequent and longer. Once he disappeared for two nights. I was very worried, maybe what happened to him. I went to look for him presumably in the places where he happens to be, but he wasn't there. Returning at 3 o'clock late at night, we had a not very pleasant conversation, at which he admitted that he has another, they have been dating for 3 months. Early in the morning he packed up his things and left. And as I understand it, he went to her. I couldn't accept it, I couldn't live without him, without the life we built together. I was mentally ill and mentally hard. My friend supported me during this period, she advised me to turn to lapels and love spells. It took me a while to believe it, but I convinced myself that it was worth a try. I found information on the Internet and decided that this is exactly what I need. At first I decided to conduct the ceremony myself. But then I read reviews on the Internet, where it was pointed out that improper conduct of the ritual can lead to very negative consequences, so I found a real magician with good reviews and turned to him. The magician was Elena. She listened to me and said that it was necessary to carry out a lapel from the woman who appeared first, and in two weeks to carry out a Muslim spell. I am very pleased with the result of her work. About five days later, Aziz returned to me. There is no limit to my tears of happiness and joy. Everything has improved in our life, peace and harmony have reigned. We are together and happy. Thank you, Elena!

2021-08-25 15:30:00

Antonina,Oslo, Norway

Hello. My name is Antonina. I am 39 years old. I would like to share my work experience with a professional specialist and virtuoso magician Elena. Throughout the life of a person, black and white stripes constantly alternate. You're rushing from one problem to another, from one situation to another, and you don't know how to get out of all this swamp. In such cases, I need high-quality help from the outside and reliable support that Elena gave me. This wonderful man saved me and helped me a lot, by establishing my relationship with my young man with the help of the most interesting love spell called Egilet. Of course, the name of the spell is a little strange, but it is very effective. This ritual has helped me a lot. The ritual that was able to keep my beloved man near me, to re-arouse both everyday and intimate attraction to me, and of course, not to give it to another woman, who turned out to be very cunning and used the same methods as me - a magic spell. But as the end result showed, Elena had more opportunities, energy, strength, intelligence and experience, much more than the magician with whom she clashed in such an unusual duel. Our relationship was saved. His interest in me has returned, and I will say more, this interest is getting more and more every day. I am very happy about it. Our intimate life has improved. Both are happy and love each other. And Elena, I want to say a huge thank you and sincere words of gratitude to you.

2021-08-20 13:30:00

Lia, Eylat, Israel

It was the magician Elena who became the arbiter of my fate. By nature, I am very shy and shy, so for a very long time I could not find a life partner, and this is the most important happiness in the life of any woman: a beloved man, a strong family and children, an interesting job, happiness. I've been looking for my love for about three years and now I think I've found it: a tall, athletic, intelligent, gallant, wealthy man. Everything I've dreamed of for so long. Our acquaintance passed quickly, we didn't even notice how we started dating. So a year of our meetings flew by, but it was not there and the relationship began to collapse for some inexplicable reason. And so he left me. I suffered from this for a long time, I didn't know what to do and how to continue living. To all this, health problems and not the best financial situation were added. After three days of grief and tears, purely by chance, I came across an ad where Elena offered her help. I have always been very skeptical of reviews about magicians, but in my situation I had no choice, since only really non-standard solutions could help me.
The reviews about this magician turned out to be exceptionally truthful. We wrote with Elena, she told me everything. She said that she had a spell on her favorite, not too strong, but not weak either. You will need to be patient to remove it. Elena recommended to remove the previous spell and make a powerful Ritual on the Magic of Kabbalah. The first result flashed through about fifteen days later – he wrote to me and apologized, offered to meet. I was pleasantly surprised how quickly everything happened. Four months later we got married. If you are looking for a professional magician, then you need to contact Elena. Sincere feminine thanks to you, Olga.

2021-08-09 21:15:00

Kerry, Vancuver, Canada

I turned to Elena to get my girlfriend back. She left our joint apartment where we lived together, disappeared from communication, didn't even take her things. I learned from mutual friends that she was fine - she was seen here and there. But she shunned me everywhere and avoided me in every way. I could not cross paths with her, at least to find out the reason for her departure. That's when I needed support and high-quality help. That's how we found Elena. I got acquainted with her website, the materials on it, I liked everything. We called her on Viber. She looked at my situation, and explained why my darling left – she had a friend with whom she had an affair. Elena told me that another girl had enchanted my baby. It was agreed with Elena that she would conduct a lapel from a new relationship and this novel within a week, and in two weeks she would conduct a ritual of a Same-sex love spell. And so they did. The result did not take long to wait, as Elena promised – exactly two weeks later everything happened. My darling came to me, returned to our apartment at 11 pm with tears and said that she had made a very stupid mistake by leaving me. I smiled and hugged her. She said to calm down and be glad that she came. We will start everything completely from scratch, but we will build stronger, more reliable and brighter relationships. That's how it turned out for us, six months have passed and everything is wonderful with my darling, both are happy, we often spend time together, work, have fun, enjoy life. I am very glad that I turned to Elena for help. Thank you very much.

2021-07-26 09:15:00

Julia, Dubai, Oae

When I went to work for a new company, it so happened that after three months I had an affair with a colleague. I'm 25 myself. Still young, pretty, energetic, sexy, that's how it turned out. We started dating, spending time together, coming to work at the same time and everything would be fine, but after about six months he seemed to have completely changed, became cold to me, I seemed to have become completely uninteresting to him. A girl who worked on the floor below got into our relationship, as I later realized, she had been running after him before, showing signs of attention, flirting, but he did not reciprocate her. She lives alone with her mother in a two-room apartment. I agree, she's a good girl, in a normal position, but with a cuckoo, she doesn't seem to be doing very well at all, if she started doing such nonsense. It all started with dirty tricks from her, then she started to frame me and it went on until I realized that it was all because of my boyfriend, with whom she is also in love. When I was demoted and the guy left, and it was all in one moment – the earth went out from under my feet, life began to crumble. It's good that I had my own circle of support and was not left in a difficult moment, I survived this situation more easily, but the wounds and pain remained, so I decided not to leave it all like that. A friend advised me to contact Elena, she herself addressed her in a similar situation. I loved him very much and I love him. After contacting Elena, my whole life got better and the puzzle was all assembled again, my boyfriend returned to me. We live together, just moved to another apartment and changed our place of work, away from the negativity. Thank you to Elena for her tremendous work and the Voodoo magic Lapel ceremony - it was enough to knock down my rival's spell. There was no need for love spells for me, my boyfriend loved me very much and loves me without love spells. That's what the power of magic means. Happiness and health to all.

2021-07-19 05:45:00

Lukrecia, Napoli, Italy

In my opinion, there are some doubts about whether it is worth exposing your personal to the general public, but I will try to briefly describe my situation. Like everyone else had a relationship with my beloved bunny (in fact, they continue further). We dated for a long time, about 5 years, and everything was fine with us. We bought a car for trips to work, vacation and personal matters. Rented a place. We started living together. They wanted and planned to form a full-fledged cell of society, start a family and, of course, have children... It was the happiest time for me, but somehow at one point everything became the opposite, the fortune of fate began to look not in our direction, not at our couple. He began to ignore me, there was no warmth and tenderness from him as before, there was no feeling of care. I began to spend more time outside the house. There were some new acquaintances that I didn't know before. He was moving away from me before my eyes. We began to fight often. I realized that the ground was slipping away from under my feet, I was losing him. I would like to write more, but I think everything is clear. Then it only got worse, as a result, complete indifference from him to me. If it wasn't for Elena's experience and knowledge, I don't know what I would be doing now. It was she who helped to sort out this whole situation. I found it on the Internet, on the website of magicians, healers and psychics. We contacted her, established communication and started working. Elena conducted a ritual to protect and harmonize relationships. I didn't have to wait long. Everything is fine with us, or rather the ice has melted. Now his warm heart warms me every day. There are many family and personal plans. Thank you, Elena

2021-07-16 19:30:00


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