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I want to share my story. My son dreamed of going to university, they understood perfectly well where he wanted - he would not go for free, and unfortunately, financial opportunities do not allow us to pay for education.
I have always believed in magic, but I was afraid of charlatans. I wanted to go everything, but I couldn't get together and choose to whom, like a friend gave advice, but everything was wrong. I stumbled upon the magician Elena, but for some reason I got into this person, I just felt something. I can't explain it, but I didn't even have a single doubt that I wanted to ask her a few questions. I sent all the data I needed, birth dates, photos, and questions, and you know, she answered everything to me. I can't say about the future, I'll wait and see, but at the moment she told me everything that interested me, she told me things that no one could know about, so I tend to believe that she saw the future correctly.
I asked Elena to help my son with admission. Elena performed the ritual, I had already forgotten about it, we began to prepare diligently for exams, My surprise when my son lacked some 2 points!! It was already missing, and the set was still open. I immediately remembered about the ritual, wrote to Elena, she calmed me down, said she would do it. And until the cherished day, there was absolutely nothing left with the list of applicants. You won't believe it, but we passed, I don't know what kind of miracle it is, maybe someone changed their mind, took the documents, but it's magic! Thank you! My son is happy, and so am I. I will contact you again!

2023-11-04 16:15:00


Good day to all))) Today I called Elena's tarologist, and this is not the first time I have addressed her. She helped me to return and establish a relationship with my beloved man, after which I often turn to her with confidence.
This time I asked for financial help. She offered me a ritual for success in work and attraction of money. I, with full confidence in the person, of course agreed without a doubt. As after all the rituals that Elena and I conducted, we need to wait, but not for long. Indeed, about a month has passed since I was promoted, and my husband was offered a good part-time job, and friends also returned the debt, maybe just a coincidence of course, but it's worth mentioning. The difference in these events is literally 2 days, my husband is in shock, I didn't tell him, I know that he is a skeptic and I don't want to surprise him once again)
Of course he suspected, I told him everything. He said it was just a coincidence, but I saw it in my eyes, I definitely believed it)
We are very happy, because recently the situation has started to heat up, we need to pay off the loan, and the money seemed to evaporate from our hands. Thanks to Elena for the work done! You made it qualitatively and without a doubt!
Please contact Elena, she is really a professional in her field!!! He guesses on tarot cards and not only, says everything clearly and to the point. For those who have a really difficult situation, I recommend contacting her and she will definitely help you, I am sure that with her help you will find the right solution to your problems!! And it also helps to bring back a loved one. In general, who needs help, call her, you will be satisfied with the result. And Elena, thank you very much!

2023-10-31 05:15:00


Finally I had the courage to write my review. It took 2 years to decide, because everyone knows that representatives of the LGBT community have a hard time. Many either bypass this topic, or treat it extremely radically. I want to change the order of these things. And when I saw that this topic is rarely mentioned here, I decided to share my story. Now to the very essence. About a year ago, I met a beautiful girl with whom I firmly decided to spend the rest of my life. I even met reciprocity, which is actually very rare for our small town. The only thing that limited us was her indecision. Actually, that's why I turned to Elena. According to my friends and reviews of people from different forums, she was able to solve such issues. We wrote off with her, I explained the whole situation. I got my result in a week. Yes, I was very surprised. Without her, my personal life was still in question. To solve our problem, Elena offered to conduct a same-sex love spell. He helped to give confidence to my other half… Thanks to Elena, I have a happy family life, which indirectly influenced all spheres of life.

2023-10-28 04:15:00


I also decided to share my work results with Elena. It is quite difficult for a man of age to find a life partner. Either your own attitudes prevent you from getting together with a person, or the attitudes of another person raise questions. But one day it did happen, I met a girl who, for the first time in my life, I didn't want to change. Literally everything is fine in it. The only question was that reciprocity was extremely difficult to achieve. I didn't even think that I would get together with a girl I fell in love with at first sight. But the advice of my close friend convinced me that there is an alternative option. This alternative option was Elena. A friend gave her a website, I looked at what Elena does, read her articles about love, magic and relationships, estimated the price tag and decided that this is what suits me just right. Everything was fine. I called her and agreed that the first results would be in two weeks. So, in principle, it happened. I don't regret for a second that I turned to Elena. Now I am with a loved one who reciprocates me, with whom I will spend my whole life and have children. Thank you very much!

2023-10-10 13:17:24


I never believed in fortune-telling, magic (black, white), always referred to fate, and a friend on the contrary insisted for a long time that I go to an already proven "acquaintance" clairvoyant who personally guesses to her and according to her everything comes true
With the help of Elena and her ritual for career growth, I finally got the much-desired position. I have been striving for it for many years, working day and night, but for some reason everything broke down at the last moment. When Elena told me a fortune, she said that there was no damage. It just doesn't add up.
In principle, it is clear that they always promote "their own" to such places, which is why I was unlucky.
Elena recommended me a ritual for career growth, and I, without hesitation, took advantage of her offer. And you know, less than two months have passed, and everything turned out well. I am insanely glad that I got to Elena, to a professional, thanks to her I achieved my dream. And my close friend does not have a relationship with his girlfriend, I have already recommended you to him so that you can help him with love magic, maybe even a love spell. I think he will contact you soon. You can be trusted, I know.
Guys, what I want to say is that it's all true "if you find a real clairvoyant," don't see each other for everyday life, because we all have problems and they tell us this, listen to the real thing and you will understand everything! Now, when a difficult moment I go to my clairvoyant, don't be afraid of it, it's just to help you!

2023-10-03 05:15:00


I would like to tell you a little about the life situation I faced. And I would like to start right away by saying that I am very grateful to Elena for her indescribable help. My problem is familiar to many women, unfortunately. I didn't have a relationship with my beloved man, we lived together for two years, I tried to please him, to be the one he was looking for, slightly infringing on his interests, but he was always on his wave, some kind of windy, found fault with little things, could say something not very pleasant. When we first met, he was a completely different person, and throughout our relationship, he became somehow different. I was sure that he was my destiny and I just couldn't live without him. But one incident almost put an end to our relationship when I noticed him flirting with our neighbor on the floor above. I began to watch him and realized that he periodically visits her. For a solution to this problem, on the recommendation of a friend, I turned to Elena. We called her by video link. I didn't tell her about my situation. She just looked into my eyes and understood everything, my whole situation. Elena said she would help me solve my problems and offered to conduct 2 rituals. In the first 2 weeks, she conducted a ritual of a Quick love spell so that my man would come back to me again and feelings would flare up, and after the first result appeared – he began to pay attention to me, she conducted a ritual to Harmonize relations. Yes, everything cost me a normal amount, but Elena understood my situation very well and made a nice discount. After about 1 – 1.5 months, everything was completely fine with us. My man is only mine. Care, affection, attention, tenderness and flowers. Oh, yes)) From a pleasant neighbor for some reason moved out of the apartment after 2 months. That's the situation. Thank you so much to Elena.

2023-09-27 13:15:00


Hello! I would like to tell you my life situation. Somehow I began to notice that my husband does not communicate with me very often and well, and his behavior wants the best, no care, no tenderness, no affection, but there is simply no banal attention. At work, he often began to disappear. I somehow got into the phone and saw a correspondence with a girl from work. There was nothing like that there, but he was very nice to her. As with me, it's so rude, but here, it's smeared with honey. Quarreled, the degree of the house began to heat up. A neighbor from the next apartment persuaded me for a long time to turn to a magician, I kept refusing. But when once again we had a big fight with my husband, I decided that this was the best way out. I came across Elena's ad on one of the websites on the Internet. I decided to go. She told everything very accurately, about family life, about work. It turned out that her husband had a spell. At that moment, I was already shaking with anger and jealousy. At first, Elena performed a ritual on the lapel of this separation from my husband. The result appeared a week later, but in order for it all to really work, as discussed earlier, Elena conducted a powerful ritual spell Egilet. My husband began to treat me more warmly, more tenderly and carefully, to pay attention. There were topics for communication, leisure time was diversified, we began to do together what we loved in our youth – pottery. After the last ritual at home, everything began to get better. My husband is always with me now, we often spend time together, travel a lot, relax in the country. I am very glad that I asked for help at the right moment. Thank you very much to Elena.

2023-09-20 10:00:00


A few months ago, I was faced with the betrayal of a loved one and, as it seemed to me, with my best friend, I considered her my own sister. It all started with strange text messages in the evenings to my man from my girlfriend. At first I didn't attach any importance to this, but after I saw them together in a restaurant, although before that my man said that he was going on business, I understood everything. The pain I experienced is difficult to convey. I didn't want to live, I was so sore inside... Due to the onset of depression, I was fired from my job...I was in despair, everything that I had been building for so long, relationships and career collapsed in an instant. But when I almost fell on the subway platform on the railway, I realized that all this was happening to me not because of a coincidence, but some kind of negative karma got me. I really wanted to go to my man, hug and kiss. After the incident in the subway, I began to believe in God, to pray, to use prayer rituals, but it did not help, misfortune pursued me further. I told myself that I didn't want to live like this anymore and that I would change everything for the better and get my man back. Then I came across an advertisement from the Internet for Elena's services. We called and discussed everything. She immediately said … They put a spell on me. They worked remotely. Elena performed a ritual to remove the damage and put three-fold protection. After 2 sessions, everything returned to normal for me. Life has returned to normal. I didn't stop there and asked for help with the most important thing – to return my love. Of course, Elena helped here and conducted an interesting ritual – a Runic spell. After 10 days, he returned to me with a huge bouquet of flowers and sincere apologies for his act. I am grateful to her for all that she has done for me!

2023-09-15 13:13:41


It was a long time ago, but only now I got around to writing this review. I will tell you a story that happened to me in the year 22. My family has always been somewhat neutral towards magicians and fortune tellers, but never used their services. There was no trust to go and order their work, but life forced me to change my mind and turn to Elena. Our relatives advised me to solve my questions with her, since she had them and liked everything, from the level of her communication and knowledge, the office, how she did her job, and a lot of things. In short, they were delighted. So, to my story. When I turned to her, Elena realized as soon as we sorted out my situation that I had financial problems and litigation. Elena made a diagnosis first. The fact is that I have a business and my partners. So this business began to collapse. After the diagnosis, Elena said that the partners were to blame, who wanted to set me up, bankrupt our whole life's work and buy it for a penny. The fact is that I lost all the courts that were in my business case. Elena also realized this when she saw that the evil eye was hanging on me. She offered a couple of options, one of them suited me right away. Just for the price, timing and type of work, I was satisfied with everything. She said that she would conduct a ritual to remove the evil eye for 2 weeks. As the first effect will be, we will win the case, I told her to call her right away and conduct a ritual to help solve court cases so that the rest of the cases are solved like clockwork. In principle, everything happened like that, during the difficult two months, I won all my court cases that were reviewed, I was very happy and happy. Even the cool lawyers couldn't help here, but Elena could. Therefore, I will apply again and more than once. Elena, good luck and thank you.

2023-09-04 13:12:35


Hello! I'll start with the fact that my situation was solved yesterday and it was solved so well that I am very excited about Elena and her work. And here's the thing – one person owed me money, he took it for business development. And he took a good amount, about 50 thousand US dollars. I had money left for my business, but I was guaranteed that everything would return within a year and I would remain in a good plus, but after a year no one returned anything to me, even worse – they accused me that I didn't give enough money, that I wanted the result too quickly (although they discussed the terms of the refund), and Of course I'm a bad friend. As a result, I went to court to resolve this issue, although the court sided with me, but nothing really happens, the case stands still, the fees are paid, no one returns my money to me, including the court and the lawyer. I'm furious. Pay here, pay here, and in the end I'm the only one in the minuses. Everything is in the black. 3 heavy gloomy months of trials and proceedings and everything would have dragged on longer if I hadn't been told to turn to Elena for help. I called Elena's company by the number from the website. A nice girl picked up the phone, after listening to my problem, scheduled a repeat call the next day. The next day Elena already talked to me. She asked me a couple of questions, clarified something and offered to start working. Elena offered to conduct a ritual to repay the debt. The cost of the work was acceptable for me, I was satisfied with everything, and I received my first results 3 weeks later, after a second court hearing. Where my friend decided to end this war and give part of the money, part of the car. According to the documents, we all decided that everything was legal and there were no complaints to me and to him, and we dispersed. I couldn't believe it had finally happened. I express my sincere gratitude to Elena for the work done.

2023-08-29 13:11:17


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