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Customer reviews about psychic Elena. Mag Elena from Barcelona.


First, I would like to thank the Universe for sending me such a wonderful person and a perfect magician! Helena helped to improve to improve my life as well as the life of my husband, to seal the bonds of our relations, and to overcome difficult obstacles. Therefore, sincerely I would like to thank Helena for the fact that she did such a high-quality hard work for me. I tried many methods, but stopped at the unconventional. I met Helena on a forum where she helped people like me. The situation was thw following: my husband has left me. We have been married for 25 years. I decided not to give up and fight. With Helena’s assistance, we have determined a plan of actions, and she said that it was necessary to carry out a cemetery love spell, since the situation was not easy. And so she did. The result was in three weeks. My man came back to me. I breathed a sigh of relief, and stopped pulling my hair. However, the consequences of the love spell were not only the return of a loved one, also he began to pay less attention to other women, and devote his time and attention to me, as I did to him. Since then, my beloved man and I have been living in perfect harmony and our relationship doesn’t deteriorate. I would like to tell my sincere gratitude to Helena!

2020-04-07 19:15:00


A difficult life situation forced me to seek help from Helena. My beloved and future husband Bashar announced that he was breaking up with me on the eve of our wedding. It was a shock for me, as he made it on the eve of such a celebration, and seemed very strange, since Muslims have very strict attitude towards marriage. After about a month, I found out that my good friend Alice (already ex) has noticed Bashar, and made a plan to seduce him. I couldn’t find peace for myself from grief. My best friend recommended seeking help from Helena. She advised her as a specialist in love spells and a strong magician helping in love affairs. I called Helena. She advised me to remove the actions of my rival's love spell first, and then to carry out the Muslim love spell. And so she did. Exactly five days later, he returned to me and begged to forgive him, and to start everything from the beginning. I gave him a chance and said that now he is obliged to marry me. And he said an unconditional YES. Thanks to Helena for the positive result and the saved love!

2020-03-23 09:48:42


Hello! I would like to tell you a little about a life situation I was faced, and how Helena helped me to cope with it. The situation was that my husband stopped wanting me, and day by day this desire melted and melted away. First, it didn’t catch me, as I saw that his work load has been increased, he was very tired and didn't get enough sleep. Then everything became better somehow. I thought that he would want me again and his passion will return. However id didn’t happen, and it lasted about three months. I went to doctors and psychologists. They didn't help. I tried to solve the problem myself, and I read about the Egiliet love spell. I decided to perform it myself. I read the spell to inflame the husband's passion and, looking at the candle fire, performed a ritual, but the effect was completely opposite. After that, my husband started to avoid me. We slept in different rooms and practically didn’t communicate, if only on important and everyday issues. A friend recommended to contact Helena to fix the situation. Thank God, it helped a lot! Helena removed the consequences of my work and performed the Egiliet love spell herself. A week later, my husband has started to hug and kiss me again. Dear ladies! I’m so happy with Helena’s work! I recommend not performing any ritual by yourselves if you don’t understand the consequences.

2020-03-03 16:30:00


Hello. My name is Lana. I'm 36 years old. I would like to share my experience of cooperation with Helena. Throughout the life of any person there is a constant alternation of good and bad days. You rush from one problem to another, from one situation to another and do not know how to get out of this. In such situations, you may need help and good support from such person as Helena. This wonderful person saved me and helped me a lot by improving my relationship with my boyfriend with the help of the Egiliet love spell. It’s a slightly strange name for a love spell, but very effective. This is a powerful ritual allowing to keep my beloved man close to me, re-awaken an intimate attraction towards me, and not give him to another woman who may also address the magic of a love spell. A result has revealed that Helena possesses much more strength, capabilities and experience than the magician she faced. Our relationships were saved, and our intimate life was improved. We are both happy and love each other. And I would like to say thank you to Helena!

2020-02-20 09:47:18


Helena helped me when I really was in need. I don’t know how I could have survived the series of misfortunes, but I overcame everything with her support. I have been in search of a person who could figure out what was actually the reason, and what was wrong in my life and in me almost for a year. I’am a successful woman, I have built a big business during 5 years, I didn’t deny myself anything, I lived on a grand scale. However once I realized that I was already 38 years old, but I had no family or children. All this caused sadness and tears. Everything that was happen and my state of mind led me to Helena. When I shared my problem with her, she promised to help me and figure out what was the matter. She revealed the truth that there is a curse on me already for a long time, which prevents me from living fully. Helena proposed to do the following: she performed a ritual to remove the curse so that the envious person would no longer interfere in my life, and she performed a reciprocal ritual transferring the curse on the offender and punishing him. You know, a month has already passed, and I see that everything around me was dramatically changed, and I met a man who I had been waiting for a long time. I can frankly recommend Helena to anyone.

2020-02-09 20:15:00


Dear parents! I appeal to you, as the same things may happen to everyone in the family. In these moments, the main thing is that there is a person who may help you. Helena turned out to be such a person. She protected our son. First we did not attach any importance to this. We thought that these were simple illnesses, a high fever, headaches, a loss of consciousness. But it began to happen systemically. We realized that something was wrong, and quickly began to learn. We made appointments with doctors and were examined in medical centers, but they couldn’t tell us anything. Some have one opinion, others have a different one, and everyone prescribed their own treatment. Then my friend advised me to turn to magic. First, I was horrified by this news. What is this nonsense? Then, when I thought that there were no more options, we made a decision. I have met Helena on one of the magic forums. I described her our situation. Within two days, she replied and said that our boy had signs of epilepsy. She insisted not to hesitate and offered to conduct a ritual to heal from epilepsy. We agreed. After 2 weeks, our son went on the mend. First, we were very afraid that we would lose him. Nevertheless, during the next visit to the doctor, the doctor himself was shocked by what he told us that our son was on the mend. Dear Helena, please keep doing your job! We believe you! Thank you!

2020-01-16 01:00:00


What Helena did for me can’t be described by any words. I never believed in this, but it was a real miracle. Before I have met Helena, I was engaged in many businesses, but in none of them I did not achieve the desired results. First, there was a crisis, then an unjust law was adopted, then a bankruptcy, then a freak out of competitors, then the employees failed, and many other similar things during quite a long time. Finally, my current business was in trouble. I'm not a whiner, but I'm tired of all these things. My finances began to decrease and, accordingly, my life started to deteriorate. On the advice of a distant relative, I came to Helena for a consultation. She immediately explained me what was going on and why. Helena told literally everything about me. After a long conversation, she said that I was unlucky and that it would continue like this if I still doing nothing. She proposed to perform a ritual on success in business and money attraction. Despite it cost me a penny, I don’t regret that I applied Helena for assistance. My business started to flourish. I got many new customers and my revenue began to grow along with the profit. I’m very happy! I want to say thank you to Helena and wish her success in her work.

2020-01-11 09:33:28


Hello everyone! My situation is as follows. I was divorced after my first marriage. Then I got a new man, whom I have known for almost two years, but we started live together since the last October. He is Georgian and was living in Russia for six years, but his father asked him to return to Georgia and to live in the father's house. We have a very good relationship and mutual love. In many of his actions, he has proven that has strong feelings towards me. He is older than I am for a couple of years. I had a great desire to marry him, by any means. However, he did not dare to take this step. Sometimes he said that he should return home. I didn't even want to think about it, but once he decided to return home, saying that it was just for a while, as he has to settle some problems, and then in a couple of month he will return to me. This cooled our relationship a little. I was in despair. A friend advised me not to become limp and solve the problem through magic. So, I did it. I came across Helena's advertisement. She exactly described my situation. I phoned her, we have discussed everything and stopped at a marriage love spell. The ceremony was supposed not only to return my man, but also so that he took me as his wife. Everything happened as I thought. He returned much faster, after a month, and we got married. We continue to live together as a family, and both are happy.

2019-12-17 17:00:00


Several years ago, when I was pregnant, my beloved man abandoned me, I suffered for a long time, did not know what to do and how I would continue to live. On the advice of a friend, I turned to magic. Over time, I realized that it was the right decision. So, I came across Helena's website. There was a lot of useful information. I found an article about love spells, read it, got interested. I wrote to Helena, and during our conversation she explained me everything. She said that there was a love spell on my beloved one, but it wasn’t too strong. Helena recommended removing the previous love spell and making a powerful ritual based on the magic of Kabbalah. The first result was about ten days later. I was pleasantly surprised how quickly everything happened and my beloved returned to me very soon. I was happy! Two months later, we got married. If you are looking for a real magician, then you need to contact Helena. She will perform the work of the highest quality, and will give you the desired result, and maybe even more.

2019-12-01 15:30:00


Hello everyone! I decided on this adventure, because I no longer had the strength and nerves. I was unlucky in my life, as well as in my job, and even in games. First, I thought that I was really unlucky, but when I began to analyze my life, I realized that something is wrong, I was right. There was an evil eye put on me. The acquaintance of my friend magician Helena has helped me to remove it. She performed a ritual to remove the evil eye. Then she strongly recommended wearing the "Wheel of Fortune" amulet, which she made for me in about three days after a ritual. It was not in vain! The amulet began to bring me many interesting things in life, as if luck was walking next to me – I won a small prize in one lottery, then an another prize in another one. In my life and at work everything has changed for the better. Really, I’m lucky! Thank you, Helena, for the high-quality amulet and its properties!

2019-11-23 09:45:00


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