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I am glad that I have to write this positive review. I had a very difficult life situation that tormented me for several years and what I just did not do to solve it, unfortunately, everything was useless. When I met Elena, I didn't really count on anything, because I no longer had the strength to believe in anything. I thought that when everything has been tried, why not try using magical services as a last chance. And the problem I had was this: for 5 whole years, when I had a relationship with those guys who were – no one asked me to get married. It was strange for me then, but now that you know everything, you don't care about it anymore, when some fool jinxed you, you understand that you don't have to sit idly by. And act. So this led me to Elena's website, they wrote off there, discussed it. Elena said 2 things: that I was jinxed and that rituals need to be performed. So they did: first she performed a ritual to remove the evil eye, and then within a week she performed a ritual for a quick marriage. Exactly 35 days have passed since that moment and now my last ex-boyfriend has returned to me and offered to become his happiness, his wife. I agreed. The ritual helped, everything worked out as it should. Now I'm not alone and I'm happy. Elena, thank you for all this, for the amount of work that you have done for me and for me. Good luck to you.

2023-03-03 11:30:00


I am writing my review about Elena's wonderful and high-quality work. She conducted one good ritual for me, a love spell for marriage. The fact is that my future husband first proposed to me, and then refused it, as a result, they just started living on as a non-married couple, as a guy and a girl. So recently, before contacting Elena, we began to swear a lot for one reason – it is not so important, but in the end we broke up. At first, out of resentment, I thought I would survive the breakup with him. But a lot of time passed, and I realized that I really miss him, that I want to be with him, no matter what. But, unfortunately, during this period, his resentment cooled his feelings for me a little. When I offered to get together again, he gently refused me. It was very painful. That's when I decided that a magic expert could help me. I'm not afraid of any black magic. No white, no, it's not that. I just wanted to give our relationship another chance in this way. And I didn't want to put too much pressure on him. But he thought differently. I started looking for someone to entrust this task to, I came across Elena on the Internet. We called, she listened to me and said that it was possible to conduct 2 different rituals, but it would work and everything would get better. Em.. And so. Elena first conducted a ritual for the harmonization and protection of relationships, and then carried out my plan – MARRIAGE – she conducted a ritual spell for marriage. You won't believe it, but as Elena said, it happened, a month later he went to contact me, now we meet, see each other, communicate. Well, like a month ago, he made me an offer, which I could not refuse – to become his wife. Finally, things started to get better for us. Elena, you have supported me all this time, thank you very much. I am writing this review in order for others to know that you can be contacted without fear and doubt. I wish you well and happiness.

2023-02-28 12:30:00


Although the first results of the work appeared only now after 2 weeks, but I want to try to leave this review. If anything, I will write another review later about the work finally done and its latest results. But I'm so glad that I can't help but express my gratitude directly. Elena helped our unconventional couple of girls, where I am bisexual and my half is a lesbian.
Imagine, my beloved person, my beloved girl, and I haven't talked at all for almost two years. No way. She blacklisted me everywhere after we broke up. Since we had a big fight because of my stupid jealousy of another girl. I thought she'd never come back, and that even love magic couldn't help me. It's good that I decided to take a chance and try to turn to magical rituals, namely love spells. A couple of weeks later, she was the first to call me, even though she swore never to do it. She asked how things were going, asked if I had someone now, and invited me to see her tomorrow. When I asked if it was a date? She said yes! I couldn't believe my ears. I was afraid to dream about it.
You have no idea how much you have done for me. Thank you for consulting me correctly and choosing the right same-sex love spell ritual. I confirm: valid for 2-3 weeks. I love her so much, I can't put it into words. Your love spell has brought us together again. I will do my best to make her happy with me. I embrace you. Have a good working week.

2023-02-21 17:00:00


Elena, good evening. I wanted to write my review, tell you about the invaluable help you provided me. I had a problem. The girl left. We've been together since high school. I planned to propose to her last year. But, apparently, she already had other plans. Since she easily agreed to work in another city, knowing full well that I can't go with her. I realized that, in this way, in fact, she puts an end to our relationship. I called for a frank conversation. And really, the feelings have faded, she wants to be alone, to understand what she wants. The general meaning was clear that she was trying to gently tell me that everything between us was over.
Before she left, I quickly began to look for a magician or a witch to help me return the girl's love with the help of a love spell. I wasn't ready to let her go. I didn't have much time. It's good that Elena found you so quickly and thank you for responding promptly and agreeing to help me. I've laid it all out to you in spirit, without hiding it. That I love her, that she is the only one I need, I see her as my wife, I want children.
And you got to work. Conducted a ritual spell on the runes. Yes, a high-quality ritual, no doubt. And I will say right away, it was the right option. Still, I have serious intentions. I wanted her to have no doubts that we should be together. And yes! She changed her mind yesterday! She wrote me a sad message that she was in a hurry. That she didn't want to leave, and then she brought the conversation to the fact that she suddenly realized that she still loves me))) Of course, I realized that the spell had already worked – it's only been a week! This is very good! Sincere thanks to you for your love spell and your help!

2023-02-14 06:45:00


Dear Elena, it's hard to predict what would happen to me next if I hadn't found your blog and articles about love magic and love spells. This was my chance. I somehow never thought about such a solution to the problem with a man, and then it just dawned on me! Why does everyone use this option, but I can't? Moreover, I do not climb into magic myself, but I trust an experienced specialist! My situation may seem banal to someone. But not for me. I loved a man, he used my feelings. Then he got tired of me, he left me. That's how easy it is for him. And for me, the world has ceased to exist. I've been deeply depressed for over a year. I lost myself. That is why your help has become my salvation. I wanted a man to love me, strongly, for a long time. Your ritual of a quick spell that you spent for 2 days worked and it's very cool. The ritual answered my wishes. And just imagine. As I wrote, the man left me and did not communicate for more than a year! I haven't even seen him all this time, I've only been following him on social media.networks (without showing myself, I was humiliated enough). And then he turned up right abruptly! And since he is such a person that he thinks and talks, he said that he was pining for me, that he wanted to meet me, make a date! And at the meeting he said that he wanted a serious relationship and only with me. I couldn't believe it. You can't write off any accidents. I do not know how witchcraft works, how it can change a person so much, but the fact itself is obvious. You have helped me a lot! Thank you for your work.

2023-02-11 09:00:00


When I was 25 years old, I started dating a young man, he was then 27 years old. And everything seemed to be fine, but either I wanted more, or out of pure curiosity, I decided to make a spell with a friend of a fortune teller. I made it and forgot. And after a couple of months, the consequences began. I got pregnant, my parents were strict and, terribly afraid of them, I decided to have an abortion, and immediately after I did it, all my love for this man disappeared, and not just disappeared, I began to hate him, I was already sick of the very thought of him.
I left him, but it didn't work out with the next person – he raised his hand at me, it was difficult to get away from him, he chased me for a long time. Then it didn't go well in love either, the enchanted one followed me all this time, I didn't like it. Soon he had a girlfriend, I was happy as a little girl, I thought, finally, he would leave me alone, but no. He married this girl, but she died in an accident a year and a half later.
A new young man who appeared, who loved me more than anything in the world (without any love spells), unexpectedly died very tragically. I almost went crazy then, I wanted to leave after him, my mother saved me. But I still can't get back to normal. And during all this time, I had dreams about one person with whom I had been friends since I was 15, the dreams were so painful, I absolutely could not come to my senses after them. Recently, this man found me himself, said that he loved me then, and continues to love me now. We got married, I love him very much too, I don't have a wild passion for him, but I feel that he is like my own, that he is my man.
And the enchanted one continues to call, write, I was so sick of it all that I decided to turn to a magic specialist again, but order a lapel. That's how I met Elena, she helped me with the lapel from the enchanted one, the lapel itself is called a runic lapel or a lapel on runes, after 2 weeks he lagged behind me, does not write or call. Elena, thank you for saving me.

2023-02-06 00:30:00


I'll start with the fact that one day I met a young man, we immediately started a strong relationship, love, as it seemed to me then, he proposed to me, and everything was going to the wedding. But... but, but, but... he wanted power so that I would not have girlfriends, friends, so that I would completely obey him and be his property. And my character is not the same, I am a strong-willed person, I cannot be in slavery and dependence. That's when we parted safely, I didn't want to obey his rules.
Everything would be fine, only a month later I called him myself and began to ask him to come back. I couldn't explain then why I was doing it, sometimes it seems to me that it wasn't me at all. The next two years of my life were worse than hell for me, from a bright independent girl I became a capricious crybaby, I was wildly hurt and ill. Do you think I loved him? No!!! I hated him!!! For the fact that, as under hypnosis, I fulfill all his whims, I tolerate rudeness and outright bullying, for my own impotence, for the fact that, like a sheep, I go to the slaughter and can't do anything about it. Something inside screamed that he had broken me. Yes, he enchanted Another me, but he got a completely weak-willed and tearful creature, constantly demanding attention, bearing any insults. I felt like a fly in a spider's web that had been sucked out of EVERYTHING! Purely by chance, I learned about the love spell from his friend, with whom he quarreled, so he told me about the VOODOO doll under the "beloved" bed, about the love spell in the cemetery, so that I had nothing with anyone but him. I urgently started looking for help. And I found it at Elena's. I went to the site, wrote off through feedback, and she told me that I should do a lapel, but a powerful one, equal in strength to a love spell. Elena offered to perform a lapel ritual on blood. So we agreed with her. After 2 days she spent, and after 3 months I was completely freed from this despot. I live a free and bright life. Elena, thank you very much.

2023-01-30 06:48:00


Elena, once upon a time, you took off the crown of celibacy from me, namely about a year ago. I remembered you this morning and decided that I should write a review on your website right now, because I was convinced that your help really helped me.
During this time, I not only met a very nice man, but we already live together. Very happy. He wants to marry me. Before contacting you, I no longer hoped that I would be able to build a relationship, create a family. In my 34 years, I have never had a long relationship with guys. No one took care of me. I wasn't invited on dates. And if you just met with a guy, then no more than 3 times. I didn't do anything at all in my personal life. I was looking for reasons in myself, to consult with psychologists. I paid a lot of money for it, worked with my head. It was all useless. And time passed, I was already 34 years old. Until I saw an article about the corruption of the crown of celibacy. And all the signs of negativity were very suitable for my situation. That's when I decided to look for magical help. And it was not groundless. I contacted Elena at the diagnostic session, she confirmed my guesses that I had been wearing the crown of celibacy all this time. That's why there was no one who wanted to date me or have a relationship or get married. Yes, it was exactly the situation that doomed me to female failures and loneliness. But Elena said that it didn't matter and would perform the ritual of removing the crown of celibacy in a week and everything would get better for me, so in fact it happened, after 4 weeks on about March 8, I spontaneously met my future husband. That's how it happens in life, and then bam and happiness came. Elena, success to you and more health, continue in the same spirit.

2023-01-28 22:30:00


Elena, thank you very much for successfully solving the problem in your personal life. The young man began to cheat on me with my girlfriend behind his back. It was very insulting and painful. At first I wanted to make a spell on him, but then I thought about it and decided that I didn't want to waste my time and emotions on such a vile person anymore. He became unpleasant to me. I broke up with him completely, and said goodbye to my friend. There is a problem, I would really like to meet a good, decent person. But, more, I can't trust anyone, it's become difficult, I don't want to be deceived. It's like some kind of phobia. That's when I found Elena, as if someone had sent her to me at the right moment. I remember, then I decided to ask Elena to make me a love ritual to attract a second half and get married soon, since I was in a relationship, it got boring, I understand that I want serious things. Therefore, only marriage. To meet the right person in my life in the near future, because before I met you, I had no luck with guys, they did not take me as a wife. And the reasons are different.. So that I know that magic and fate sent him to me. So that he is exactly the one who suits me, the one who will love me. Elena conducted a ritual to attract a second half and a speedy marriage, and a month later, the one who offered to become his wife from the second date appeared on the horizon. He said he was ready to take a chance and try. We live once. I'm still looking closely, but so far everything is going just perfectly. We have the same views on life. Thank you very much for such a good result! I am filled with only positive feelings, and I no longer look back at past failures.

2023-01-16 03:45:00


Here's my story. To understand, I'm a young guy, I'm 33 years old. I am writing this review because I am delighted with what Elena has done. A sad story happened to me. I forgot to mention... I'm sorry. I have a girlfriend, I'm in a serious relationship. So here's to the story. Why is the story sad? The fact is that one of my friends has loved me since childhood, she liked me very much. We've known her for 20 years. We were friends, talked, walked, went to different clubs, etc. There were thoughts that something serious might come out over time, but Olya appeared on the horizon when I was 25 years old. It was with her that everything started spinning for me. We started dating, and that's how the relationship started. Childhood friend – Vika. Of course, she was there as a friend. Olya didn't mind, she understood that we had known each other for a long time, but I also observed the chain of command. So, in principle, it was about 5 years, until Vika became more persistent and showed signs of attention to me. At first, the girl and I did not attach any importance to this, but in vain. A month later, a disaster happened, without details, but I left Olya for Vika. I didn't understand how it happened, but I limited contact with Olya and I was drawn to Vika, while I realized with my head that I didn't want this. It was strange, and sometimes terrible. While I'm here with Vika, Olya is there alone, suffering and crying. After only 3 months, she let me go. As Olya told me, my favorite bunny, she was with a magician, her name was Elena. I found it on the forums. She told her that I had been enchanted by a powerful ritual and that I needed to be knocked down with a more powerful lapel. So they both agreed to hold the Cemetery Lapel ritual, which Elena will hold for a week. To be in a vessel for 3 months, to live and realize all this, but to do nothing is scary, but my baby and the magician Elena pulled out of this swamp. I do not know what to do with Vika, but so far I do not communicate with her and it is unlikely that we will continue to be friends. Olenka and I are together with her again, thanks to Elena for that.

2023-01-12 09:15:00


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